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Full extra-large (XL) mattresses have the length of a standard queen and the width of a full. The best XL full mattresses may vary based on your specific needs and price point.

One of the challenges of finding a good mattress is finding the right size for your space. If you’re tall and considering a full mattress, a full extra-long (XL) might be a better choice.

A full XL mattress is the same width as a full mattress, but it’s slightly longer. It’s only 6 inches narrower than a queen, so it’s probably not spacious enough for you and a partner.

Two people can share a full XL, but it will be a tight fit if you’re used to a queen or king. The full XL mattress size may work best for people who do not sleep with a partner.

In choosing our top picks, here’s what we considered:

  • In-home trials: We prioritized brands that offer generous trial periods whenever possible since the best way to really test a mattress is to sleep on it.
  • Return policies: We checked for policies that make it easy to return a mattress if it’s just not a good fit.
  • Warranties: We looked for mattresses that come with reasonable warranties for peace of mind.
  • Company reputation and transparency: All the mattresses on our list come from companies with positive reputations and transparent business practices.
  • Customer reviews: We reviewed feedback from customers to see how these mattresses really perform. While opinions on mattress comfort will vary, it’s still helpful to see what others think.
  • Safety: All the mattresses on our list meet federal flammability requirements.

Pricing guide

Prices for a full XL mattress vary depending on the material and manufacturer.

  • $ = under $550
  • $$ = $550–$1,000
  • $$$ = over $1,000

Best cooling full XL mattress

Dreamfoam by Brooklyn Bedding Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel Hybrid Mattress

  • Price: $$
  • Type: hybrid
  • Height: 10 in.

This mattress is designed to offer cooling relief on contact. It’s available as a hybrid mattress with individually encased coils for superior pressure point relief.

The mattress has a medium firmness, and it comes with a 10-year warranty. Dreamfoam offers a 120-night trial, so you can see if this mattress is right for you.

Buy the Dreamfoam by Brooklyn Bedding Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel Hybrid Mattress online.

Best full XL mattress for side sleepers

Dreamfoam Essential by Brooklyn Bedding Memory Foam Mattress

  • Price: $
  • Type: memory foam
  • Height: 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14 in.

This mattress comes in several height options. The 12- and 14-inch models are especially good for side sleepers, as well as anyone else who likes a soft sleep surface.

Both of the deeper mattresses are made with three layers of foam, including a 3-inch top layer of cooling gel foam. Brooklyn Bedding also says that the mattress is made with open-cell foam, which allows more airflow. More airflow may equal a cooler sleep experience.

It also comes with a 120-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty.

Buy the Dreamfoam Essential by Brooklyn Bedding Memory Foam Mattress online.

Most luxurious full XL mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite

  • Price: $$$
  • Type: hybrid
  • Height: 14 in.

Brooklyn Bedding is one of very few mattress companies selling full XL sizes, so it made our list for a third time — and with good reason! The company calls the Sedona Elite their most luxurious.

It’s designed for that premium hotel feel, with a blend of cooling copper-infused memory foam and a dual coil system for stability and support. A layer of micro-coils adds pressure relief, motion isolation, and comfort.

The Sedona Elite is a good option for a wide range of sleepers and has a medium feel. It’s also very well-reviewed, with over 180 reviews giving it five stars. Happy sleepers call it very comfortable, with great motion isolation and cooling properties.

The mattress comes with a 120-night trial and a 10-year warranty.

Buy the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite online.

Best eco-friendly full XL mattress

My Green Mattress Natural Escape

  • Price: $$$
  • Type: hybrid
  • Height: 11 in.

The Natural Escape mattress from My Green Mattress is made with Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)-certified organic Dunlop latex, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified organic cotton and wool, and sturdy innersprings. It’s a good combination for lumbar support, pressure point relief, and spinal alignment in any sleep position.

With a medium-firm feel, this mattress is recommended for all body types. Latex is naturally buoyant and temperature neutral for cooler, more comfortable sleep.

