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When it comes to sleeping in an RV, finding a comfortable mattress can mean the difference between a restful night and one spent tossing and turning in a too-tight space.

Most RV’s come equipped with a thin mattress, and if you’re spending a significant amount of time sleeping in your RV, you’ll likely want to get a new mattress that makes you feel more at home. Luckily, living on the road does not require sacrificing comfort.

We scoured the internet to find the best RV mattresses available to fit your every need. Read on to find a full list of options for the road tripper.

  • Made for RVs. RV mattresses come in both RV-specific sizes, like short queens, and standard mattress sizes. Because the mattress size depends on the RV, we provided a range of sizes, along with companies that provide custom sizing. We took all of these elements into mind, along with the all-important comfort factor.
  • Customer reviews. When it comes to buying a mattress online, customer reviews almost always make or break a purchase. We chose mattresses with at least 70 percent 5-star reviews. Along with stars, we dug into reviews to understand the pros and cons of each mattress.
  • Company reputation and transparency. We only recommend products from brands that have good reputations, create high-quality products, and engage in ethical and transparent business practices. Each company goes through a strict vetting process that includes flammability standards, certifications, and Better Business Bureau ratings.
  • Company policies. All of our picks come with at least 10-year warranties, which can help give you some peace of mind as you make your decision.

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $200
  • $$ = $200–$500
  • $$$ = $500–$1000
  • $$$$ = $1000–$1500

Best queen RV mattress

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

  • Price: $$$
  • Mattress type: Memory foam
  • Mattress height: 11 inches

While not specifically made for RVs, The Nectar Memory Foam queen-size mattress is one of the highest-rated mattresses on the market. Because most regular queen mattresses correspond with a queen-size space in an RV, you can more than likely buy a regular queen without issue (though make sure you measure your space).

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress is made up of five layers, with a top layer made with breathable Tencel fibers that help provide a cooling effect. The memory foam layer is supposed to support proper spinal alignment, and the mattress was designed to minimize minimal motion transfer, which means you can move around without waking your partner.

Overall, reviewers express high satisfaction with the Nectar mattress, praising the comfort level and claiming that it improved the quality of their sleep. Even more, Nectar is so confident in the quality of this mattress that they provide a 365-day trial and lifetime warranty.

Buy The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress online.

Best short queen RV mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Brooklyn Wanderlust Memory Foam

  • Price: $$
  • Mattress type: Memory foam
  • Mattress height: 10 inches

The Brooklyn Wanderlust Memory Foam mattress comes in a wide variety of RV sizes and provides cooling comfort with gel memory foam. This mattress has a variety of height options ranging from 6 to 14 inches that correspond with mattress firmness, 6 being firm and 14 being soft-medium.

This mattress is designed with multiple foam layers, including a stain-resistant top layer of fabric. Reviewers rank the Brooklyn Wanderlust high in both comfort and quality and say the mattress is an excellent fit for an RV. However, pay close attention to the mattress height that you order to assure you choose your ideal firmness.

The mattress comes with a 120-night risk-free trial and 10-year warranty, so you can try it out and decide for yourself.

Buy the Brooklyn Bedding Brooklyn Wanderlust Memory Foam Mattress online.

Best king RV mattress

PlushBeds 8-Inch Deluxe Memory Foam RV Mattress

  • Price: $$$
  • Mattress type: Memory foam
  • Mattress height: 8 inches

The PlushBeds Deluxe Memory Foam RV mattress is a mattress that will make any RV feel more luxurious. PlushBeds is committed to environmental sustainability safety, and all their mattresses are Greenguard Gold Certified, meaning they’re certified to meet the world’s most rigorous chemical emissions standards and are free from over 10,000 harmful chemicals. The rating makes them a good option for people with any sensitivities.

The mattress is made of memory foam and PushBeds’ proprietary foam, a formula the company says is three times as dense as regular foam and provides serious comfort, along with shock absorption from movement. The mattress also has a bamboo zippered cover. The luxuriousness of this mattress is fit for a king, making it an excellent option for the RV owner with more space for a large mattress.

This mattress is highly rated, with no rating lower than 4 stars. Reviewers say they wake up more refreshed and that it helps improve the overall quality of their travels.

PlushBeds has a 25-year warranty and a 100-day return policy, along with a size verification policy that allows purchasers to exchange sizes for free.

