Reverie is a mattress company specializing in selling what it calls sleep systems. Basically, a sleep system includes all the components you need for a good night’s sleep, including a mattress, base, and accessories like pillows.

Reverie was founded in 2003 and, 18 years later, is focused on bringing smart sleep technology to the masses.

But how does the mattress company stack up against the rest? Below, we’ll take a deeper look at the company and its sleep systems, as well as its reputation, company policies, and customer reviews.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Reverie and its offerings.


  • Customizable. Reverie can create customized sleep systems for customers, pairing a mattress and base to fit your sleep style and needs. Additionally, the company uses foam springs instead of traditional coil springs, which can also be customized to find your ideal level of support and comfort.
  • Unique features. Reverie beds have built-in massage technology that you can control via a remote or your smartphone. You can also raise or lower your head and feet positions with the remote or app.
  • Certifications. Reverie’s mattresses are made with CertiPUR-US certified memory and latex foam. Their latex foams are also OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. Adjustable bases are Intertek Quality Performance and UL 962 certified for performance, electrical safety, and flammability standards.


  • No returns. Once you buy, that’s it. Reverie doesn’t accept returns, in part because each bed is custom built.
  • Not all options available online. You can’t buy all Reverie products on its website. Some are only available at specific retail locations.

Pricing guide

Prices below reflect a package deal: a mattress and a base. We marked each “sleep system” with one of the following to help give indications of price:

  • $ = under $3,500
  • $$ = $3,500–$4,000
  • $$$ = over $4,000

While Reverie does sell two of its mattresses — the Dream Supreme II Hybrid Mattress and the Dream Supreme II Natural Mattress — as standalone products, Reverie focuses on selling customers “sleep systems” that include a power base and mattress. We’ll walk through each of these below.

OSO essentials Sleep System

  • Price: $
  • Type: Memory foam
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Good for: People looking for mattress customization and adjustable bases on a budget

The OSO essentials Sleep System pairs Reverie’s entry-level memory foam mattress with the Reverie R400 Power Base.

The mattress contains CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified foam, which means the foam is made without substances considered harmful for you or the environment. The foam is also infused with cooling gel to prevent you from overheating, which can sometimes happen with memory foam.

The R400 base has classic adjustable base features — like the ability to raise and lower your head and feet — that can be easily controlled with a remote.

It also has a massaging feature and can connect to Reverie’s Nightstand smartphone app, which offers you another convenient option for controlling the base and its features.

There’s only one customer review for this sleep system, but it’s very positive. The reviewer remarks on speedy shipping and easy assembly.

Buy the OSO essentials Sleep System online.

Dream Supreme II Hybrid Sleep System

  • Price: $$
  • Type: Foam hybrid (memory foam and foam springs)
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Good for: Couples with different sleep preferences, side sleepers

This sleep system combines a Dream Supreme II Hybrid Mattress (which is also sold separately) with your choice of power base.

The mattress has a top layer of gel-infused memory foam and a second layer of latex foam springs that can be customized and readjusted, allowing you to personalize the firmness on each side of the bed.

The mattress is also available in a split top option, which means the head of the bed can be independently adjusted on either side.

There are four different bases you can choose from. Each one has a unique set of features:

  • The R650 Adjustable Power Base has a special tilt feature that can tilt the bed forward or backward while keeping the bed flat. The brand says this provides pressure relief.
  • The R550L Adjustable Power Base has special lumbar support that can be adjusted on its own to give you more support for your lower back.
  • The R450HT Adjustable Power Base allows you to tilt the head of the bed independently for increased head and neck support.
  • The O300T Adjustable Power Base is a more basic model, but it still includes a preset “Zero Gravity” feature. These kinds of features are designed to simulate the neutral position of your body in zero gravity.

Reviewers seem to like the adjustable features. One customer says the mattress system helps with nighttime acid reflux.

