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While Sealy is known today for mattresses like the Posturepedic, the company has manufactured mattresses since 1881, long before they went by catchy names.

Sealy was acquired by Tempur-Pedic in 2013 to form Tempur Sealy, one of the world’s largest mattress and bedding companies. The company continues to operate under the name Sealy in Trinity, North Carolina. After nearly a century and a half of mattress manufacturing, the company has plenty of experience creating mattresses designed to offer comfort and support. They aim to provide this ideal combination with their hybrid line.

Good hybrid mattresses combine coils and comfort layers to accomplish two goals. The coil system is made to provide support and promote good sleep posture and spinal alignment. The foam or other padding adds a soft buffer to prevent you from feeling the mattress coils underneath your body.

This best-of-both-worlds construction means hybrid mattresses often work well for people who prefer something softer than a traditional innerspring mattress but need more support than a foam mattress provides.

Thinking about purchasing a Sealy hybrid mattress but want a little more information first? We’ll give you the details for all three collections in their hybrid line below.

Here’s a quick look at the key benefits and potential drawbacks of the Sealy hybrid mattress line.


  • Cooler sleeping. Who wants to wake up in a sweat? All but one of the mattresses in Sealy’s hybrid line are designed with temperature control to help you sleep more comfortably. The remaining mattress does feature gel memory foam, which can provide some cooling benefits, as well as a moisture-wicking mattress cover.
  • Pain relief. A small 2010 study prescribed hybrid mattresses to participants based on body type, sleeping position, and the type of pain they experienced. The switch to these mattresses showed that medium-firm mattresses with pocketed coils and foam layers may help relieve pain and stiffness, particularly in the lower back and shoulders. Customer reviews of Sealy’s hybrid line appear to support this finding. Many people say they get better sleep on their Sealy hybrid and wake up without pain.
  • Compatible with any setup. You can use these mattresses on traditional box springs, platform bed frames, or adjustable frames.
  • Posturepedic technology. The mattresses in two of the collections feature technology designed to provide reinforced support in the center of the mattress. The company created this technology with input from orthopedic specialists, and many satisfied customers praise the difference it makes in their sleep.
  • Reinforced edges. If you’re a restless sleeper or share your bed with a partner, you’ll want a mattress with good edge support. Otherwise, you might be jolted awake when you roll too close to the edge. All of Sealy’s hybrids boast a border of flexible, dense coils for added durability.


  • You can’t buy these mattresses directly from Sealy. You’ll have to make your purchase through a local or online third-party retailer. If you need to return your mattress or make a warranty claim, you’ll typically need to consult the retailer, not Sealy. As well, third-party retailers sometimes offer shorter at-home trials or none at all.
  • Difficult to determine mattress materials. If you prefer to know exactly what’s in your mattress, you may have some concerns around Sealy’s failure to fully disclose what materials they use.

Hybrid mattresses are generally known for their durability, but that tends to make them a bit more expensive than all-foam or innerspring mattresses. You’ll usually pay more for added features like cooling technology or reinforced support, which you’ll find in most of the Sealy hybrid mattresses.

These collections have three different price points. The Premium collection, which offers the most features, falls into the luxury mattress category. The Essential and Performance collections have more medium-range prices.

We’ve given prices for queen mattresses, separated into the following categories:

  • $ = under $1,200
  • $$ = $1,200–$1,700
  • $$$ = over $1,700

Sealy’s hybrid line consists of three different mattress collections: Essential, Performance, and Premium. Each collection offers slightly different cooling technology, firmness options, and coil construction, giving you a total of seven different mattresses to choose from.

Sealy Hybrid Essentials

  • Price: $
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Materials: Memory foam and individually pocketed coils
  • Best for: Back, stomach, and combination sleepers

Sealy’s basic hybrid queen mattress features 911 individually wrapped coils, nearly three times the minimum recommended by the International Chiropractor’s Association.

The individual pocketing is designed to transfer less motion between people sleeping together than a continuous coil system. As an added benefit, two rows of thicker coils surround the mattress edges to provide sturdy support that many reviewers praise.

Above the coils, there’s a layer of support foam and a top layer of gel memory foam made for contouring and pressure relief.

While several stomach and back sleepers confirm this mattress feels both comfortable and supportive, other reviewers say it feels quite firm. Though it may work for some side sleepers, others might find it too firm. If you sleep mostly on your stomach or back, though, it may be a great fit.

