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If getting that notoriously defiant fitted sheet to hug your mattress feels like a wrestling match, or you’re just replacing your sheets way too often, it may be time to invest a bit more into your bedding.

After all, we should be tangled in sheets and sleeping soundly for about 8 hours every night, right?

When it comes to sheets, there are so many different materials, textures, and sizes that it can be more than a little confusing to find the pair that not only fits your bed snuggly but can also keep you cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

To help narrow your search, we took a close look at SHEEX, a popular bedding brand, to share everything you’d want to know about how these sheets stack up.

Maybe you’ve heard of Sheex, a bedding brand started by former athletes and basketball coaches Susan Walvius and Michelle Marciniak.

SHEEX makes some bold claims about its Original Performance sheets — wrinkle-free, stay-put corners, moisture-wicking, temperature controlling, “ridiculously soft,” and durable.

That’s a tall order for one set of sheets. But do they live up to the hype?

Keep reading to learn more about the company, the different sheet sets available, reviews, pricing, and policies.


  • Soft.
  • Lightweight.
  • Cooling. SHEEX sheets may be a great option for hot sleepers.
  • Moisture-wicking. The sheets are a good match for people who sweat at night.
  • Stay-put fitted sheet. Unlike some sheets, the SHEEX fitted sheet won’t budge all night.
  • Wrinkle-free. The sheets will stay smooth even without ironing and dryer sheets.


  • Higher price point. Depending on the style and size you choose, you can expect to spend up to $300 on a set of SHEEX.
  • Catches on dry skin areas. The fabric can feel rough against dry skin, usually around the feet.
  • Not best for cold sleepers. With its cooling technology, SHEEX may be best suited to hot sleepers.
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Below is the non-sale pricing for each SHEEX sheet set.

Original PerformanceArctic Aire MAXStudio Tech
Twin/Twin XL: $235Twin: $190Twin/Twin XL: $269
Full: $269Full: $210Full/Queen: $329
Queen: $275Queen: $230King/California King: $359
King/California King: $290King: $250
Split King: $315Split King: $250

A note on editorial testing

Sifting through product descriptions and customer reviews can be overwhelming. We’re here to make researching products easier.

In some cases, that means having our writers and editors test products to see how they perform in real life. In others, we rely on crowdsourcing reviewer feedback from retail sites.

For this review, our writer tested the SHEEX Original Performance Sheet Set. She also reviewed online customer feedback for other SHEEX sheet sets.

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Pricing guide

This guide is based on queen-size SHEEX sheets.

  • $ = under $250
  • $$ = over $250

SHEEX Original Performance Sheet Set

  • Price: $$
  • Material: 87 percent microfiber polyester, 13 percent spandex
  • Color options: bright white, ecru, sage mist, pearl blue, navy, graphite, and black
  • Size options: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split king

I tried this set in graphite, and upon unboxing, I immediately noticed it had the wow factor.

The soft, lightweight sheets quickly reminded me of high-end basketball shorts. Sure enough, the women behind the brand were inspired by athletic apparel material, with its ability to keep athletes cool and comfortable.

Buy the SHEEX Original Performance Sheet Set online.

SHEEX Arctic Aire MAX Sheet Set

  • Price: $
  • Material: 300 thread count woven sateen made from 100 percent Tencel lyocell
  • Color options: white, denim, silver, and charcoal
  • Size options: twin, full, queen, king, and California king

SHEEX brands this set as “softer than silk.” It’s designed with their CoolX technology, which they say is good for cooling you down and keeping you dry throughout the night.

The fabric, made from Tencel lyocell fibers, is said to be hypoallergenic and naturally lower bacterial growth without chemical additives.

Like the Original Performance set, SHEEX says this set is smooth and cooling. Reviewers on the brand’s website back up the claims about the silky feel and cooling technology, saying these sheets seem to work especially well for those with hot flashes.

There aren’t many Amazon reviews for this exact set right now, but those that exist are extremely positive.

Buy the SHEEX Arctic Aire MAX Sheet Set online.

SHEEX Studio Tech Bedding Set

  • Price: $$
  • Material: 87 percent performance polyester, 13 percent spandex
  • Color options: bright white, graphite, navy/graphite combo, and graphite, bright white combo
  • Size options: twin, twin XL, full, queen, and king/California king

This set is a bundle that uses the same fabric from the Original Performance set.

This bundle comes without a top sheet. Instead, it comes with a duvet cover that goes directly over the fitted sheet, two pillowcases, and two shams.

This set claims it’s cool and up to 10 times more breathable than traditional cotton. Like the other sets, it’s focused on keeping you dry with its “Sleep Fit” technology, designed to regulate body temperature and wick moisture.

Amazon reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with one reviewer saying it’s “like Spanx for your bed.” This may sound silly, but it’s a good comparison since the Original Performance fabric is a pro at smoothing and tucking.

Buy the SHEEX Studio Tech Bedding Set online.

SHEEX sheets are likely a good fit for:

  • hot sleepers
  • sweaty sleepers
  • those who want snug sheets, as these sheets stay put all night
  • those who want to save time making the bed, as these go on very quickly
  • those who are looking to save dryer sheets, fabric softener, and bleach
  • those who don’t mind making an investment, as these come with a higher price tag than traditional sheet sets

So far, the most highly rated and reviewed set is the Original Performance Sheet Set. You may want to try this set first. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, here are some options:

  • If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic, soft sheet set, go for the Arctic Aire MAX Sheet Set.
  • If you’re interested in trying SHEEX with a duvet cover, consider the Studio Tech Bedding Set.

