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We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here’s our process.

A good night’s sleep is essential.

For athletes, studies show sleep can affect performance on the field, pitch, or court.

If you’re looking for a mattress to help you get good sleep, know that a high-quality mattress should be:

  • supportive
  • comfortable
  • match your preferences

Athletes shopping for a mattress may want to consider a few additional factors such as their body’s:

  • build
  • height
  • core temperature

When you’re shopping online for a mattress, always check the return and warranty policies carefully. You’ll also want to look for a mattress that’s easy to set up and offers a good refund policy, if needed.

There are also sleep improvements you can add to your nighttime routine when you’re at home or on the road.

Let’s take a look.

Customer feedback and unbiased reviews were our main metrics when selecting these mattresses.

We made sure no mattress on our list averages less than 4 stars, and we carefully read hundreds of customer reviews to make sure we were reading honest feedback.

When choosing what to recommend, we also took into account:

  • recommendations from experts
  • industry awards and certifications
  • each brand’s customer support (such as returns, free trials, and warranties)

All prices listed are for queen-size mattresses.

We have indicated cost as follows:

  • $ = under $1,200
  • $$ = $1,200–$2,000
  • $$$ = over $2,000

Best overall

Casper Wave Hybrid

  • Price: $$$
  • Height: 13 inches
  • Mattress type: hybrid
  • Firmness: medium
  • Good for: all sleep positions

The Casper Wave features five layers that include a design with zoned support and a layer of softer foam around the shoulder area to offer more support for the upper body.

The gel layer on top helps the foam stay temperature neutral for comfortable sleep. The layer of individual coils may better support heavier sleepers than foam alone.


Starting at about $1,500 for a twin-size mattress, the Wave Hybrid has a high price tag. Customers state the mattress feels durable, and they expect many years of use from it.

Buy the Casper Wave Hybrid online.

Best for runners

Bear Pro Mattress

  • Price: $
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Mattress type: memory foam
  • Firmness: medium to medium firm
  • Good for: side or back sleepers

The best mattress for runners is one that helps them rest, since sleep is the body’s best time to repair itself.

Runners may appreciate that the Bear Pro has memory foam that cradles and contours to the body.

Some customers say this makes it easier to get and stay comfortable overnight. Other customers praise Bear mattresses enough to buy a second mattress for their kids.


The top layer of copper-infused foam helps maintain a comfortable body at night. Runners have said they appreciate that the mattress can help with back pain resulting from training.

Buy the Bear Pro online.

Layla Hybrid Mattress

  • Price: $
  • Height: 13 inches
  • Mattress type: hybrid
  • Firmness: dual, one firm side and one soft side
  • Good for: all sleep types

Runners who need additional support at night, but aren’t happy with mattresses that are too soft or conforming to the body, may like the Layla Hybrid.

The mattress has a firm and soft side so you can choose what feels most comfortable. Other features include built-in pressure relief for sore muscles, which may help you recover faster after a long run.


The mattress has a cooling cover that features ThermoGel, which may help keep your body cooler and comfortable at night.

Buy the Layla Hybrid mattress online.

Best cooling

Helix Midnight Luxe

  • Price: $$
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Mattress type: hybrid
  • Firmness: medium
  • Good for: side sleepers

The Helix Midnight mattress includes a gel-infused top layer designed to be cool to the touch and keep you more comfortable throughout the night.

This mattress also features pillow top and memory foam layers so athletes who prefer a firmer mattress may not like it. But it may work well for side sleepers.


Reviewers noted the high price tag was worth the splurge and said although it was firm out of the box, after a few nights the mattress felt softer. The extended 15-year warranty was also appreciated.

Buy the Helix Midnight Luxe mattress online.

Which mattress is right for you comes down to your personal preferences.

But when you’re shopping for a mattress, be sure to take into consideration whether it’s recommended for side, back, or stomach sleepers, depending on which you are.

Even manufacturers often indicate this to help match their products with customers.

Look into the firmness of the mattress and choose one that matches your preference. (Stomach sleepers may want a firmer mattress where your midsection won’t sink and weight is distributed evenly, for example.)

If you tend to move around a lot at night and have a partner, choose a mattress that isn’t going to shift on their side, too.

If you’re ordering online, you may want to try out mattresses that interest you in a retail store so you can get an idea of your preferences before buying.

Most mattress brand websites have information about the manufacturing process and textiles used in every mattress. Information about chemical ingredients, such as formaldehyde used in some types of memory foam, may also be of interest to you.

If you’re looking for an organic mattress, certain brands cut through the hype.

If you just want one that doesn’t give off harsh chemical odors, you might need to read product information carefully. It’s also important to know that some materials and certifications mean more than others.

Buying a mattress can be a significant game-changer for your sleep quality and overall health.

There are lots of mattresses with free trials of 60, 90, and even 120 days or more, so take advantage of them. Be sure to look for one with a good warranty and return policy, too.

Studies show that sleep is crucial for any athlete to perform at their best.

Good sleep can improve performance, while poor sleep quality can actually hinder it, according to a 2017 study.

It’s easier for some people to get a good night’s sleep at home because they’re in an environment that they can control.

The benefit is in knowing that you’ll be on a mattress that’s comfortable and you’re able to control the temperature and lighting to your preferred settings.

On the road, staying in hotels and other lodging, it may be more of a challenge to get a good night’s rest.

The following tips may help:

  • Travel with your own pillow (or pillows).
  • Use ear plugs and an eye mask to block out noise and light.
  • Avoid using electronics right before bed or keep them in another room if they’re distracting.
  • Limit caffeine or energy drinks later in the day because they can interfere with your sleep.
  • Try to avoid scheduling practices or training too late in the evening if they interfere with your sleep. This will give you more time to wind down before going to bed.

Here are 17 tips for where and whenever you need to get better sleep.

We all need sleep in order to perform at our best.

If you’ve changed your mattress and still can’t sleep well at night, talk with a doctor.

They may have additional recommendations to explore that can help you get the rest you need.