Buy the PlushBeds 8-inch Deluxe Memory Foam RV Mattress online.

Best bunk RV mattress

Bear RV Mattress

  • Price: $$
  • Mattress type: Memory foam
  • Mattress height: 8 inches

The Bear RV Mattress is a simple-yet-mighty option that is ideal for a small sleeping space in an RV. The mattress is made with memory foam and three separate layers that provide pressure relief and durability. The top layer is made with memory foam that contains graphite, which is meant to help keep the bed cool.

Reviewers call the bed very comfortable and superior to other RV mattresses. Some say the bed is too soft for their liking, so keep that in mind if you prefer a firmer mattress.

The Bear RV Mattress comes with a 100-night trial and 10-year warranty so you can test the Bear out for yourself.

*Note: Though the image above does not reflect the sizing of an RV bunk mattress, this mattress is available in RV bunk, RV queen, and RV king sizes.

Buy the Bear RV Mattress online.

Best budget RV mattress

Linenspa Essentials 8-Inch Medium Hybrid Mattress

  • Price: $
  • Mattress type: Hybrid
  • Mattress height: 8 inches

The Linenspa Hybrid Mattress is one of the most highly rated mattresses available online. The mattress is made up of three layers of memory foam and innersprings, the combination of which makes it a hybrid design that provides both comfort and support. It is medium firm and wrapped in a cozy knit cover.

Listed at a price far below the others on our list and with a 4.6-star rating, the value of this mattress is unbeatable. The Linenspa Hybrid Mattress is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an inexpensive, good quality mattress for their RV.

Reviewers say you cannot find a better mattress for the price and that the bed provides affordable comfort. However, some reviewers recommended purchasing a mattress topper for people weighing over 150 pounds.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to double check if this mattress’s dimensions fit in your RV.

Buy the Linenspa 8-Inch Medium Hybrid Mattress online.

Best RV mattress for back pain

Sleep Number Comfortaire R3 Bed

  • Price: $$$$
  • Mattress type: Air mattress
  • Mattress height: 9 inches

Research indicates that medium-firm mattresses that are custom inflated are optimal for promoting sleep comfort, quality, and spinal alignment, so this mattress from Sleep Number is an awesome choice if you’re dealing with back pain.

The Sleep Number Comfortaire R3 Bed is an adjustable bed that can be customized for each sleeper and has cushioning that specifically supports the neck, back, and hips. It was designed to allow individuals to customize their firmness preference and thus create their most comfortable sleep.

This mattress is the most expensive on the list. However, given its customizable features and technology that helps each sleeper find their ideal comfort and relief from pain — especially when sleeping on the road in an RV — this mattress might just be worth the price.

Reviewers say that they woke up without aches and pain and are pleased with the experience of sleeping with it in an RV, many saying they will never go back to a regular mattress.

Buy the Sleep Number Comfortaire R3 Bed online.

Best custom RV mattress

Tochta Utopia Mattress

  • Price: $$$-$$$$
  • Mattress type: Memory foam
  • Mattress height: 10 inches (can be customized between 4 and 10 inches)

Tochta is a great option for anyone looking to customize their mattress size with a high-quality company. Tochta’s mattresses are made of memory foam that supports the body’s natural curve, which is beneficial for back and side sleepers. The mattresses are also made with gel foam that helps regulate temperature and keep the bed cool.

Tochta gets great reviews from people looking for less common mattress sizes. All you need to do is add in the dimensions of your RV bed to their online mattress builder and your new comfy RV mattress will be on its way.

Tochta mattresses are also made in the USA and come with a 10-year warranty.

Buy the Tochta customizable mattress online.

Before you go ahead and purchase whatever RV mattress has the best rating on Amazon, it’s important to determine what exactly you need in a mattress.

RV mattresses come in a wide variety of sizes, types, firmness levels, heights, and prices. When deciding what kind of mattress to get, you want to first ask yourself questions like: Why am I buying a mattress? Is my RV my home or for travel? Is this mattress for just me or for my family?

Once you answer those questions, you’ll have a better idea of how much money you want to spend and what other factors will make or break your purchase.

Here are the factors to keep in mind when making your purchase:

Mattress size

RV mattresses have a much larger array of sizes than standard mattresses. While some sizes overlap, it’s important to figure out how much space you have in your RV — the exact length and width dimensions of your bed platform — before making a purchase.