Over 750 reviewers rave about the eco-friendly materials, comfort, and support of the Green Escape mattress.

The mattress has a 120-night sleep trial and a 20-year limited warranty.

Buy the My Green Mattress Natural Escape online.

Mattress NamePriceTypeHeightBest for
Dreamfoam by Brooklyn Bedding Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel Hybrid Mattress$$hybrid10 in.back and stomach sleepers
Dreamfoam Essential by Brooklyn Bedding Memory Foam Mattress$memory foam6, 8, 10, 12, or 14 in.side and combination sleepers
My Green Mattress Natural Escape$$$hybrid11 in.all sleep positions
Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite$$$hybrid14 in.all sleep positions

Full XL mattresses come in a range of comfort levels from plush to firm, and some full XL mattresses feature temperature control if you tend to sleep hot. All these considerations should weigh into your choice of mattress.

This mattress size shares the 54-inch width of a standard full mattress, but it has the 80-inch length of a standard queen. That means there’s an extra 5 in. of legroom.

Full XL mattresses can be found in many of the same options as more traditional mattress sizes.

Memory foam

Another thing to keep in mind is that memory foam mattresses typically have an “off-gassing” smell when they’re brand new. This may bother people who are sensitive to smells, but it’ll fade after a few days.

Latex foam

Latex foam mattresses can be made either from natural or synthetic latex. Natural latex is an eco-friendly option.

While latex shares the same pressure-relieving properties as memory foam, it’s usually springier and doesn’t have the “sinking in” feeling that some memory foam picks do.


Innerspring mattresses are an older style of mattress. They’re made with steel coils and springs as the main structural component. They also have some padding on top, though this is generally fairly thin.


Hybrid mattresses offer a mix of cushioning foam and supportive springs. They’re a popular style that provides the best of both worlds.

Still, they don’t have as much motion isolation as memory foam.

Shopping for a mattress can be challenging since it’s such a personal — and in many instances expensive — purchase. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Preferred sleeping position

It’s important to choose a mattress that will accommodate your preferred sleeping position. If you’re predominately a back or stomach sleeper, a firm mattress will provide the right support. Softer mattresses are suitable for side sleepers.

Bed-in-a-box vs. traditional

Full XL mattresses often fall into the bed-in-a-box category. Most of them are compressed and shipped in a compact box. You’ll need to give the mattress time to expand to its full XL size.

Still, you can find some full XL mattresses that don’t ship compressed. In this case, the company you buy from will typically deliver and set up your mattress, and they may also haul away your old one.

No matter which route you choose, be sure to purchase from a company that allows a free sleep trial. That way, you can make sure the mattress works for you before you commit to buying it.

Sleep accessories

Keep in mind that as a nontraditional size, a full XL mattress will need a special bed frame and sheets. You won’t be able to use traditional full sheets and frames.

How big is a full XL mattress? Is an XL twin the same as a full?

A full XL mattress is 54 in. wide by 80 in. long. That’s 5 in. longer than a regular full mattress, which is 54 in. by 75 in.

Who are full XL mattresses best suited for?

Full XL mattresses are good for tall sleepers who need a little extra room. They usually work well for single sleepers, as well as petite sleepers who sleep with a partner.

Will full sheets and mattress pads fit a full XL mattress?

No, full sheets and mattress pads will not fit a full XL mattress. So if you opt for a full XL mattress, you’ll need to buy special sheets and mattress pads designed to accommodate the extra length.

Who is a full XL mattress best for?

Full XL mattresses are great space savers if you live in a small apartment and don’t need a wide bed but are tall (up to 6 feet) and need the extra length.

With so many sizes and options, finding the right mattress can be intimidating. But there may be advantages to investigating nontraditional mattress sizes like the full XL.

If extra length is particularly appealing and you are not planning on sharing your bed, a full XL may be right for you.

Remember to make your purchase from a reputable manufacturer and check the warranty and return policy before you buy.

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