Some reviewers say this mattress slept a little hot and made them sweat through the night. A few people also mention some off-gassing (the new mattress smell) that took a few days to fade. Still, this mattress gets mostly great reviews, and many reviewers say it did a lot to improve their chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain.

Buy the Sealy Hybrid Essentials online.

Sealy Hybrid Performance

  • Price: $$
  • Height: 13–13.5 inches
  • Firmness: Plush, medium, and firm
  • Materials: Memory foam and individually pocketed coils
  • Best for: Varies by firmness

One of the key features of the Performance line is the reinforced mattress center. According to the company, half of your weight rests in the middle of the mattress. Their unique design of tightly packed center coils is created to provide stronger support in this essential area. These dense coils (1,000 of them in a queen mattress) are also made to provide back support and spinal alignment.

Reviewers enjoy the supportive feel, the sturdiness of the reinforced edges, and the low motion transfer. A few reviews mention sagging and less supportive edges after a few years, while others say it holds up well and remains comfortable after several months.

Two layers of foam provide cushioning above the coils. The top layer of memory foam is said to provide breathability and feel cool to the touch. The company says the mattress cover wicks moisture to keep you even cooler. A few reviewers mention the mattress gets hot despite these cooling features, but many people say it stays cool all night.

The Performance mattress comes in three firmness options: plush (soft), cushion firm (medium), or firm. The plush and cushion firm mattresses both have a third foam layer for added cushioning, which could make them better options for side sleepers and people who need enhanced pressure relief.

Some reviewers found the cushion firm option firmer than expected, and others noticed off-gassing that took a few weeks to fully disappear. By and large, though, reviewers love and recommend the Performance hybrid for better sleep and pain relief.

Buy the Sealy Hybrid Performance online:

Sealy Hybrid Premium

  • Price: $$$
  • Height: 14–15 inches
  • Firmness: Ultra plush, plush, and firm
  • Materials: Memory foam and spring
  • Best for: Varies by firmness

The Premium collection is somewhat similar to the Performance collection, but small differences push this mattress into the luxury category. It has the same cooling memory foam layer, but the mattress cover is also designed to stay cool to the touch so you maintain a more comfortable sleeping temperature. The cover also features the company’s allergy protection, which they say helps keep the mattress from attracting dust mites and other allergens.

Reviewers praise the lack of motion transfer and like how the foam layers conform to the body while the mattress remains firm. Side sleepers love the pressure relief, and people with chronic pain say this mattress helped them see significant improvements right away. Some reviews mention it took a few weeks to get used to the mattress, but it’s normal to experience an adjustment period.

This collection features an ultra plush mattress made for those who need maximum pressure relief or want a soft bed. One reviewer says the extra cushioning feels like “sleeping on a cloud.”

Stomach and back sleepers will probably want to opt for the firm mattress, while the plush option offers medium softness that may be better for side sleepers. Reviewers say the firm option still feels a little softer than other firm mattresses.

While a few people felt it wasn’t quite worth the price, most reviewers have nothing but praise for the Premium collection. Keep in mind that the added comfort layers make for a thicker mattress, so you may need to upgrade to deep-pocket sheets that accommodate mattresses with greater height.

Buy the Sealy Hybrid Premium online:

Both online retailers and brick-and-mortar mattress stores carry the Sealy hybrid line. However, you may find them more easily online. These mattresses do go on sale, though specific discounts will vary by retailer. We listed base prices here, so you could end up paying much less for a mattress by taking advantage of sales.

When comparing prices, you may notice each retailer gives slightly different names for the mattresses. You can tell them apart by the collection (Essential, Performance, Premium) and the firmness (firm, cushion firm, plush, ultra plush) listed in the product name.

When looking for a new mattress, you’ll want to consider a few key factors beyond mattress type.


A mattress’s feel often varies from person to person, especially when you account for sleeping position and body type. A mattress that feels soft to you might feel too firm to someone else.

While it’s important to find a mattress that feels comfortable, you’ll also want to look for a mattress firm enough to align your spine and support important zones of your body, such as your shoulders, hips, and back.

Research from 2015 suggests medium-firm mattresses provide an ideal combination of support, spinal alignment, and comfort for many people. Side sleepers, however, may need more pressure relief from a softer mattress. Firmer hybrids may provide the best sleep surfaces for stomach and back sleepers, who generally need firmer beds.

