Choosing the right pillow can mean the difference between a solid night’s sleep and a night of tossing and turning followed by a day of exhaustion, or even back and neck pain.

Sleep Number, while perhaps most well-known for their adjustable mattresses, makes a wide variety of pillows for all types of sleeping styles and needs.

Read on for a closer look at each Sleep Number pillow, including the price points, materials, and pros and cons, so you can pick the right fit.

Sleep Number pillows range in price from just under $50 to over $200. Here’s a full breakdown of the cost for each pillow.

TRUE TEMP Pillowstandard: $99.99
king: $129.99
standard: $119.99
king: $149.99
n/astandard: $139.99
king: $159.99
COMFORTFIT Pillowstandard: $89.99
king: $109.99
n/astandard: $109.99
king: $129.99
standard: $129.99
king: $149.99
VARIACOOL Pillowstandard: $99.99
king: $129.99
standard: $119.99
king: $149.99
n/astandard: $139.99
king: $169.99
PLUSHCOMFORT Pillowstandard: $49.99
king: $69.99
n/astandard: $59.99
king: $79.99
standard: $79.99
king: $99.99
DOWNCOMFORT Pillowstandard: $159.99
king: $199.99
n/astandard: $179.99
king: $219.99
standard: $199.99
king: $239.99
AIRFIT Pillowstandard: $179.99
king: $219.99
standard: $209.99
king: $249.99
Create Your Perfect Pillow$29.99–$109.99

Sleep Number offers seven different pillows. Most of them come in a few types:

  • Classic. Shaped like a traditional pillow, Sleep Number says this style is best for back and stomach sleepers.
  • Contour. These are sloped to cradle your neck. Sleep Number suggests they’re best for side and back sleepers.
  • Curved. This style is curved at the bottom. According to Sleep Number, it works best for side or back sleepers.
  • Ultimate. A unique option, this style comes with several inserts, so you can customize the feel. Sleep Number says it works for all sleeping styles.

Sleep Number TRUE TEMP Pillow

  • Types: Classic, contour, and ultimate
  • Sizes: Standard and king

The TRUE TEMP Pillow is designed to resist heat and humidity buildup. A Healthline editor slept on the contour version of this pillow for several weeks and confirms that it lives up to this claim. The editor says it stays cool to the touch all night.

The pillow has a layer of poly fill on top of a memory foam center. That means that the contour version doesn’t quite feel the same as a traditional contour pillow.

If you’re looking for a true contour pillow, this may not be the right pillow for you. But if you’re open to a different feel, the TRUE TEMP Pillow is comfortable and supportive.

One thing to note is that, since the pillow has a memory foam center, it has a slight chemical smell upon opening. This fades quickly, and, after a week, it’s barely noticeable.

The cover is removable and washable. In testing, it held up well after a wash, and the filling remained smooth and comfortable.

Buy the Sleep Number TRUE TEMP Pillow online.

Sleep Number COMFORTFIT Pillow

  • Types: Curved, ultimate, and classic
  • Sizes: Standard and king

This hypoallergenic option is made from memory foam pieces and premium down alternative fibers.

I tried this pillow and found the outer material to be incredibly soft and breathable.

The ultimate model includes three removable inserts, so you can adjust the height of the pillow to fit your sleeping needs. Sleep Number suggests using one or two inserts for stomach sleeping, and two or three for side and back sleeping.

I found three inserts to be the most comfortable — I usually sleep with two pillows, but, with this pillow, I only needed one.

It has a decent weight to it when all three inserts are in the case, and the sleeping surface holds its shape while feeling soft under your head.

The cover is removable and washable.

Buy the Sleep Number COMFORTFIT Pillow online.

Sleep Number VARIACOOL Pillow

  • Types: Ultimate, classic, and contour
  • Sizes: Standard and king

Gel-infused memory foam combined with a ventilated design makes this the coolest and most breathable Sleep Number pillow.

Reviewers who overheat at night appreciate the cool surface of this pillow. They say there’s no need to flip the pillow throughout the night, since it remains cool the whole time.

People living with migraine enjoy the soft, cool surface as well.

Buy the Sleep Number VARIACOOL Pillow online.

Sleep Number PLUSHCOMFORT Pillow

  • Types: Ultimate, curved, and classic
  • Sizes: Standard and king

This is a great budget-friendly pillow for those wanting an inexpensive option that doesn’t sacrifice quality. It’s also hypoallergenic and filled with a down-alternative microfiber fill.

