When it comes to mattresses, one thing’s for certain: You have a lot of choices. While that may up your chances of finding something that fits your unique sleep needs, it can be tough to sift through the offerings.

With its yogic branding and enticing descriptions, you might be wondering if PranaSleep is a mattress company worth your time. In this article, we’ll take a more in-depth look at the luxury brand and its varied mattress lines.

PranaSleep is a luxury mattress brand. It launched in 2004 with a flagship lineup featuring premium materials like Talalay latex. Each mattress is handmade in the United States.


  • High-end latex construction. Most of the mattresses contain premium Talalay latex, which partially accounts for the high price tag.
  • Varied selection. PranaSleep has five mattress lines: the original PranaSleep line along with the Om, Organics, Lotus, and Karma series.
  • Available to try in person. Depending on where you live, you may be able to try one of these luxury mattresses in person before committing to buying. Mattress stores with PranaSleep stock are located in Florida and parts of the Northeast.


  • Extremely expensive. PranaSleep has some of the priciest mattress models on the market. This brand isn’t for someone looking for a budget-friendly pick.
  • No returns. Unlike some brands, PranaSleep doesn’t allow you to return your mattress if you don’t like it. Instead, your only option is an exchange.

PranaSleep offers five different mattress lines:

There are several mattresses available in each line, ranging from more basic options to more luxurious ones. Here, we’re highlighting one mattress from each PranaSleep line.

Pricing guide

Prices are based on a queen-size mattress.

  • $ = under $4,000
  • $$ = $4,000–$6,000
  • $$$ = over $6,000

PranaSleep Wahe Mattress

PranaSleep Wahe Mattress
  • Price: $$$
  • Height: 13 inches
  • Type: Latex foam

The Wahe is part of PranaSleep’s original line. It’s available in either a plush or firm option, and it can be used with an adjustable base. You can buy an adjustable base directly from PranaSleep.

There aren’t many reviews online, but the handful that do appear on PranaSleep’s site had good things to say. One customer said that the mattress was “worth every penny.”

Buy the PranaSleep Wahe Mattress online.

PranaSleep Karma Peace Mattress

PranaSleep Karma Peace Mattress
  • Price: $
  • Height: 10–14.5 inches
  • Type: Innerspring

The Peace is one of PranaSleep’s entry-level models in the Karma collection. It’s available in super plush, plush, and extra firm options. The plush and super plush versions add a few inches of height to the mattress, making it fairly tall even without a box spring.

Customers say it’s soft and comfortable. None of the reviews on the website mention being unhappy with the purchase.

In addition to Talalay latex, this mattress is constructed with a layer of coils for extra support.

Buy the PranaSleep Karma Peace Mattress online.

PranaSleep Lotus Namaste 5 Series Mattress

PranaSleep Lotus Namaste 5 Series Mattress
  • Price: $
  • Height: 9.25 inches
  • Type: Latex foam

Another lower-cost offering from PranaSleep, this mattress is part of the Lotus collection. It’s only available in a firm option, so it may work best for back sleepers.

All four reviews on the website rave about the quality and comfort of the Namaste 5. Like the PranaSleep Wahe mattress, it can also be used with an adjustable base.

Buy the PranaSleep Lotus Namaste 5 Series Mattress online.

PranaSleep Om Guru Mattress

PranaSleep Om Guru Mattress
  • Price: $$$
  • Height: 15.5 inches
  • Type: Latex foam

A part of the Om collection, this plush sleep surface is made with premium materials, including Talalay latex, organic cotton, and silk.

All four reviews on the website are positive. One reviewer, who tried a Sleep Number mattress for neck and back problems, says the Guru helped with their chronic pain issues.

It only comes in a plush firmness level, which PranaSleep says is a good option for side sleepers.

Buy the PranaSleep Om Guru Mattress online.

PranaSleep Organics Bhakti Mattress

PranaSleep Organics Bhakti Mattress
  • Price: $$$
  • Height: 10.5 inches
  • Type: Latex foam

As an offering in the Organics collection, this high-end mattress contains organic cotton and wool along with 100 percent Talalay latex. It comes in one firmness level, which PranaSleep calls “Cush Firm.” The company suggests that this mattress works well for stomach or back sleepers.