The International Chiropractors Association recommends choosing the firmest option that still provides enough comfort. An uncomfortable mattress can keep you from getting quality sleep.


Memory foam can heat up quickly, leaving you to toss and turn. Though hybrids only have a few inches of memory foam, they can still get a little warm. The cooling features in Sealy’s hybrids are designed to prevent trapped heat and promote better airflow for more restful sleep.

If sleeping hot isn’t an issue for you, the Essential hybrid mattress may be a good option. If you get warm quickly, especially on top of a memory foam mattress, you may want to consider the Performance or Premium line. The mattress cover on the Premium mattresses may not seem like a drastic change, but a few reviewers say it makes a difference.

Coil construction

The more coils your mattress has, the better: A higher number of coils typically means your mattress will provide more support for a longer period of time. Tighter clusters of coils also help reduce motion transfer. This is important to consider if you sleep with someone else.

The queen Essential mattress has nearly 1,000 coils, but the Performance and Premium hybrids boast additional coils in the center. If you need more back support, or a sturdier bed in general, one of these mattresses might work well for you.

Sealy has a fairly good business reputation, according to the following criteria:

  • They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Though they do have a high rating from BBB, the four customer reviews left on the site are all negative. All of these reviews mention dissatisfaction with the mattress itself (either off-gassing or firmness issues) and an inability to exchange or return the product.
  • Although they faced one lawsuit in the past 3 years, the case was dismissed. In 2017, a Kansas man initiated a class action lawsuit. He claimed Sealy refused to fulfill warranty claims on mattresses with excess sagging or other defects if they also had damage not covered by the warranty. However, he dropped the suit just a few months later.
  • There have been no major recalls of Sealy mattresses in the last 3 years. Sealy Korea, a Korean mattress manufacturer under the same parent company, did issue a recall in 2019 for memory foam mattresses containing radon. These mattresses weren’t made in the United States or sold to American consumers.

Sealy manufactures their mattresses in the United States. Although they give a detailed breakdown of mattress layers and design on each product page, they offer little information about the specific materials used to make the mattress.

Even though you can’t purchase a hybrid mattress directly from Sealy, you might want to consider their customer service. If you purchase from a retailer that fails to honor the warranty, for example, you might turn to the company for help. Sealy encourages customers who buy mattresses elsewhere to contact that retailer first, but they also offer support as needed.

Reviewers praise Sealy’s customer service on the company’s website. Many satisfied customers say they’d purchase the same mattress again or recommend it to a friend. A few people found the customer service lacking when attempting to return a mattress with an issue not covered by the warranty.

Sealy hybrid mattresses arrive wrapped in plastic, fully expanded. You may be able to arrange for the delivery crew to unpack the mattress, set it up, and remove your old one, depending on the retailer. For example, US Mattress offers this service for an additional fee.

You can sleep on the mattress right away, without having to worry about a decompressing period. That said, some reviewers did mention off-gassing, saying it took several days to go away. If you’re sensitive to odors, you may want to temporarily place the mattress in a separate room near an open window.

Trial periods are an essential component of online mattress shopping. Of course, you can always visit a local store, try out the mattress, and buy it online at home, but this process may not give you an accurate representation of how the mattress sleeps. (And just think of all the other people who’ve tried it out before you — it probably won’t feel quite the same as a new mattress.) To really know how the mattress feels when you sleep on it, you pretty much have to sleep on it.

Sealy offers a 100-night sleep trial with free returns, as long as you’ve tried the mattress out for at least 30 nights. You can also exchange your mattress by calling customer support. However, since Sealy doesn’t directly sell their hybrid line, you’ll need to consider the return policy at the retailer where you made your purchase.

Not all companies that sell mattresses offer trial periods, even when the mattress brand does. When they do offer a sleep trial, it could be shorter than the brand’s trial, so it’s important to double-check. US Mattress and Wayfair offer longer sleep trials, but you’ll still have some comparing to do: Wayfair has a shorter trial period (100 nights versus US Mattress’s 120 nights), but US Mattress charges a processing fee for returned mattresses.

Hybrid mattresses generally make good options for people seeking comfort and firm support. Sealy’s hybrid line aims to meet the needs of any sleeper, whether you need the softest of the soft or a truly firm mattress.

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