Another reviewer remarks that while the bed is comfortable, it tends to slip out of place during an adjustment creating a gap at the top of the bed. They also say that it’s tough to find sheets to fit the split model. Additionally, some people complain that it’s difficult to adjust the foam springs to their liking.

Buy the Dream Supreme II Hybrid Sleep System online.

Dream Supreme II Natural Sleep System

  • Price: $$
  • Type: Foam hybrid (latex foam and foam springs)
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Good for: People who don’t love the feel of memory foam

This mattress is almost exactly the same as the Dream Supreme II Hybrid except its top layer is made with latex foam. Latex foam is a natural foam alternative known for being bouncier and cooler than memory foam. This mattress can also be paired with the same selection of bases as the Supreme II Hybrid.

Overall, reviews are mixed for this mattress. Some say they find the system comfortable, while others complain that it exacerbates their back pain. Additionally, while latex is known for being cooler than memory foam, some reviewers say they still sleep hot on this mattress.

Buy the Dream Supreme II Natural Sleep System online.

8X Sleep System

  • Price: $$$
  • Type: Latex, memory foam, and foam springs
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Good for: People who can’t decide on mattress feel

The 8X Sleep System comes with the Dream Supreme 8X Mattress, which has the same adjustable foam spring layer as the other mattresses that allows for customized firmness. But it’s unique because its comfort layer is flippable — one side is memory foam and the other side is latex foam. This can be a great option if you’re unsure which type of foam you prefer and want flexibility over time.

The 8X Adjustable Power Base is one of Reverie’s more basic adjustable bases, but it still features head and foot adjustability, massaging, and works with the Nightstand application.

Reviewers largely praise the 8X system for its comfort and value. People say it’s supportive, and they love the built-in massage function. Negative reviews mostly have to do with delivery issues.

Buy the 8X Sleep System online.

The Reverie sleep systems are available on the Reverie website. You can use the website’s store locator to find a store that sells the mattresses and sleep systems.

Reverie also sells mattresses at Costco events.

With so many opportunities for customization, it can get a little overwhelming deciding which sleep system components are right for you. Here are some things to keep in mind as you shop.


Most of the Reverie lineup is pretty pricey. If you’re on a budget, there’s only one option under $1,500, which is the entry-level OSO essentials Sleep System.

If budget is less of a concern for you, you’ll need to spend more time focusing on what mattress type, materials, and adjustable base works best for you.

Mattress type

Reverie has one all-foam mattress and several hybrid mattresses that use foam springs rather than traditional coil springs.

All-foam mattresses are known for isolating movement really well, which can help prevent you from disturbing the person you share a bed with. Foam mattresses also tend to be the cheapest option.

Hybrids are typically known for being more responsive, durable, and expensive than their all-foam counterparts. They typically work well for all body types too.

Because Reverie uses foam springs rather than coil springs, you can expect less bounce than you’d get with a typical hybrid mattress.


If you’re sold on a memory foam mattress, the OSO essentials Sleep System is a good option. It doesn’t have the same customizability as Reverie’s other mattresses, but it can still be a good option if you’re looking for the pressure relief and body-contouring memory foam is known to offer.

Outside of the OSO essentials Sleep System, all of Reverie’s mattresses have the same customizable foam spring layer made with latex foam. The main difference between the Dream Supreme Hybrid, Natural, and 8X mattresses is their top comfort layer:

Dream Supreme HybridDream Supreme NaturalDream Supreme 8X
Comfort LayerMemory foamLatex foamFlippable with one side of memory foam and another of latex foam

In general, latex foam is bouncier and cooler than memory foam. A 2017 study also found that latex foam mattresses distributed pressure (aka reduced pressure points) better than memory foam mattresses.

Reverie does infuse its memory foam with gel, which is known to help prevent heat from trapping.

If you’re unsure which type of foam works best for you, the flippable 8X option might be a good fit for you.

Adjustable bases

Reverie carries several adjustable bases to fit its mattresses. Some power bases are available online, while others are sold exclusively in specific retail locations. Additionally, while some sleep systems allow you to choose which adjustable base you want to purchase, others don’t give you the choice.

