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Finding a high quality mattress on a budget can seem like an impossible task. With so many brands online, sorting through the wide range of options for a trustworthy one can be a pain in the neck.

To make your job easier, we combed the internet and found one of the best brands for your buck. Lucid has some of the highest rated mattresses on the market, with most being under $600.

While Lucid may not be right if you’re in search of a luxury mattress, their products include affordable memory foam and hybrid mattresses. The Lucid website also offers a helpful guide for the novice mattress shopper to help you find the best fit.

Lucid is a budget-friendly online mattress company with a pretty big range of sleep products. In addition to memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses, Lucid also sells mattress toppers, adjustable and platform bases, pillows, and bedding, all at a really competitive price.

You can find Lucid products on Amazon, which also ups the convenience factor.

The company started manufacturing mattresses in 2010 and has earned a reputation for good mattresses at a great price.

Before digging into some of Lucid’s most popular mattresses, here are some pros and cons about their mattress line.


  • Low price. With most mattresses coming in under $600, the price and quality make this brand a great option for budget-conscious shoppers.
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam. All foams used in Lucid mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they are free of harmful chemicals.
  • Free and easy delivery. Lucid offers free shipping, and all mattresses are compressed and shipped in a large box, making the move-in process relatively simple.
  • Solid warranty. Lucid customers are guaranteed a 10-year warranty.
  • RV model sizing. Lucid offers RV-specific sizing, great for someone looking for a comfortable and low-cost travel mattress.


  • Firmness. Because most Lucid mattresses are made of memory foam, they’re not ideal for people looking for an extra-firm mattress.
  • Temperature. Memory foam mattresses tend to sleep hot, so those who need a cooler temperature when sleeping may want to look for a mattress material better known for cooling.
  • No extended in-home trial period. Lucid only offers free returns within 30 days of purchase, unless you purchase your mattress from a third-party retailer that offers a different in-home trial period (like Wayfair).
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Affordability is a big plus for Lucid mattresses, so they’re worth exploring if you’re shopping for a new mattress on a tight budget.

You might be surprised at how far your money goes since Lucid mattresses are made with CertiPUR-US certified foams, are available in a variety of materials, heights, and firmnesses, and include a 10-year warranty.

Lucid offers hybrid, latex, and gel-infused memory foam mattresses, which means there’s very likely an option that suits your sleeping habits and preferences.

If you tend to sleep warm, for example, a latex hybrid could be a good option. Latex is a temperature-neutral material that helps you stay comfortable while you snooze.

The company’s memory foam mattresses are gel-infused for greater breathability, with the supportive and cradling support that is this material’s trademark.

Many mattresses are available in firm, medium, and plush, so you can find the right firmness for your sleeping position.

Lucid mattresses tend to be budget-friendly and cost less than many other brands.

To help guide you as you read through each product description, we created the following price guide using a queen-size mattress for comparison:

  • $ = under $200
  • $$ = $200–$400
  • $$$ = over $400

Lucid offers mattresses of varying firmness, thickness, and materials, so you’ll want to understand what your needs are when it comes to comfort level and space.

All of Lucid’s beds, aside from the 8-inch memory foam, are made with a breathable top layer of lyocell and polyester.

5-Inch Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress

  • Price: $
  • Type: gel memory foam
  • Height: 5 inches
  • Good for: side sleepers

The 5-Inch Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a plush mattress designed specifically for children.

While the mattress is available in sizes ranging from twin to king, the short height and plushness are designed for people of a smaller size. The thin design also makes it a good option for bunk and trundle beds.

This bed is one of Lucid’s simpler designs and is made up of a 1-inch layer of gel-infused memory foam and 4 inches of bamboo charcoal-infused foam, which has hypoallergenic properties that are supposed to keep the mattress smelling fresh.

Gel memory foam is more breathable and traps less heat than traditional memory foam, making it a good option for people who need a mattress with temperature regulation.

This mattress is highly rated by customers, who describe it as being very comfortable, long lasting, and great for kids. Customers are also happy with how quickly it expands after unboxing.

Buy the 5-Inch Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress online.

12-Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

  • Price: $$$
  • Type: hybrid with latex foam
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Good for: back, stomach, and combination sleepers

The 12-Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress offers more support and firmness than the brand’s memory foam mattresses. It’s designed as a better fit for those in larger bodies, as well as with back and stomach sleepers.

The latex in the mattress claims to provide more bounce, breathability, and durability, though it makes it more expensive than some of Lucid’s other offerings. Below the latex foam, the mattress has individually encased coils to provide extra support and durability.

