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Hepatitis C is a severe viral infection that causes liver inflammation and damage. The disease is unnoticeable in some people. In fact, it’s possible to have hepatitis C without realizing it. For others, however, the disease is progressive and interferes with their quality of life.

Hepatitis C may have a major impact on your health, causing fatigue and other symptoms. When you don't feel well physically, leaning on others for support can provide a much-needed emotional boost. Make it your aim to educate yourself about this disease and maintain a strong support network.

Lucinda Porter, RN

Lucinda Porter is a nurse and a hepatitis C advocate — and she was diagnosed with the disease herself after a life-saving blood transfusion. She's gone through many ups and downs with the disease. Through her experience, she's learned how to live a full life and encourages others not to be afraid of their diagnosis.

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Life Beyond Hep C

Connie Welch has lived with hepatitis C for more than 20 years, but she doesn't let her diagnosis define her. She uses her blog as a tool to give readers a glimpse into her life and personal experiences. She offers encouraging information to uplift others and practical tips to help you cope with the disease.

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A hepatitis C diagnosis can be scary and confusing, so gathering as much useful information as possible can help you come to terms with the illness. This blog is informative and keeps you in the loop so you can have an active role in your treatment. Read about new hepatitis C treatments or get up-to-date information on the latest hepatitis statistics.

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HIV and Hepatitis

This blog contains a wealth of resources related to HIV and hepatitis C. Whether you’re looking for advice on effective treatments, safety precautions, or recent developments and research, this blog is committed to providing timely information about management and prevention.

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I Help C

Bringing awareness to hepatitis C became Karen's passion after she was diagnosed with the disease. She understands firsthand how this illness can take a toll on a person's mental and physical health. She’s learned how to adapt and motivates others to do the same. You’ll find posts on healthy meal plans, the benefits of exercise, and much more.

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HCV Advocate

This site is an excellent resource, whether you’re newly diagnosed with hepatitis C or have lived with the condition for years. You’ll find fact sheets and resources, as well as timely information related to hepatitis C management, drug developments, and clinical trials.

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Hep Mag

Self-care and condition management are important with hepatitis C, and this blog offers a variety of information to help you cope. It has plenty of content, including a video urging baby boomers to get tested for hepatitis C. Whether you’re looking for information, support, or inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

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HCV New Drugs

The key to coping with hepatitis C is knowledge. If you want to stay up to date on recent treatment options, this blog has the details you're looking for. Even if you're happy with your current treatment, there's no harm in educating yourself and exploring all your options.

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Hepatitis Central

This site is perfect if you seek information about hepatitis C treatment or tips for improving your emotional and mental outlook. Resources about this disease are abundant, and the site is committed to providing you with research, tools, and support.

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Hepatitis Australia

It’s encouraging to read personal stories of others living with the same condition. Hepatitis Australia not only provides research, treatment, and management information, but it also posts many personal stories to help you push forward and win the fight. Read about Lisa Carter, who was cured of hepatitis C after 27 years, or draw encouragement from Marion Donnelly’s story.

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CATIE is a comprehensive resource for people with hepatitis C and HIV. You’ll discover material related to healthy living, new screening guidelines, and hepatitis C treatments, as well as other helpful resources pertaining to the disease.

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World Hepatitis Alliance

This patient-led organization is on a global mission to fight the hepatitis virus. It's an excellent resource for recent statistics. You can also read posts about the organization’s impact on a global scale, such as this post about Europe adopting a regional action plan to eliminate viral hepatitis.

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