Aside from the official website, you can also find SHEEX on Amazon. Prices on Amazon tend to be lower than the sale prices on the SHEEX website, but there’s no guarantee you’ll find the exact size and color you’re looking for on Amazon.

At the time of this review, the company website offers sales on many of its sheet sets so you may find a better deal during a sales event.

SHEEX says on the brand website that it offers free standard shipping on domestic orders in the United States above $150.

SHEEX sheets can also be found through other retailers, including:

The majority of these retailers offer limited type, size, and color options compared with the full spectrum of options on the company website. But if you do enough digging, you may find what you’re looking for at a lower price point.

SHEEX allows returns and exchanges within 60 days of purchase, but the company doesn’t accept returns or exchanges on items from the sale selection.

If you purchase items directly from the company website or customer service center, your product is covered for 1 year against manufacturer defects.

This warranty doesn’t, however, cover normal wear and tear, minor imperfections, improper use, and staining.

Be sure to register your SHEEX sets, so the warranty period can officially start and make future claims easier to process.

The SHEEX website seems to display primarily 5-star ratings, many of which hail these sheets as “the best ever.” The majority of Amazon reviewers tend to agree, many claiming they will now only ever purchase this brand.

Some unhappy Amazon reviews do slip through, noting that the cooling technology just didn’t do it for them, and some noticed snagging.

One reviewer says the sheets catch on the bottoms of her feet. It seems likely that dry, rough patches on your skin may catch on the silky material.

Washing your SHEEX sheets is pretty simple.

Using a regular cycle setting, wash them in cold water with other similar fabrics and colors. Easy peasy.

What’s not so easy peasy? Remembering to skip fabric softener and dryer sheets if you usually use them in your laundry routine. SHEEX insists both products aren’t only unnecessary, but they’re also too harsh for the company’s sheets.

I tried drying my sheets on low with no dryer sheets, as recommended, and I’m glad I did. When they say these things are wrinkle-resistant, they’re not kidding around. Post dryer, there wasn’t a wrinkle in sight.

The website promises that SHEEX sheets are also fade and shrink resistant.

One final note on cleaning your SHEEX: Don’t bleach them. The website warns against this, saying bleach can wear down the fibers.

As many of us know, getting a fitted sheet on a mattress can easily be a two-person job, depending on the quality of your sheets. However, the SHEEX sheet went on fast and laid completely flat.

My bed looked smooth, without a single wrinkle. The top sheet laid flat too, helping my comforter lay nice and smooth as well.

The next day, my bed looked nearly the same. The fitted sheet hadn’t budged all night.

The sheets made for a comfortable night’s sleep since they wiped out the chance for distractions like coming untucked.

These sheets kept me very cool, but I’m already a cold sleeper, so I wasn’t looking to keep any cooler.

Since I do sleep cool, I also don’t tend to sweat at night. But I can see how this material would quickly grab up any moisture if given the chance.

If you’re a hot, sweaty sleeper who hates making the bed, odds are you’ll find yourself a friend for life in these sheets.

Price for a queen sheet setMaterialColor options
Sheex$275polyester, spandexwhite, black, navy, pearl blue, plus 3 others
Cozy Earth$369viscose from bamboowhite, light gray, charcoal, plus 2 others
Sweave$140eucalyptus Tencel, cottonwhite, navy, mint gray, blush pink, plus 3 others
Slumber Cloud$229viscose from bamboo, eucalyptus Tencel white, Alice blue, slate, cream
Boll and Branch$278cottonwhite, pewter, stone, sky, plus 6 others

Does SHEEX fit extra deep or pillow top mattresses?

SHEEX’s fabric features four-way stretch capabilities and fits extra deep and pillow top mattresses. The fitted sheet features ultra-strong elastic around the bottom to fit snugly around your mattress without popping off.

What is the thread count of SHEEX sheets?

The company says thread count doesn’t apply to its sheets as it does with traditional cotton sheets because the sheets are made in a circular-knit construction.

However, the Arctic Aire MAX sheet set features a 300 thread count woven sateen made from 100 percent Tencel Lyocell.

Are pillowcases included in the SHEEX set?

Twin and twin XL sets include one standard pillowcase. Full and queen sets include two standard pillowcases. King, California king, and split king sets include two king pillowcases.

All sets (except for split king) also include one fitted sheet and one flat sheet. The Studio Tech SHEEX set also does not come with a top sheet.

SHEEX sheets are performance sheets inspired by athletic apparel. The sheets focus on softness, temperature control, moisture-wicking technology, durability, and stay-put corners.

Although the price point is pretty steep, the majority of reviewers are thrilled, with only a small number saying the sheets catch on the dry skin around their feet.

These sheets may be a great fit for hot sleepers who tend to sweat, those who prefer sheets that hug the bed tightly all night, and those who don’t mind making an investment.

Breanna Mona is a writer based in Cleveland, Ohio. She holds a master’s degree in media and journalism and writes about health, lifestyle, and entertainment.