This is one of the thickest mattresses that Lucid offers, and it offers more support for those who tend to feel like they’re sinking too low into thinner mattresses.

Reviewers rate the mattress high in comfort and quality, and many confirm that it’s great for those in larger bodies. Many also comment positively on the extra cushioning that the latex layer provides.

Buy the 12-Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress online.

10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

  • Price: $$
  • Type: gel memory foam
  • Height: 10 inches
  • Good for: side sleepers

The 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is one of Lucid’s highest-rated mattresses.

The mattress has a top layer of gel-infused memory foam and a second layer of high density foam, which together provide temperature regulation and a medium-firm feel.

While not a hybrid, the high density foam provides support for those who prefer a firm bed. The 10-inch height is also designed for those who need more support.

Reviewers say that the mattress firmness was a true medium, right in between plush and firm. However, some customers report that the edges appear to be stiffer than the rest of the mattress. Other reviewers say that while the bed isn’t plush, it does form to their body similar to traditional memory foam.

Buy the 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress online.

10-Inch Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Hybrid Mattress

  • Price: $$
  • Type: hybrid
  • Height: 10 inches
  • Good for: side sleepers

The 10-Inch Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Hybrid Mattress is marketed as “a luxury mattress at an affordable price.”

The height and hybrid design are designed to provide more support. The top layer of bamboo charcoal memory foam is supposed to be odor-reducing, moisture wicking, and cooling. The second layer of aloe vera-infused foam is designed to add freshness and create a more luxurious feel.

The brand says the mattress is medium-plush, but reviewers say that the mattress is firmer than described.

Side sleepers review this mattress highly and say it provides both comfort and support. However, while the mattress is said to have a cooling effect from the bamboo charcoal memory foam, some reviewers say the bed is too hot.

Buy the 10-Inch Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Hybrid Mattress online.

14-Inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress

  • Price: $$$
  • Type: memory foam
  • Height: 14 inches
  • Good for: side sleepers

Aside from Lucid’s 16-inch mattress, the 14-Inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress is the thickest of all the brand’s products.

The bed has four layers of foam: a top layer of memory foam, a gel-infused foam for temperature regulation, 3 inches of transition foam, and another 7 inches of bamboo charcoal-infused foam at its base for extra support.

Lucid’s firmness scale is the opposite of most mattress companies, with 1 being the firmest and 5 being the plushest. This mattress is rated as a 5 out of 5 on their firmness scale, which means it’s very plush and made for side sleepers.

Reviewers say that the mattress was delivered quickly and is firmer than expected. Many also said it was comparable in comfort to previously owned Tempur-Pedic mattresses.

Buy the 14-Inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress online.

While you can buy most mattresses directly through Lucid, many customers opt to purchase on Amazon, and Lucid actually links to Amazon on their website.

Lucid mattresses are also available online through Wayfair, Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, and more.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to purchasing a mattress. Your best sleep depends on multiple factors, including your sleeping style, firmness needs, body type, and space constraints.

Lucid has a wide range of mattresses that cater to specific needs. Here are factors to keep in mind when making your purchase:

Mattress type

Lucid has two types of mattresses: foam and hybrid. When choosing a mattress type, take into consideration your body’s needs and your desired level of comfort.

Foam mattresses tend to work best for those with smaller bodies who want a softer feel and pressure relief.

Hybrid mattresses contain both springs and foam layers, offering greater levels of support. Hybrids are recommended for back sleepers, as well as individuals with larger bodies. While hybrid mattresses tend to be more expensive, they’re also typically more durable than all-foam mattresses.


Before purchasing a mattress, make sure you know your preferred sleeping position, as that usually determines your ideal firmness.

Side sleepers usually prefer softer mattresses with pressure relieving qualities, since side sleepers put a lot of weight on their shoulders and hips.

Back and stomach sleepers often prefer firmer mattresses because they tend to provide better support and help keep your spine aligned.

Combination sleepers who move around while sleeping do well with more responsive hybrid and latex foam mattresses.

Choosing mattress firmness intentionally is especially important for individuals with back pain. Research shows that medium-firm mattresses increase sleep quality and reduce pain for individuals with back pain.


Lucid offers various levels of thickness for each type of mattress, with heights ranging from 5 to 16 inches. Choosing mattress thickness is most dependent on body type and size constraints.

Thicker mattresses tend to provide more support. According to The Better Sleep Council, individuals with a BMI over 25 should consider looking for a mattress between 6 and 16 inches. Typically, those with larger bodies should choose thicker mattresses to ensure adequate support.