The wide range of RV mattress sizes include twin, bunk, full, short full, queen, short queen, king, and RV king.

Depending upon the size of your RV, you may be able to purchase a standard mattress, which is why it is important to know the exact dimensions of your space.

Mattress type

Many of the RV mattresses on the market are made of foam, which is a great option if you are looking for pressure relief.

While there are few innerspring RV mattresses on the market, hybrids are a good option for people who want the comfort of memory foam with the added support of springs. Hybrids are good for all body types, including those with higher body weights.

Mattress height and weight

RVs have limited space and weight limits, which is why RV mattresses come in a range of heights and weights. Mattress heights can range from 4 to 14 inches.

Some RVs may allow beds with greater heights, while others may be limited. It’ll likely depend on what sort of cabinetry or windows, for example, may be to the side of your bed space. Or you may not want a 14-inch mattress in a space meant for a 4-incher, if that means you might be sleeping too close to cabinets above you — and knocking your head on them in the night!

Temperature regulation

RVs can have small bedrooms with few windows. The space may get hot at night due to lack of air flow. Finding an RV mattress with temperature regulation may be an important factor for those sleeping in an RV.

Many mattresses are made with this in mind, so if temperature regulation is an important factor for you, look for mattresses with “phase change” materials that can be added to the top layer.

Memory foam can cause heat buildup, so if you are a hot sleeper, look for mattresses with a gel-infused foam top layer. Copper or graphite-infused beds may also help keep beds from heating up.

Pressure relief and support

If you spend a lot of time on the road, spending your days sightseeing or otherwise active in the outdoors, you may be an active individual who needs quality rest to support your body. Pressure relief and support are important elements to consider when purchasing an RV mattress.

Beds with coils (innersprings and hybrids) provide the most support without sinking in like foam. Memory foam also provides pressure relief. Hybrid mattresses that include both foam and springs are the best bet for people who need extra support.

If you need more support, look for thicker mattresses in the 8 inch and higher range. Make sure to check out the reviews to see how other customers rated the bed in terms of pain relief.

Noise and motion isolation

If you’re sharing a mattress with someone else or sleeping in close quarters with others, then noise mitigation and motion isolation may be important factors for you to consider when purchasing.

Motion isolation is important for couples, as it prevents the transfer of motion if someone moves, leaving your partner undisturbed. Foam mattresses are best for noise and motion isolation, though most hybrids will also do the job.


Off-gassing refers to the smell that comes from many new mattresses that comes from chemicals and flame retardants. While off-gassing usually dissipates within a few days, some customers find smell to be a problem.

If you’re sensitive to smell, look for organic and nontoxic mattresses that don’t use chemicals. Also, take a look at reviews, as previous customers are usually very vocal about off-gassing and how long it lasts.


Depending on the mattress size you purchase, you’ll want to make sure that you find corresponding sheets. Many companies that sell RV-specific mattresses also sell sheets, which is a good place to start. Also, if heat is a factor for you, look for sheets that are more breathable and better at regulating temperature.

One of the main differences between RV mattresses and regular mattresses is size. RV mattresses often have to fit into small spaces with length constraints (and sometimes weight comes into play), so shopping for an RV mattress requires considering many factors besides comfort alone.

Check out this full this of mattress sizes to consider:

  • twin
  • twin XL
  • full
  • short full
  • queen
  • short queen
  • Olympic queen
  • king
  • short king
  • RV king
  • California king
  • RV bunk (various lengths and widths)

When it comes to RV mattress safety, one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing is the company. Make sure you are purchasing from a company with a good reputation, strict flammability standards, and third-party certifications.

More and more companies are choosing to use nontoxic chemicals and materials in their manufacturing, so take that into consideration too. Also, check the reviews before purchasing to find out if other customers had issues that might be of concern.

Whether or not you sleep in your RV occasionally or nightly, the quality of your mattress will affect not only the quality of your night, but your day as well.

RV mattresses come in a wide range of sizes, firmness, and prices. RV mattresses tend to be less expensive than standard mattresses, which can make finding an affordable and comfortable bed for on-the-road an easy task.

These mattresses tend to come in foam and hybrid varieties, so choose a brand that matches your body’s needs as well as the size constraints of your space.

Most importantly, choose an RV mattress with an in-home trial period and generous warranty so you can be sure to find the bed of your dreams.

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