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Choosing a blood pressure monitor for home use can feel overwhelming, especially when you consider the number of brands and models on the market. The good news? There are several reliable and user-friendly blood pressure monitors, like LifeSource, available online and in the store.

A home blood pressure monitor is a device you can use to monitor and manage hypertension or other health conditions. It also allows you to collect data to share with a doctor or another healthcare professional.

In general, home blood pressure monitors come with a digital display and an upper arm or wrist cuff. When choosing a blood pressure monitor, the American Heart Association recommends an upper arm model instead of a finger or wrist monitor. This is because upper arm monitors can yield more reliable readings.

Most monitors are designed for systolic and diastolic measurements and pulse readings.

LifeSource home blood pressure monitors are made by A&D Medical in Canada. In addition to blood pressure monitors, the company also offers weight scales, pulse oximeters, thermometers, and activity monitors.

LifeSource blood pressure monitors have received several top honors and awards from Canadian organizations, such as the 2019 Hypertension Canada Certificate of Excellence.

LifeSource makes two types of blood pressure monitors: upper arm monitors and wrist monitors.

Upper arm models include:

  • Standard Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Blood Pressure Monitor with Large Cuff
  • Blood Pressure Monitor with Small Cuff
  • Premium Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Premium Blood Pressure Monitor with Extra Large Cuff
  • Premium Blood Pressure Monitor with Preformed Cuff
  • Premium Blood Pressure Monitor with Verbal Assistance
  • Premium Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
  • UltraConnect Premium Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Wrist monitor models:

  • Essential Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
  • UltraConnect Premium Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

You can buy LifeSource blood pressure monitors online or in several major pharmacies and grocery stores, including:

Additionally, some medical supply stores stock LifeSource models. Most brick-and-mortar retailers that sell blood pressure cuffs also sell them online.

LifeSource pros

  • LifeSource offers 10-plus blood pressure products for a wide range of needs.
  • Products are available online and in several pharmacies, grocery stores, and retail stores.
  • LifeSource offers monitors with small and large cuffs to accommodate various body sizes.
  • Models come with large display monitors.

LifeSource cons

  • The price point is higher than several competitors.
  • Memory storage is limited, compared with other monitors.
  • You’ll need to measure your arm before choosing a model.

The company stands behind their blood pressure monitors and offers a 30-day return policy for products purchased directly through their website. However, if you buy a LifeSource product from a reseller, you’ll need to return it to them and follow their return policy.

LifeSource blood pressure monitors come with a 5-year warranty when purchased through the company. They also offer a 2-year warranty on the cuff.

LifeSource offers users reliable, easy-to-read blood pressure monitors for home use. Here are some of the main features of the various models.

Large cuff sizes

LifeSource has two models with larger cuff sizes. The large cuff fits arms that are 14.2 to 17.7 inches, and the extra-large cuff fits arms that are 16.5 to 23.6 inches.

Easy-to-read display

The large LCD screen that comes with the upper arm monitors and one wrist monitor model is easy to read and user-friendly. Plus, after the cuff deflates, you’ll only see three numbers — diastolic, systolic, and pulse — making it easy to detect any irregularities immediately.


The LifeSource monitors are low profile and a good option for people with minimal tech experience.

Generous warranty and return policy

LifeSource blood pressure monitors come with a generous 5-year monitor warranty and 2-year cuff warranty. A&D Medical also offers a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee if you buy the monitor through their website.

2 power options

You can power the blood pressure monitor with batteries or an AP power adapter. But, you’ll need to purchase these items separately. They don’t come with the monitor.

Helpful readings

In addition to the standard blood pressure readings, LifeSource monitors can also indicate irregular heartbeats. If detected, this information is displayed on the LCD screen.

LifeSource blood pressure monitors range from $54.95 to $179.95. Prices vary and depend on the model and where you buy. In general, the entry-level blood pressure monitors are competitively priced.

Here are the current prices for LifeSource blood pressure monitors. The prices referenced below are from the A&D Medical website.

Upper arm monitor prices

  • Standard Blood Pressure Monitor: $54.95
  • Blood Pressure Monitor with Large Cuff: $95.95
  • Blood Pressure Monitor with Small Cuff: $95.05
  • Premium Blood Pressure Monitor: $95.95
  • Premium Blood Pressure Monitor with Extra Large Cuff: $179.95
  • Premium Blood Pressure Monitor with Preformed Cuff: $95.95
  • Premium Blood Pressure Monitor with Verbal Assistance: $99.95
  • Premium Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor: $79.95
  • UltraConnect Premium Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor: $119.95

Wrist monitor prices

  • Essential Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor: $62.95
  • UltraConnect Premium Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor: $109.95

In general, private health insurance plans don’t cover blood pressure monitors. However, it’s always best to contact your plan provider to determine benefit eligibility.

Like private plans, Medicare parts A and B don’t generally cover the costs of a home blood pressure monitor. That said, they may provide benefits in very limited situations, but you’ll need to contact customer service to determine eligibility.

According to the A&D Medical website, LifeSource blood pressure monitors are “clinically validated for accuracy.” This label or symbol means the product has been thoroughly tested and has stood up to the medical industry’s protocols.

Under the specification tab in each model, the measurement accuracy states:

  • Pressure: +– 3 mmHg (millimeters of mercury)
  • Pulse: +– 5 percent

Additionally, all LifeSource blood pressure monitors have clearance from Health Canada, which is a requirement to sell in the Canadian market. They also seek approval from Hypertension Canada.

Like other blood pressure monitors, LifeSource detects systolic and diastolic measurements and your pulse. It also comes with an irregular heartbeat detection feature. It will display the average of all measurements. Plus, the pressure rating indicator classifies blood pressure in accordance with medically approved standards.

For accurate readings, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends taking your blood pressure at the same time every day and taking at least two readings, 1 to 2 minutes apart.

Additionally, make sure to sit in a comfortable chair with your back supported for a few minutes before starting the monitor. Check the fitting of the cuff, as you don’t want it too tight.

Being able to monitor blood pressure at home is a relief for people managing hypertension or other medical conditions. Not only does it provide daily feedback for you, but it also allows you to gather data to share with a doctor.

LifeSource offers a variety of blood pressure monitors and cuff sizes to fit most needs. Plus, the price point is comparable to other brands.

If you have any questions about using a blood pressure monitor, make sure to ask a doctor or another health care professional for guidance. They can help you choose a model that fits your needs.