If one of your 2017 resolutions is to get healthier, don’t limit yourself to logging miles on the treadmill or eating your weight in kale. Instead, imagine cooking sous vide and working out on a virtual reality-controlled bike. It’s a whole new world out there! From vegan miracle foods to the rise of wellness vacations, here’s what to look forward to this year.

1. Cooking with aquafaba

The next time a recipe calls for chickpeas, keep the can! The cooking or canning liquid you’ve probably been throwing down the drain all these years is the latest cooking craze. This liquid, aquafaba, was recently discovered to be a useful vegan cooking substitute. That’s because its consistency is similar to raw eggs. Try using it for vegan meringue and vegan mayonnaise, and expect to see a lot more of this underrated ingredient in 2017.

2. Smart running shoes

Despite the fact that Fitbits are old news by now, all signs point toward rising purchases of wearables in 2017. Besides fitness trackers and smart watches, expect to see more smart gear like running shoes, sports bras, and fabric. They’ll all be embedded with trackers and sensors.

3. Sous vide cooking

Forget the slow cooker; 2017 will be all about a cooking technique called sous vide. Once reserved for restaurants, the sous vide style has made its way into home kitchens around the world. And it’s not just for perfectly cooked meat. You can make just about everything sous vide, from over easy eggs to tender carrots.

4. Taste of purple

Whole Foods is already prepping for a demand of purple foods this year. Keep your eyes peeled for purple asparagus, cauliflower, elderberries, potatoes, and more. They’re more than just a pretty shade, too. Blue and purple fruits and vegetables are full of powerful antioxidants that may help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

5. Virtual fitness training

2017 may be the year of virtual training, with the rise of virtual reality fitness games. Look out for the anticipated launch of Chorus, an app founded by former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo that hopes to connect people who have similar goals and workouts. Apps like Nike+ Training Club promise to be your personal trainer in the gym, and there are countless apps to connect you to a trainer through your phone.

6. Wellness tonics

The green juice of 2017, tonics are typically highly concentrated shots of juice from fruits, vegetables, and herbs. While you can already find tonics or “shots” at your local juice shop, grocery stores like Whole Foods are planning to carry them, too.

7. Adventurous, active vacations

Sure, you could just sit by the pool. But relaxing on vacation would feel even better after a strenuous hike or a long paddle around your beautiful destination. Wellness tourism is poised to keep climbing as the demand grows this year.

8. Cold therapy

It’s not just professional athletes taking the plunge into cold therapy. From cold showers to ice baths to cold immersion, people are exploring the benefits of cold for recovery, energy, and relaxation. Cryotherapy spas are popping up around the United States, but take note before you try one out. The Food and Drug Administration hasn’t cleared or approved cryotherapy treatments. What’s more, they may be dangerous and/or worsen existing medical conditions. Always talk to your doctor before trying cryotherapy.

9. Jackfruit

Move over, tempeh. Jackfruit, the spiky, ginormous green fruit that can weigh up to 80 pounds, is being hailed as the latest vegan miracle food. The fruit, it turns out, is actually a great substitute for meat in most dishes. Get ready to prepare it for Meatless Mondays this year in recipes like carnitas and Reuben sandwiches.