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Drifting peacefully off to sleep isn’t always easy. Stress and anxiety can leave your mind racing and your body unable to relax. But a weighted blanket may be able to help.

Research suggests that weighted blankets may help people who experience insomnia due to the following:

Some believe that using a weighted blanket can mimic deep pressure stimulation, which may reduce pain and anxiety. However, a systematic review from 2020 concludes that more research is needed before mental health professionals can definitively recommend this tool in clinical practice.

How does the BlanQuil Premium Weighted Blanket perform? Below, we take a closer look at the product and outline the company’s reputation and policies.

BlanQuil sells several weighed blankets. For this review, we’re focusing on the BlanQuil Premium Weighted Blanket.


  • Soft feel. The soft cover material is designed to be luxurious and comfortable against the skin.
  • Available in multiple weights. You can choose from three weights to accommodate your needs. Someone who prefers more pressure may opt for the heaviest 25-pound option.
  • Multiple colors. The quilted blanket comes in various colorways, so you can easily match it with your decor.
  • Removable cover. The protective cover comes off and is easy to clean. You can also remove it to lighten the blanket in warmer weather.
  • 60-night trial. You can try the blanket out and return it if it doesn’t meet your needs.


  • Only one size. The blanket only comes in one size, 48 by 74 inches. If you have a large bed, it won’t cover it from edge to edge.
  • Expensive. It’s a pricey purchase, and the limited sizing means it might not replace your regular duvet.

The BlanQuil Premium Weighted Blanket costs $199 regardless of the weight or color you pick. It’s available in three different weights: 15, 20, and 25 pounds.

Color options include Grey, Taupe, Charcoal, Navy, Pearl, and Lilac. It’s only available in one size: 48 by 74 inches.

Additionally, BlanQuil offers discounts for first responders, military members, and healthcare workers.

The BlanQuil Premium Weighted Blanket features a removable, machine-washable microplush cover. Inside, there are weighted glass beads. The blanket is sewn to ensure the beads fall evenly and don’t bunch up in one area.

Reviews for the blanket are almost universally positive. People love the luxurious feel of the soft, heavy blanket. Several reviewers say the blanket helps them sleep better and improved their insomnia.

Most negative reviews have to do with the blanket’s sizing. It’s big enough to almost cover a twin-size bed from edge to edge.

But, if you sleep with a partner, one of you is out of luck. BlanQuil recommends buying two blankets if you sleep in a queen or king bed with another person.

Additionally, tall people will have trouble getting full-body coverage with the blanket.

It’s also not ideal for hot sleepers. The combination of the blanket material and weight tends to trap heat — however, BlanQuil does offer the Chill Weighted Blanket for those who sleep hot.

The BlanQuil Premium Weighted Blanket is about on par with other luxury weighted blankets in terms of construction. However, it’s slightly less expensive than similar models on the market. The biggest drawback is that it’s only available in a single small size.

Buy the BlanQuil Premium Weighted Blanket online.

You can buy the BlanQuil Premium Weighted Blanket on the company website. The blanket sometimes goes on sale, and financing is available through Affirm for those who qualify.

It’s also available at several other retail sites like:

Caring for your BlanQuil Premium Weighted Blanket involves removing the cover and cleaning it in the washing machine. The company recommends washing it in cold water and drying on a low heat setting.

They say to spot clean the weighted portion of the blanket and to never put it in the dryer.

BlanQuil sells several other weighted blankets, including:

BlanQuil seems to have a good reputation. They’re a relatively new company, so they don’t yet have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating or accreditation.

There are a handful of customer complaints on the BBB site. The company has answered them all.

There aren’t any pending or recent lawsuits involving BlanQuil. We also didn’t find any safety recalls.

Customers seem happy with BlanQuil’s customer service. Among the few complaints on the BBB site, some had to do with slow shipping. But that’s largely out of BlanQuil’s hands once the package is with the shipping partner.

In general, most people seem happy with their purchase.

You can try out the blanket at home for 60 nights. If you decide it’s not right for you during this time period, you can send it back for free in its original packaging.

BlanQuil also lets you exchange damaged products, as long as you let them know within 30 days of receiving your blanket. The blankets do not come with a warranty.

To initiate a return, you need to email the customer service team. You can find more details about the returns process on the Returns and Refunds Policy page.

A weighted blanket might be your ticket to deep, restful sleep. Sleeping under a mass of weighted beads doesn’t work for everyone. But, if you opt for BlanQuil, you have 60 nights to figure out if it’s right for you.

The company is still young, but overwhelmingly positive reviews suggest a happy customer base.

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