Saving money can be a beautiful thing — and the holiday season brings sales galore. But if you’re browsing for discounts on aesthetic procedures, be sure to shop smart. We asked three MDs for their essential tips.

There are plenty of things to love about a good holiday sale. If you’re a seasoned shopper, this time of year is your chance to load up on the perfect gifts for loved ones — and maybe treat yourself to something as well.

While you and many shoppers may be focused on seasonal favorites like electronics and clothing, one under-the-radar category that often goes on sale this time of year is aesthetics: dermal fillers, injectables, and procedures involving Botox, Juvéderm, Radiesse, and CoolSculpting.

If you’re looking to splurge on yourself, this could the best time to shop around. We asked Healthline’s aesthetics advisory board for their expert opinions on Black Friday — and everyday — beauty deals.

“Use your common sense: If you have to go into the back room of a nail salon to get your Botox, you may not be treated by a qualified injector.”

— David Shafer, MD, FACS

New York–based plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer says many offices offer specials that tap into seasonal themes like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Black Friday. However, he offers a few words of caution for anyone who may be bargain hunting.

“I think offices that’re considered ‘med spas’ are more likely to offer a Black Friday deal over a true plastic surgery or dermatology office. For deals involving laser or Botox, for example, patients should be cautious about who’s doing the injections and the credentials of the office. If a deal seems too good to be true, then it may actually be too good to be true. The office may not be using genuine Botox or may not have proper certifications.”

Shafer goes on to say: “The best deals are when offices offer packages, such as a special price on a series of laser treatments. One of the most popular specials we occasionally offer is a complimentary chemical peel with any Botox or filler treatment. Right now, Allergan is offering an instant $100 rebate on Juvéderm treatments when patients sign up for their Brilliant Distinctions rewards program. I’d be cautious with offices which offer specials on surgery, such as ‘buy two areas of liposuction and get one free.’ Deals like this are bordering on ethical and state regulation violations.”

“A discount isn’t worth risking your health, as cosmetic procedures are still medical procedures and training matters.”

— Deanne Mraz Robinson, MD

Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson, president and co-founder of Modern Dermatology of Connecticut, confirms that the preholiday season is a popular time for cosmetic procedures. As a result, many practices offer reduced pricing and many skin care products and cosmeceuticals are discounted to enhance sales.

“There are discounts ranging from toxin injections to dermal fillers to laser resurfacing and body contouring. Be aware of the fine points of the deal, including number of units or syringes of toxin or filler, respectively. Also pay attention to brand names and number of cycles of the body contouring device, such as CoolSculpting or SculpSure.”

Robinson recommends that consumers look for board-certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons. “Make sure you’re aware of who’s performing your procedure. Remember, a discount isn’t worth risking your health, as cosmetic procedures are still medical procedures and training matters.”

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sheila Barbarino, FAAO, FAACS, FACS, confirms that some dermatologists and aesthetic professionals offer megadeals once a year. This makes this potentially a great time to save on your favorite procedures at your preferred office or spa.

The best deals? Barbarino says, “Everything! It’s our busiest time of year, so the key is volume. People want to look good for the holidays and they have time off from work.”

Barbarino’s advice for consumers is to try and book as soon as you see the special. “Most doctors limit the number of specials and if all the doctor’s time is taken, there goes the deal.”

Research before you purchase any aesthetic procedure. Know exactly what and who is involved.

“I always love finding a good deal,” Shafer says. “However, like anything, once you read the fine print, you may find out that it’s not what you expected. Also, use your common sense: If you have to go into the back room of a nail salon to get your Botox, you may not be treated by a qualified injector. If you feel pressured to make a purchase or to upgrade a treatment, take a deep breath and think it over and perhaps come back another day after you’ve carefully considered your options.”

As appealing as any discount looks, leave your face and body in the hands of qualified experts. “You get what you pay for,” says Shafer, cautioning consumers not to choose a doctor or injector based solely on price.

“For Botox and injectables, there’s a science and art to the process and you want to be in the right hands. For surgical procedures, you want to be evaluated and treated by a board-certified plastic surgeon or surgeon in the specialty of the procedure you are having.”

While you should proceed with caution on procedures, fillers, and injectables, Black Friday and the holiday season can be a great time to load up on beauty products. “If there’s a good deal on a skin care product, you should take advantage of it,” says Shafer.

Translation: Stay informed, shop smart, and — maybe — score big.