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Heated massage pads are cushioned devices that come in a variety of designs and target different areas of the body. They provide warmth and simulate a massage using kneading, rolling, and pressing movements. They can also help relieve pain, tension, and tightness from workouts or the everyday grind.

In general, heat therapy can help alleviate stiff, sore joints and muscles, improve circulation, and promote relaxation.

Heated massage pads are a welcome addition to any self-care or recovery routine. Read on to learn about the best heated massage pads, how to choose the right one for you, and how to bring spa vibes to your home massage sessions.

To create our list of the best heated massage pads, we considered the following:

  • Company reputation. We selected companies that have mostly positive online reviews. We looked for brands with a website that provides contact information, product details, and ordering information.
  • Customer service and shopping experience. We chose brands that provide excellent customer service, easy returns, and a generous warranty.
  • Quality and usability. We selected heated massage pads that are durable, safe, and easy to use.

Pricing guide

We included heated massage pads at a range of prices to suit various budgets.

In this article, we indicate price as follows:

  • $ = under $75
  • $$ = $75–$150
  • $$$ = over $150

Best wireless

Sharper Image Realtouch Shiatsu Massager

Price: $$$

The Sharper Image Realtouch Shiatsu Massager features six massage nodes that grip, rotate, and knead your muscles to relieve tightness and tension. It has built-in arm straps that you can use to adjust the pressure and intensity.

This device is made to fit around your neck, shoulders, and back, but you can also use it on your legs and feet. It’s wireless and rechargeable, so you can take it anywhere.

Some customers note that the Realtouch Shiatsu Massager is heavy, bulky, and uncomfortable. A few people report that the heat setting isn’t hot enough, while others remark that the massage is too strong in certain spots.

Best pillow

HoMedics Cordless Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat

Price: $

The HoMedics Cordless Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat provides a deep shiatsu massage to your neck and shoulders. You can also use it on your back, legs, and feet, and it features a reverse function that changes the direction of the massage.

This lightweight, portable pillow is equipped with a rechargeable battery that runs for an hour at a time.

Since this massage pillow doesn’t offer an option to adjust the pressure or intensity, it’s best suited for people who prefer a strong massage. A few customers mention that the pillow isn’t hot enough for their needs and that you can’t turn off the heat.

Best car cushion

Sharper Image Car Cushion with Massage and Heat

Price: $

The Sharper Image Car Cushion with Massage and Heat features pulsating, tapping, rolling, and kneading modes with adjustable intensities. You can also use the massage cushion on a chair, recliner, or sofa. The lightweight, compact design easily folds away for storage.

According to customer reviews, the massager isn’t very strong, which makes it better suited for people wanting a light massage. A few people complain that it isn’t secure and moves around.

Best massage chair pad

Renpho Neck & Back Massage Seat

Price: $$

The Renpho Neck & Back Massage Seat delivers a shiatsu massage to your neck, shoulders, and back. It offers three intensity levels and the option to target specific areas using kneading nodes.

The massage chair also comes with a remote control, is portable, and adjusts vertically to accommodate different heights.

One drawback of this massage chair is that you’re unable to use the neck and back areas separately.

Best foot massager

Best Choice Products Foot Massager Machine

Price: $$

This therapeutic foot massager is equipped with high intensity rollers that provide a shiatsu massage using kneading, rolling, and pressing movements. You can use it on your hands, calves, and feet.

The massager features a touch screen and remote control so you can easily adjust the heat, direction, and speed.

One downfall of the Best Choice Products Foot Massager Machine is that it only runs for 30 minutes at a time. Several customer reviews mention that the heat setting isn’t hot enough.

Best mat

HoMedics Body Flex Back Stretching Mat with Heat

Price: $$$

The HoMedics Body Flex Back Stretching Mat with Heat is foldable and has a carrying handle that makes it easy to transport. It comes with a removable memory foam pillow.

It also features air chambers that inflate and deflate as you move throughout the six stretching programs. These programs are designed to alleviate tightness, boost flexibility, and ease back pain.

Customer reviews report that the mat doesn’t get very hot, which may be a drawback for some people.

With an abundance of heated massage pads on the market, it’s important to identify your needs so you can choose the most suitable heated massage pad.

Consider the following:

  • Design. Heated massage pads are available in several designs, including pillows, mats, and seat cushions. Consider where you plan to use the massager and which body parts you want to target.
  • Features and settings. Select a massager that allows you to adjust the heat and vibration levels. Decide if you prefer a rechargeable or plug-in model.
  • Customer reviews. Read customer reviews related to product quality, effectiveness, and durability.

You can use a heated massage pad to ease pain, recover after a workout, or simply relax. You can use your massage time to indulge in a bit of you time and completely relax.

To enhance your experience, make yourself as comfortable as possible. Dim the lights and play soft, relaxing music. You could also use this time to do a guided meditation or listen to an uplifting podcast. Light a candle or turn on your aromatherapy diffuser.

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. You may wish to have a blanket handy, cover your eyes with an eye mask, or give yourself a soothing face massage. Take long, deep breaths and focus on releasing tension throughout your whole body. Let go and enjoy the massage session.

Heated massage pads are a great way to relax and unwind while alleviating pain, soreness, and tension. Use this list as a guide to select the best heated massage pad for your needs. Consider which areas of the body you want to target, where you plan to use the massager, and how much you want to spend.