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While many people know that a less-than-stellar mattress can cause a host of problems, you may not realize that an old, lifeless pillow can do the same.

If you’re tired of waking up with a creaky neck, it might be time for an upgrade. The Better Sleep Council recommends replacing your pillow every 2.8 years.

With so many options out there, though, it can be tough to sort through and find what’s comfortable.

If you’re considering the Sleepgram Pillow, read on to figure out if it’s right for you.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the pros and cons of the Sleepgram Pillow:


  • Easy to clean. The cover of the Sleepgram Pillow is machine washable, so you can easily toss it in the washing machine when it needs a refresh.
  • Adjustable design. You can choose a height and firmness that feels right for you, depending on your sleeping style and personal preference.
  • Solid warranty. Sleepgram offers a lifetime warranty for the pillow.
  • Trial period. With most pillows, once you buy it, there’s no going back. The Sleepgram Pillow, however, comes with a 100-night sleep trial.


  • No ultra-firm option. If you enjoy a pillow with a firm feel, the Sleepgram Pillow probably isn’t for you.
  • Not ideal for hot sleepers. Customers say the pillow tends to retain heat. If you regularly sweat during the night or sleep hot, this might not be the pillow for you.
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Compared to similar adjustable pillows, the Sleepgram Pillow falls within the same general price range of around $60 to $75, depending on size. You can also buy the pillows in packs of two or four for a small discount.

The Sleepgram Pillow is really two pillows rolled into one. Unzip the main compartment to reveal two separate interior pillows. Both inner pillows contain a down alternative made from polyester microfiber fill that’s designed to be fluffy, yet supportive.

Since down alternative doesn’t contain any feathers or down, it’s a good option for people who don’t want to use animal products. It may also be good for those with allergies.

While Sleepgram says their down alternative is moldable, keep in mind that down alternative tends to be less squishy and moldable than down.

The outer cover of the pillow is made from 100-percent cotton. Sleepgram says the cover is hypoallergenic.

Sleepgram also says the outer covering is filled with cooling fibers. However, some reviewers complain that the pillow tends to sleep hot.

The Sleepgram Pillow is designed to be used for multiple sleeping positions. You can customize it by using just one of the inserts, or both together.

Back sleepers

One of the inner pillows is labeled with a red tag. This one has a medium firmness and is designed for those who tend to sleep on their backs. It’s about 4 inches high.

Stomach sleepers

The other pillow is labeled with a blue tag. It’s thinner and softer than the pillow with the red tag. It’s made to work well for people who usually sleep on their stomachs. This pillow is about 2 inches high.

Side sleepers

Zipping both inner pillows up together creates a firmer surface. While this may work well for side sleepers, some reviewers still note that the pillow combination isn’t firm enough for their needs. Some also say this combination is too thick for their liking.

How comfortable a pillow feels to you is subjective. You may need to try the pillow out for yourself to make that call.

In general, back and stomach sleepers seem to find the Sleepgram Pillow more comfortable than side sleepers. It’s also more well-liked by people who enjoy soft pillows over firm ones.

We scoured customer reviews to see what reviewers say about a few key variables.


Reviewers report that the Sleepgram Pillow is fairly soft. Though using the two pillows together makes it firmer, some customers still say it’s pretty squishy, making it a great pick for those who enjoy soft pillows.

If you like firmer pillows, you may want to opt for a solid memory foam pillow.


People note that while the pillow is initially comfortable, it eventually goes flat over time, losing its oomph. This can be fixed by frequent fluffing.

A few reviewers also say they had problems with the zipper breaking after a few months of use or when they washed the cover.


Reviews are mixed on how moldable the pillow is. Some reviewers say it does conform to their head and neck, while others wish it were more moldable.

How it feels to you will likely depend on your sleeping preferences and your body size.

Temperature control

The Sleepgram Pillow is advertised as having a cooling cover. While some users agree that it stays cool to the touch, most reviewers say it doesn’t stay cool all night, or it isn’t as cooling as they’d like it to be.

Because the pillow is a two-in-one model, it’s designed to accommodate different sleeping styles. Theoretically, all sleepers should be able to find a comfortable combination.

However, some customers say the firmness of the firmest pillow is still only medium firm. If you’re looking for an ultra-firm pillow, you might not be satisfied with the Sleepgram Pillow.

As well, people with more weight might not get enough support from the fluffy combination of pillows.

You can buy the Sleepgram Pillow through the brand’s website. The pillows sometimes go on sale. Sleepgram ships to the United States and Canada.

You can also buy the pillow on Amazon and Walmart. However, pricing from third-party retailers may vary from pricing on the Sleepgram website.

Buy the Sleepgram Pillow online.

If you buy directly from Sleepgram, you can try the pillow for 100 nights. If it’s not quite right for you, you can return it for a full refund during this period.

Sleepgram doesn’t cover return costs outside the United States. If you’re in Canada, you’ll have to pay for return shipping.

Before returning your pillow, you must contact Sleepgram to receive a Return Material Authorization number. Once Sleepgram receives your pillow, you should expect a refund within about 2 weeks.

The pillow also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Sleepgram also sells a variety of other sleep products, including:

  • cotton and silk pillowcases
  • bamboo sheets
  • cotton sheets
  • comforter
  • knee pillow
  • Supima cotton duvet cover
  • weighted blanket
  • mattress protector

Note that the Sleepgram says the silk pillowcases can prevent users from “waking up with puffiness, acne, and rashes caused by long-term allergen and bacterial exposure,” but they don’t offer evidence to support this claim. Though silk pillowcases may feel nice on the skin and prevent hair from getting frizzy at night, they likely won’t prevent skin conditions from occurring.

Who is the Sleepgram Pillow best for?

The Sleepgram Pillow is best for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and people who like soft pillows.

Does the Sleepgram Pillow sleep hot?

The Sleepgram Pillow has a cooling cover, so it shouldn’t sleep hot. Still, some reviewers say it’s not as cool as they’d like.

Is the Sleepgram Pillow washable?

The removable cover is washable. However, the inner pillows themselves are not.

If you’re on the hunt for an adjustable pillow with a downlike feel, the Sleepgram Pillow is a solid option.

However, there’s no guarantee that it’ll work for you — buying a pillow is an ultra-personal shopping experience. But, with the ability to adjust the pillow’s height and shape, you’re likely to find a combination that feels comfortable.

The Sleepgram Pillow also comes with a 100-night sleep trial, so you can test it out for a few months and decide if it’s right for your needs.

Steph Coelho is a freelance writer with chronic migraine who has a particular interest in health and wellness. When she’s not click-clacking away on her keyboard, she’s probably nose-deep in a good book.