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The Leesa bedding brand was established in 2015 by David Wolfe and Jamie Diamonstein.

Leesa currently has four mattresses available:

The Leesa line offers a range of mattress sizes, thicknesses, and price points.

We reviewed customer comments and interviewed experts, including a licensed chiropractor, a certified sleep science coach, and a clinical sleep educator.

Below are advantages and considerations attached to each of Leesa’s four mattresses, and some helpful tips for bed-in-box mattresses to keep in mind.

Leesa mattresses fall at each price point on the market, from a budget-friendly option to a luxury mattress.

To keep things simple, the prices reflected in our review are for queen-size mattresses:

  • $ = under $1,000
  • $$ = $1,000–$1,500
  • $$$ = over $1,500

About Leesa mattress materials

Leesa mattresses have CertiPUR-US certified foam, meaning that all foams used in the mattresses are made without formaldehyde, ozone depleters, and heavy metals.

All Leesa products (including mattresses, foundations, and pillows) are also assembled in the United States, and made with domestic and imported parts.

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Leesa Hybrid Mattress

  • Price: $$$
  • Good for: Combination sleepers, couples, sleepers looking for support

The Leesa Hybrid Mattress uses spring coils and foam intended to provide contouring, bounce, and more give than an all-foam design.

Certified sleep science coach Laura Bates suggests that this mattress may be beneficial for coupled sleepers and those living with back pain since the mattress offers a combination of support and contouring.

“This mattress doesn’t restrict movement and would be ideal for combo sleepers (also makes a good mattress for sex),” she says. “It also has sturdy edges and offers more sleeping space, which is another added bonus for couples.”

Additionally, Minnesota-based chiropractor Dr. Scott Schreiber says the Leesa Hybrid offers the best of both worlds by incorporating coils and foam.

“This is my personal mattress choice,” Schreiber explains. “The hybrid design retains less heat and will give you both the contouring benefits of a foam with the support of a traditional spring mattress.”


Since this mattress is quite bulky and heavy, Bates warns that it might not be the best solution for someone who moves homes frequently.

Since the mattress has a slight bounce, it may not be stiff enough for strict stomach sleepers and restless sleepers who are worried they may disturb their partner at night.

Leesa Original Mattress

  • Price: $$
  • Good for: Side, back, and combination sleepers

The Leesa Original mattress is an all-foam mattress.

According to Bates, this mattress offers a generous “hug,” molding to the sleeper’s body, as well as support that aids sleepers in fast relaxation.

Side, back, and combination sleepers may all find this mattress ideal as it doesn’t restrict movement. (Think: sinking so deeply into something that you have trouble getting out of it.)

Pricing is another advantage attached to this mattress.

“People who are seeking great value for money would benefit from using Leesa mattresses,” Bates tells Healthline. “The company uses quality materials and makes sturdy mattresses that don’t cost that much.”


Foam mattresses tend to sleep hot, especially for people with higher body weight who may sink deeper into the foam, according to Bates.

Similarly, if you’re looking for a mattress that offers support, clinical sleep educator Amy Korn-Reavis says this might not be the mattress for you, as the foam mattress material is on the thinner side.

“The Leesa Original Mattress is the least supportive mattress from the brand,” Korn-Reavis explains. “It is light and will be good if you move frequently or for a guest room, but it is thinner and will not last as long or give as much support to someone who needs it. It will also need a sturdy base under it.”

Leesa Legend Mattress

  • Price: $$$
  • Good for: People who need more support

The Leesa Legend Mattress utilizes two layers of springs: an edge-to-edge support layer of coils and a layer with microcoils for targeted hip and shoulder support. It also includes a cotton-wool mattress cover.

“The Leesa Legend takes advantage of natural materials in its cover, so what is closest to your skin is quality,” Korn-Reavis says. “It also has extra support with extra coils where you have the most pressure, making it good for people who need more support. People with joint issues and back issues may find this to give better support.”

Because this mattress also has a slightly firmer feel than the previously mentioned models, Bates adds that it would work for a wider range of sleepers, including those with higher body weight who may need more reliable support.


The design of the support in this mattress means it may not be suitable enough for strict stomach sleepers, Bates explains.

This mattress hits the luxury category with its steep price tag.

Studio by Leesa

  • Price: $
  • Good for: Bargain shoppers and couples

The Studio by Leesa offers three layers of foam: a layer of memory foam made of breathable, responsive materials; a middle layer intended for pressure relief; and a core layer designed for support and durability.

Aside from a very reasonable price point that will attract many shoppers, Bates says the mattress’s classic memory foam works great for sleepers who enjoy a generous hug.

She adds that since this mattress provides great motion-isolating properties, it’s suitable for partnered sleepers who want zero nighttime disturbances.


Like the Leesa Original Mattress, Korn-Reavis says this mattress offers the least amount of support.

With this in mind, Bates adds that this mattress may not the best for sex, as the mattress lacks springiness. The same qualities that make it nice to sink into for sleep may restrict movement during other activities.

Like other bed-in-a-box mattresses, each Leesa mattress is compressed and shipped right to your front door.

Leesa mattresses are made to order, so customers can expect to wait a bit since the product doesn’t sit in a warehouse. Similarly, because of COVID-19-related delays, customers may wait up to 2 weeks to receive their mattress.

At the same time, Leesa does aim to keep customers in the know, providing tracking details (via email) as soon as any mattress leaves the building.

Setting up Leesa mattresses yourself is pretty straightforward. The company suggests it can be done in three easy-to-follow steps.

If you add in-home delivery to your order, be advised that once your mattress makes it to one of the in-home delivery partners, expect to allow up to 7 business days to schedule and complete your mattress setup.

Every Leesa mattress comes with a 100-night trial when bought directly from Leesa.com.

At the same time, customers are required to try the mattress for at least 30 nights (which starts the day it arrives at your home).

If customers aren’t satisfied after 30 nights, they can begin to start the return process, which includes a pickup from your home and a refund of your purchase.

Be aware that the 100-night trial and free return only applies to one Leesa mattress purchase (one mattress per household or shipping/billing address).

If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, there’s a $100 fee for mattress returns.

Leesa Sleep LLC is an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau since August 2019. It has received an A+ rating.

Leesa has been recognized for its charitable business model, which donates one mattress to a family in need for every 10 mattresses sold.

Customer reviews snapshot

Positive customer reviews, including those on Trustpilot, laud the comfort of the mattress, easy setup, and affordable pricing.

Negative reviews express concern surrounding the company’s customer service and returns, and the loss of firmness of the mattresses after some time.

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Schreiber stresses the importance of doing your research, pointing out there are some knockoff mattress brands made from inferior-quality products that break down quickly.

In this case, your best bet may be carefully choosing where you buy from.

Try different mattress types in person

Whether you end up buying online or in person, trying some different mattresses yourself in a department store or showroom can help you narrow things down.

Some materials retain body heat more than others

You may want to consider how breathable the materials are, Bates says, as latex and other foams retain heat, meaning they may disrupt your sleep at night.

Test a mattress for more than 15 minutes

“If you can, lay on several mattresses for a period of time (longer than 15 minutes) in a variety of your sleeping positions, and see if you have any discomfort,” Schreiber suggests.

“If you do, it may get worse over time, making that particular mattress not the best match for your needs,” he says. “Make sure to take your time and think of it as an investment, as your health depends on it.”

Leesa offers a focused line of mattresses that satisfy most budgets.

No matter what mattress you get or where you buy from, make sure the return policy is concrete.

Take advantage of any trial period, as it allows your body time to adjust to the mattress and discover which one is best suited for your needs.