Each base has different unique features, which are all detailed in the description of each product on Reverie’s website. All bases have the same basic head and foot adjustability, but others have presets for a “Zero Gravity” setting, work with Reverie’s Nightstand smartphone app, and have other features like lumbar support or the ability to tilt the entire bed.

Prices vary depending on the features you’re looking for, so make sure you pay extra attention to the base you select while shopping.

Sleeping style

Part of the benefit of Reverie sleep systems is that you can customize the firmness level exactly to your liking. That means the mattresses should work for most sleeping styles.

When you place your order, you’ll be asked to choose a firmness level for each side of the bed. Medium should be comfortable for just about anyone, while soft may work even better for sleepers with lower body weight and people who sleep on their sides. Those with higher body weight or people who sleep on their back may want to choose firm.

Keep in mind that if your preferences change, the unique systems allow for easy firmness adjustments at home, too.

The only Reverie mattress that doesn’t offer this level of customization is the OSO essentials Sleep System.

Reverie has an average company reputation based on the following criteria:

  • Reverie has a Better Business Bureau rating of D-. Twenty-six customers have given the company an average of 1.12 out of 5 stars. There are also dozens of complaints logged on the site. Negative customer reviews and complaints mainly concern issues with the bases malfunctioning and having issues getting help from customer service.
  • We couldn’t find any recent lawsuits concerning Reverie’s business practices.
  • There haven’t been any recent recalls for Reverie’s products.

In terms of transparency, Reverie mattresses are all CertiPur-US and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and contain safe levels of chemicals, including flame retardants. All adjustable beds are also Intertek Quality Performance certified and UL 962 certified, meaning they’ve met rigorous performance, electrical safety, and flammability standards.

The majority of the customer reviews on the company website are positive. That said, there aren’t that many reviews to sift through. All of the sleep systems have under 100 reviews.

Most of the complaints on the Reverie and BBB website have to do with customer service issues. People say they struggled to reach customer service or had issues that were poorly handled. A few reviewers also say that their adjustable bases stopped working within weeks.

Your sleep system may arrive differently depending on which pairing you choose. The entry-level memory foam mattress, for instance, will come compressed in a box along with a separately packaged base.

If you purchase directly from Reverie, you can expect your sleep system to deliver in 4 to 6 weeks. Reverie provides a delivery guide in its FAQs to help prepare for your delivery. If you’re purchasing from another retailer, you’ll need to check what its delivery policies are before purchasing.

Reverie doesn’t accept returns because the beds are custom built. Once you make your purchase, you’re locked in. The exception is with beds purchased from Costco, which fall under Costco’s specific return policy.

How can you try a Reverie bed in person?

Reverie doesn’t have brick-and-mortar stores, but it does sell its mattresses at Costco events from time to time. If you want to try a bed in person, that may be your best bet.

What is the Reverie Nightstand app?

The Nightstand app basically acts like a remote control for your adjustable bed base. You can also use it to save your favorite settings or configure your bed to do certain things — like raise the head of the bed or activate the massage setting at a particular time.

How do you adjust the firmness of a Reverie mattress?

Instead of metal coils, Reverie mattresses are filled with more than 200 foam springs. The density of the springs vary, so some feel super soft while others are very firm.

Your mattress will come with the springs in a set configuration to match the overall mattress feel (soft, medium, or firm) that you requested.

If you want to adjust the firmness, all you’ll do is unzip the cover and rearrange the springs. You’ll be able to customize the feel to make certain parts of the mattress softer or firmer.

If a highly customized sleep experience with unique smartphone-controlled features is what you’re after, limited reviews suggest that Reverie is a solid option.

However, take time to do the research to figure out what mattress and adjustable base you want because there’s no trial period and no returns or exchanges.

Since the beds are adjustable after delivery, you can make some tweaks in the unfortunate instance where your new mattress isn’t quite working. Just keep in mind the repeated reports about poor customer service.

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