For sleepers who prefer a softer, lighter pillow, this is an excellent choice. During testing, I found that the shape bounces back well, although it’s somewhat squishy in feel.

I tried the curved version, but didn’t find that the curve was drastic enough to be much different from a standard pillow. However, it does work well for side and back sleeping.

Many online reviewers with back and neck pain report improvement after switching to the PLUSHCOMFORT Pillow.

A bonus: If you choose the classic or curved options, you can machine wash the whole thing in a commercial size, front-load washing machine. If you choose the ultimate option, you can only wash the cover.

Buy the Sleep Number PLUSHCOMFORT Pillow online.

Sleep Number DOWNCOMFORT Pillow

  • Types: Ultimate, curved, and classic
  • Sizes: Standard and king

While some down pillows are prone to flattening, a high-quality version, like the DOWNCOMFORT Pillow, should stay fluffy.

It’s made with 650 fill power, U.S.-sourced down. In general, when it comes to down, a higher fill power means more loft (height) and insulation.

The pillow comes with a 500 thread count cover. It also has OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. Due to the quality materials, it’s also one of Sleep Number’s pricier pillows.

Reviewers love the supportive firmness of the pillow combined with the softness of the filling. Many say they’re impressed at how well the pillow keeps its shape.

Several reviewers say their posture improved after using this pillow for an extended period of time.

As with the PLUSHCOMFORT Pillow, you can wash the curved and classic DOWNCOMFORT Pillow in a commercial, front-load washing machine. With the ultimate version, you have to remove the cover before washing.

Buy the Sleep Number DOWNCOMFORT Pillow online.

Sleep Number AIRFIT Pillow

  • Types: Contour and classic
  • Sizes: Standard and king

Much like the signature Sleep Number mattress, this pillow’s firmness is adjustable via a numbered dial. It’s made of memory foam surrounding an air chamber.

Several reviewers with neck and back injuries rave about the AIRFIT Pillow, saying they love being able to adjust the firmness in accordance with their recovery process.

The cover is removable and washable.

Buy the Sleep Number AIRFIT Pillow online.

Create Your Perfect Pillow service

Sleep Number offers the option of designing your own pillow with their Create Your Perfect Pillow service, should their provided options not meet your sleeping needs.

To do this, you’ll select your preferred filling for both the inner core and the outer shell. For the outer shell, your options are:

  • down
  • down alternative
  • memory fiber (Sleep Number says this conforms like memory foam, but is adjustable like a fiber fill.)
  • dual support (It has foam on one side and down alternative on the other.)

For the inner core, your options are:

  • down
  • down alternative
  • memory fiber
  • foam contour

Reviewers say they love the ability to select specific qualities to create an ideal pillow for their sleeping needs.

Create Your Perfect Pillow online.

Sleep Number’s PillowFit Quiz can help you determine which Sleep Number pillow is best for you.

Mainly, you’ll want to think about the position you tend to sleep in, if you like a soft or firm pillow, and which material type is most comfortable to you.

Each Sleep Number pillow comes in standard and king sizes as well as various types.

In general, choose the ultimate type if you’re a stomach sleeper, since it’s the flattest option. Side and back sleepers can find comfort with any style.

If you tend to sleep in a variety of positions, you might want to try the AIRFIT Pillow, since it’s adjustable.

If possible, trying out the sample pillows available in a brick and mortar Sleep Number store may help you select the best pillow for your sleeping style.

Sleep Number pillows can only be purchased online or in a Sleep Number store. Because pillows can’t be returned, you may prefer trying them at the store.

Pillows periodically go on sale for “buy one, get one 50 percent off” and other promotional offers.

Shipping is free in the contiguous United States. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, or Canada requires additional shipping costs.

Sleep Number doesn’t ship to any additional locations.

Every Sleep Number bedding item comes with a 30-day guarantee. During this period, if you decide you don’t like your pillow, you can exchange it for a different one. You just won’t be able to get a refund.

The pillows also come with a 1-year limited warranty against defects in material or workmanship with normal intended use.

Sleep Number will replace the item within 1 year of purchase with the same, or a comparable, item.

Sleeping soundly depends on several factors. But, without a comfortable pillow, a good night’s sleep is a lot harder to come by.

Sleep Number offers many options in a variety of price points, materials, and types for anyone looking to purchase a new pillow.