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Curious about holistic health? This fascinating, wholesome practice focuses on everything from your body to your mind and spirit. For each question you may ask about holistic health, there are experts and bloggers in the field who can help. We rounded the best — from naturopathic doctors to passionate moms — who can teach you how to use food, essential oils, and a positive lifestyle for healthier days.

Joyous Health

Joyous Health

Joy McCarthy is a certified holistic nutritionist and the woman behind Joyous Health. Joy decided to embark on a more natural way for health after struggling with hormonal imbalance and other symptoms in 2003. This lifestyle motivated her to eventually enroll at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. She began blogging about her passion in 2009. McCarthy offers a bevy of amazing content that’ll inspire you to eat, live, and take care of yourself very well.

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Delicious Living

Delicious Living has been dedicated to bringing the best of natural living straight to you for more than 30 years. It’s your one-stop shop for sustainable health, natural beauty, and green living! Not only do they test every product they write about, but they also help you connect with your local natural product stores. Our favorite part, though? Their recipe section offers delicious eats that even come with a complete nutrition analysis.

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American College of Healthcare Sciences Blog

The American College of Healthcare Sciences is located in Portland, Oregon. They specialize in holistic health. Not only are they experts in the field (they offer courses in aromatherapy, spa management, and more), but their corresponding blog follows up with advice on how to live a more holistic life. Get insight into elements of holistic health like essential oils and natural insect repellent. You can even learn how to naturally dye Easter eggs!

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A Harmony Healing

Shelley Alexander does it all. She’s a holistic chef, cookbook author, holistic health coach, and essential oils educator. That’s just a few of the professional accomplishments she has under her belt! This blog grew after a lifetime of dealing with indigestion, bloating, eczema, and other health issues. Shelley decided to take her health into her own hands using the magic of food, cooking up natural meals from wholesome recipes in order to regain her health. Shelley hopes to empower readers with her experience and knowledge to take back their own health, too.

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Dr. Tori Hudson, N.D.

Dr. Tori Hudson is a naturopathic physician. She graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and currently works as an adjunct clinical professor. She’s nationally recognized for her work as an author, speaker, educator, researcher, and clinician. Find articles filled with her expertise about naturopathic health, like how to prevent urinary tract infections with vitamin D or how to use fish oil during pregnancy.

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Very Well

Looking for the basics of holistic health? Very Well has you covered. The site provides reliable and easy-to-understand information. They’re the best place to learn the essential building blocks of holistic health, wellness tools, and natural therapies. And for people specifically interested in conditions like cancer, weight loss, and skin issues, Very Well provides well-rounded information for those, too.

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The Holistic Ingredient

This site is known as the “online wellness hub.” They’ve been dishing out advice on clean living, whole foods, and living positively since 2012. Founder Amy Crawford is also a CTC (combined therapy cocktail) master therapist. After receiving a chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis, she began aggressively confronting her health and wellness through drastic lifestyle changes. These changes have freed her mindset to embrace a more positive, toxic-free outlook. Learn her path to wellness by visiting her blog.

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The Local Rose

The Local Rose was, in the words of founder Shiva Rose, “born out of a desire to celebrate a holistic, healthy, authentic lifestyle without sacrificing taste and glamour.” Rose received an autoimmune disorder diagnosis after giving birth to her first daughter. This diagnosis propelled her on a path of holistic health and wellness. For anyone who thought going “natural” meant getting gritty, fear not. Whether you’re looking for ways to clean your home or maintain glowing skin, Rose has tips on how you can embrace your health from a holistic perspective.

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