The size of your bed frame factors into mattress thickness, too. If you’re purchasing a mattress for a bunk or trundle bed, look for mattresses thinner than 6 inches.


Lucid mattresses are made from various materials that influence temperature regulation, support, smell, and more.

Memory foam is soft and pressure relieving, though it can make the mattress feel hot. Mattresses made with gel memory foam have a cooling effect, which is good for people who enjoy the feel of memory foam but tend to sleep hot.

Some of Lucid’s pricier mattresses are made with latex, which is bouncy, breathable, and durable, and bamboo charcoal, which is supposed to be odor reducing and moisture wicking.

Lucid has a solid company reputation according to the following criteria:

  • Lucid has a Better Business Bureau rating of B.
  • Lucid has no lawsuits relating to business practices within the past 3 years.

The company has recalled a product within the past 3 years due to a fire hazard safety issue found in their Folding Mattress Sofa. Luckily, no injuries were reported.

Lucid also isn’t super transparent about where their products are made. With some digging and a closer look at the company’s recent recall, you’ll find that the company’s products are made in China.

It’s also tough to find information about whether the company meets federal flammability standards. Wayfair product listings usually include this information and Lucid products are listed as being compliant.

Lucid does provide information about what kinds of foams they uses in their products, with many being CertiPUR-US certified.

Reviewers overall rate Lucid’s customer service positively and say that they were contacted by Lucid after voicing issues online.

Most Better Business Bureau complaints focused on customer service problems and issues with third-party retailers. If you do choose to purchase from a third-party retailer and experience issues with your mattress, make sure to reach out directly to Lucid to get the problem solved.

Lucid mattresses arrive compressed and rolled up in a box. After unrolling the mattress, it usually takes between 24 and 48 hours for it to fully decompress.

It’s common for mattresses to have an unpleasant smell when they first arrive. This is called off-gassing and it’s usually due to flame retardants or specific chemicals used to make memory foam.

Off-gassing tends to dissipate within a few days and few reviewers identify extended off-gassing or overwhelming smell.

Lucid provides free returns and a 10-year warranty for all products. The warranty only applies to products purchased in the United States.

Lucid doesn’t have the same type of extended trial period offered by many mattress companies, but they do have a 30-day return window for their mattresses. To return, you should contact customer service and have a copy of your receipt and order ID number.

To file a warranty claim, customers go through the same process as returns, though Lucid may also ask you to send photos of your product.

CompanySizesMaterialsWarrantyReturn policyShipping
Lucidtwin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, short queen, king, Cal kingfoam, hybrid10 years30 daysfree
Caspertwin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal kingfoam, hybrid10 years100 nightsfree
Purpletwin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, split kingfoam, hybrid10 years100 nightsfree
Tuft & Needletwin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal kingfoam, hybrid10 years100 nightsfree
Nectartwin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, split kingfoamforever365 nightsfree
Leesatwin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal kingfoam, hybrid10 years100 nightsfree

Are Lucid mattresses good for back pain?

Some of Lucid’s mattresses might be a good choice for back pain. In general, medium-firm mattresses are the best option if you’re dealing with back pain.

Lucid sells both hybrid and memory foam mattresses in medium firmness.

Are Lucid mattresses toxic?

Lucid isn’t overly transparent about where their mattresses are made, but their memory foam is CertiPUR-US certified. That means it’s free of harmful chemicals.

Still, be prepared for what’s known as off-gassing after you unbox your mattress. You may notice an unpleasant smell that lingers anywhere from 1 to 4 days. The smell comes from the flame retardants or chemicals used to make memory foam.

Can you flip a Lucid mattress?

No. According to the brand, Lucid mattresses should be rotated 180 degrees periodically, but they’re not designed to be flipped over.

How long does a Lucid mattress last?

Lucid mattresses come with a 10-year warranty. Experts recommend replacing mattresses every 8 years.

Considering its construction, it’s probably safe to assume your Lucid mattress will last somewhere between 5 and 10 years, depending on your body type and weight, and whether you sleep alone.

Where are Lucid mattresses made?

Lucid isn’t terribly upfront about where their mattresses are made. However, after researching and taking a close look at the company’s recent recall, we found that the company’s products are designed in the United States and made in China.

Lucid mattress may be an option if you’re looking for a quality mattress for a low price. The company’s foam and hybrid mattresses come in a variety of firmness, thickness, material, and size options, providing a range of budget-friendly options for online shoppers.

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