There are only two customer reviews for this mattress, but both are 5-stars, and both reviewers say they sleep better with the Bhakti Mattress.

Buy the PranaSleep Organics Bhakti Mattress online.

You can buy a PranaSleep mattress directly from the company on their website, or you can visit one of several retail locations that sell this brand.

Find out where to go in person on the PranaSleep store locator page. Some of these retailers, like Jordan’s Furniture and City Mattress, also sell online.

PranaSleep has five different mattress lines. However, it’s a little hard to determine what really differentiates them based on the information provided online and the taglines PranaSleep offers.

Here’s a breakdown of the taglines:

  • PranaSleep: “an ultra luxurious blend of comfort and support.”
  • Karma: “superior raw materials balanced with innerspring comfort.”
  • Om: “restorative bliss enhanced by the finest natural textiles and materials.”
  • Organics: “live closer to nature on a bed of organic and natural materials.”
  • Lotus: “the ultimate choice for affordable relaxation.”

Given the lack of information, the best way to choose one of these mattresses may be to test out several models in a store, if you can.

Otherwise, you may want to choose based on the materials, type, firmness level, height, and price.

Materials and type

All PranaSleep models are mainly made from natural latex and other foams. While mattresses in the Karma collection have the addition of springs, all other collections are foam only.

The Om line is similar to the Organics line, but Om mattresses have a quilted top made of silk, wool, and polyurethane foam. Mattresses in the Organics line have an organic cotton top with no polyurethane foam.


There’s some variation in terms of firmness. Some models, like the Karma Peace Mattress, give you the choice of several firmness options, while others are available in only one variation.


PranaSleep mattresses range in height from 9 to over 15 inches. Generally speaking, the more plush mattresses are thicker, while the firmer mattresses are thinner.


The Lotus line features, on average, the least expensive mattresses. But the most inexpensive mattress overall belongs to the Karma line.

The Om and Organics lines are the most expensive.

PranaSleep doesn’t have a Better Business Bureau rating. We also couldn’t find any recent or pending lawsuits involving PranaSleep. Additionally, they’ve seemingly had no product recalls.

It’s tough to evaluate customer perception of the brand since there are so few reviews to pull from. Judging solely by the reviews on the website, people seem happy about their PranaSleep purchases.

We also looked at reviews from other online retailers that sell PranaSleep mattresses, like Jordan’s Furniture and City Mattress. Again, reviews are mostly positive, though some of these reviews have to do with the customer service from the stores themselves.

PranaSleep offers free shipping within the United States. The mattresses aren’t shipped compressed like some bed-in-a-box mattresses are.

While PranaSleep offers white-glove delivery, they aren’t currently hauling away old mattresses. If you buy from PranaSleep, you’ll have to make other arrangements to recycle or dispose of your old mattress.

If you purchase directly from PranaSleep, you’ll get a 90-day trial. You’ll have to sleep on the mattress for at least 60 days, but after that, you can exchange it for a different model. You’ll be responsible for the shipping, both to send your original mattress back and to get a new mattress sent out to you.

The brand does not offer refunds.

If you buy a PranaSleep mattress at a store, the store will likely have their own return policy.

The company does have a warranty policy that you can read about in detail here. The warranty period varies depending on the model you buy. Every mattress comes with a 10-year warranty in which you won’t be charged for a replacement or repair. However, the limited warranty period varies.

PranaSleep has an enticing lineup of mattresses. The appealing photos of luxurious mattresses are sure to make buyers curious.

However, it’s tough to find a lot of detailed information on each model. And, since PranaSleep only allows exchanges but not returns, it may be risky to buy online. If you can, you may want to head to a store to try out one of these mattresses before you buy.

Steph Coelho is a freelance writer with chronic migraine who has a particular interest in health and wellness. When she’s not click-clacking away on her keyboard, she’s probably nose-deep in a good book.