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Getting a full 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night means we spend a LOT of time in our beds. That makes it especially important to create a relaxing oasis, with the perfect pillow, coziest blanket, most supportive mattress, and, of course, the most comfortable sheets.

We’ve rounded up seven of the best Egyptian cotton sheets, considered one of the most luxurious bedding options out there. Read on for our top picks.

Just like you probably assumed, Egyptian cotton is grown in Egypt, along the Nile River. But Egyptian cotton differs from regular, or upland, cotton in more ways than just geography.

Upland cotton is machine-picked and cut. Egyptian cotton is hand-picked, which leaves the fiber intact. These long strands of fiber make Egyptian cotton higher quality.

Additionally, Egyptian cotton comes from the Gossypium Barbadense plant, while regular cotton comes from the Gossypium Hirsutum species.

Egyptian cotton is softer and stronger than regular cotton, so Egyptian cotton textiles are more luxurious than regular cotton. And repeated use of Egyptian cotton only makes it softer!

Egyptian cotton sheets are celebrated for their luxurious feel, but that doesn’t mean they’re all made the same.

When building our list, we compared several products against certain criteria and also kept different budgets, sleep types (hot and cool sleepers), and styles in mind.

While shopping for our favorite Egyptian cotton sheets, we looked for:

  • Thread count: It’s tempting to think that more is better when it comes to thread count. But that’s not always the case. We included sheets of a variety of thread counts on our list.
  • Weave: What feels best to you is definitely personal preference, so we included both percale and sateen sheets. Percale sheets are crisp with a matte look. Sateen sheets are silky with a slightly shiny appearance.
  • Customer reviews: We read reviews of each sheet set, including only those with mostly positive feedback.
  • Available colors: All sheets on our list come in several colors so you can find a good match.
  • Price point: Egyptian cotton sheets are traditionally a luxury item, with a luxury price to match. We made sure to include a few budget options.

Pricing guide

Prices in this article are based on a queen-size sheet set.

  • $ = under $240
  • $$ = $240–$260
  • $$$ = over $260

Best cooling Egyptian cotton sheets

Snowe Percale Sheet Set

  • Price: $$
  • Thread count: 500
  • Weave: percale
  • Sizes: full, queen, king, California king

Why we love them: These sheets are breathable and soft, yet crisp and cool. Available in four neutral colors, customers who usually run hot while sleeping say they love the cooling sensation of these sheets.

What you should know: Some purchasers warn of wrinkles if you don’t fold these sheets or put them on your bed immediately after laundering.

Best Egyptian cotton sheets for long-lasting softness

L.L.Bean Premium Egyptian Percale Sheet Collection

  • Price: $$
  • Thread count: 400
  • Weave: percale
  • Sizes: twin, full, queen, king

Why we love them: Available in five neutral colors, these sheets soften with each wash. Reviewers say they remain cool during the summer months, and love how wrinkle-free they are.

According to the brand, these sheets will get softer over time thanks to long-staple cotton, making it our pick for long-lasting softness.

What you should know: Some customers complain that the fitted sheet wasn’t fitted enough, so be aware if you prefer a taut sheet on your mattress.

Best Egyptian cotton accredited sheets

Peacock Alley Emily Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

  • Price: $$
  • Thread count: 500
  • Weave: sateen
  • Sizes: twin, full, queen, king

Why we love them: For those who like peace of mind, these sheets are accredited by the Cotton Egypt Association, so you know they’re authentic. They also have high praise from reviewers, who say they’re soft and high quality.

Monogramming is available for a personalized touch.

What you should know: These sheets have a sateen weave, giving them a glossier appearance.

Most budget-friendly Egyptian cotton sheets

Chateau Home Collection 800 Thread Count Solid Sheet Set

  • Price: $
  • Thread count: 800
  • Weave: sateen
  • Sizes: full, queen, king, California king

Why we love it: These Egyptian cotton sheets come in 13 different solid colors. Purchasers love the value of these sheets and their cool feel.

What you should know: Some reviewers feel that these sheets were not great for daily use, as they faded more quickly than others. These may be a better bet for guest bedrooms.

