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Choosing a mattress is one of those big life decisions we all have to make. But even though choosing the right mattress to avoid pain is key to great sleep, the process can be daunting.

However, there are lots of great brands that make it easy to shop online, offering thorough information like diagrams, online chats, virtual walkthroughs, and more.

Zinus is one of those companies. They offer a number of options, including the popular Zinus Cloud Mattress.

Let’s take a look at this mattress company, so you can make an informed decision on whether Zinus is right for your home.


  • Affordable. Compared to other mattresses on the market, the Zinus Cloud is priced fairly.
  • Good trial and warranty. With a purchase of any Zinus mattress, customers receive free shipping, a 100-night sleep trial, a 10-year warranty, and access to 24/7 customer service support.
  • Simplified selection. Although Zinus offers several mattress options, the company makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for with their quiz. It helps people identify their sleeping needs and choose from there.
  • Financing available. Zinus partners with Affirm for affordable financing.
  • CertiPUR-US certified. The Zinus Cloud is certified free from ozone-depleting substances, mercury, lead, and other potentially harmful substances.


  • Non-removable cover. Removing the cover on the Zinus Cloud can damage the mattress altogether and inhibit the fire safety barrier.
  • Not ideal for sleepers wanting plush comfort. Some customers complain that the mattress doesn’t inflate to the appropriate height and that it’s extremely firm.
  • Customer complaints. Some Zinus customers complain about Zinus’s customer service.

A majority of foam mattresses today are around $1,000 on the low end. Some can skyrocket to $2,000 or more depending on the brand and additional add-ons.

Pricing for the Zinus Cloud Mattress is well below market standards for contemporary mattresses. Here’s a breakdown of the cost for each size:

twin8 inches (in.) high: $200
10 in. high: $229
12 in. high: $250
full8 in. high: $241
10 in. high: $282
12 in. high: $323
queen8 in. high: $279
10 in. high: $339
12 in. high: $369
king8 in. high: $332
10 in. high: $407
12 in. high: $453

  • Type: Foam
  • Height: 8–12 inches
  • Good for: Sleepers who need firm support and back sleepers

The Zinus Cloud Mattress is a medium-firm, all-foam mattress with four layers of foam. The top has a micro-fiber quilted cover.

Zinus says the mattress provides pressure relief. However, there are some customers who find this mattress too firm and uncomfortable.

The foam used in this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, so it’s free from ozone-depleting substances. It is also free from mercury, lead, and formaldehyde.

The Zinus Cloud Mattress is ideal for back sleepers who want to take pressure off their bodies. Side and stomach sleepers may find this mattress too hard.

However, body weight and personal preference also play a role in how firm a mattress feels to you.

Zinus offers a free trial period, so you can test out the mattress and decide if it works for you.

Buy the Zinus Cloud Mattress online.

You can buy a Zinus Cloud Mattress directly through the Zinus website. You can also buy it on Amazon.

Zinus offers sales from time to time.

A 2003 study of people with low-back pain found that a medium-firm mattress was best at reducing pain. The Zinus Cloud Mattress is a medium-firm pick, so it may work well for you if you experience back pain.

Back sleepers will also find this mattress a great choice. Side sleepers and stomach sleepers will unlikely find this mattress soft enough for their sleeping styles.

If you sleep on your side or stomach, the Zinus Cooling Green Tea Gel Memory Foam Mattress might be a better choice.

Zinus doesn’t have a good reputation on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Currently, they have an F rating.

Multiple customers suggest their mattresses failed to decompress to the suggested size and the sizes are off for a few of their mattresses.

The company’s rating on Trustpilot doesn’t get any better, at 2.8 out of 5 stars.

One of the main complaints on this site is that the customer service is lacking, because they don’t honor their warranty. Customers suggest purchasing the mattress on Amazon instead.

There was a class-action lawsuit filed against Zinus in March 2020. There were claims that the company’s mattresses released glass fibers when the outer cover was unzipped. This is likely why all mattress covers are no longer removable.

The product designers of the mattress are based in South Korea, while the manufacturing factories are in Xiamen, China.

Some reviews on the Zinus website and Trustpilot are positive. Positive reviews say Zinus has excellent service and staff that respond to questions quickly.

However, both BBB and Trustpilot reviewers say the Zinus customer service isn’t the best. Most of the issues are from delivery, warranty, and service problems.

Reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive. But there are some customers who say the mattress is too firm or that it failed to inflate fully.

The Zinus Cloud Mattress is rolled up and shipped in a box.

If you order directly from Zinus, it will take about 7 business days from the time you place your order for your mattress to arrive. You’ll receive a shipping confirmation 2 days after placing your order.

The mattress has a smell once you open it. This off-gassing smell is common with memory foam mattresses. It should go away within 2–3 days.

The 10-year limited warranty is only valid after the return window expires.

Additionally, if the mattress cover is removed, the warranty is voided. The warranty doesn’t cover body impressions less than 1.5 inches that aren’t related to a sag in the foundation, box spring, platform, or mattress.

If you don’t like your Zinus Cloud Mattress, you can contact the company within 100 days for a full refund.

If your mattress is already decompressed, you can donate it to a nonprofit or recycle it. You’ll need a receipt showing proof of disposal with the address and contact number of the location where you disposed your mattress.

The Zinus Cloud Mattress is a good option for people looking to get a foam mattress at a cheap price.

It’s likely not a good choice for side and stomach sleepers, but it is ideal for back sleepers.

Although the issue with Zinus mattress covers is resolved, there are other issues regarding customer service. Keep this feedback in mind when considering a Zinus mattress.

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