Best embroidered Egyptian cotton sheets

Legends Hotel Hewett Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheet Set

  • Price: $$$
  • Thread count: 600
  • Weave: sateen
  • Sizes: full, queen, king, California king

Why we love them: We love the embroidered feathered detail on these sheets, which makes them look as luxurious as they feel. The elastic goes all the way around the fitted sheet, giving it an even crisper fit on the mattress.

What you should know: Coordinating duvet covers and pillow shams may be purchased separately.

Best splurge-worthy Egyptian cotton sheets

Parachute Home Percale Venice Set

  • Price: $$$
  • Thread count: not stated
  • Weave: percale
  • Sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king

Why we love it: Healthline editor Jamey Powell loves how light and crisp these sheets are, noting that she expects them to soften up over time. The pillowcases use an envelope-style opening, making them feel neat and polished. And for every set sold, Parachute will donate a life-saving bed net to Nothing but Nets.

What you should know: This set doesn’t come with a top sheet unless you choose to add one for an additional cost.

Product namePriceThread countWeaveSizesBest for
Snowe Percale Sheet Set$$500percalefull, queen, king, California kingcooling
L.L.Bean Premium Egyptian Percale Sheet Collection$$400percaletwin, full, queen, kinglong lasting softness
Peacock Alley Emily Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set$$500sateentwin, full, queen, kingEgyptian cotton accredited
Chateau Home Collection 800 Thread Count Solid Sheet Set$800sateenfull, queen, king, California kingbudget-friendly
Legends Hotel Hewett Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheet Set$$$600sateenfull, queen, king, California kingembroidery
Parachute Home Percale Venice Set$$$percaletwin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California kingsplurge-worthy

Here’s what to look for while shopping.

Source and type

When shopping for Egyptian cotton sheets, look for the designation “100% Egyptian cotton,” “100% long-staple Egyptian cotton,” or “100% extra-long-stable Egyptian cotton.”

The staple of the cotton refers to the length of the fibers. Longer fibers mean a softer, stronger, higher-quality product.

Some manufacturers will label their sheets Egyptian cotton, but unless they state 100 percent, this can simply mean that they’re partially Egyptian cotton.

Thread count

Don’t assume that a higher thread count automatically means a “better” product. The weave and cotton type may be better indicators of how the sheets will actually feel.


The weave of your sheets may come down to personal preference: percale is a flatter weave, while sateen is a glossier, more slippery feel. Jacquard and twill are two more intricate weaves that are rarely seen in bedsheets.


Expect to pay more for Egyptian cotton sheets than you would for other types. These sheets will usually run you over $100 for a queen-size set.

Caring for Egyptian cotton sheets is relatively hassle-free. Cold wash in a gentle cycle to avoid “beating up” your sheets with the agitator, followed by a medium dryer cycle.

A vigorous shake after removing from the dryer and promptly folding or putting them on your bed will help keep the sheets from wrinkling up.

What is the best thread count for Egyptian cotton sheets?

The Egyptian cotton sheets on our list range from 400 to 800 thread count. This is a good range to keep in mind while shopping.

Ultimately, thread count comes down to personal preference and budget. The higher the thread count usually means the softer, smoother, and more durable the sheets. People looking for the softest and most durable Egyptian cotton sheets may enjoy options in the 700 to 800 range or higher.

Keep in mind that a higher thread count means a higher cost. Plenty of options in lower ranges may still be durable and feel comfortable.

Is Egyptian cotton the best for sheets?

People who enjoy cool, breathable, and smooth sheets may want to opt for an Egyptian cotton set. People on a tight budget, who sleep cold, and prefer soft sheets straight from the package may not prefer Egyptian cotton sheets.

Egyptian cotton sheets get softer over time, but at first, they’re not soft and cuddly. If you want the softest Egyptian cotton sheets available, look for thread counts of 700 and higher.

Is Egyptian cotton expensive?

Egyptian cotton sheets are some of the priciest sheets available (silk sheets are up there too). If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, there are plenty of other cotton sheets out there that also offer a cool and comfortable sleep. Some of these options include organic cotton sheets and 100% cotton sheets.

Egyptian cotton sheets may feel like a luxurious splurge, but they don’t have to be. A wide variety of price points means that those with varying budgets can enjoy the soft, cooling sheets enjoyed in most hotels.

Make sure to check the thread count, reviews, and weave before adding an Egyptian sheet set to your cart.