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Maybe you’ve purchased an incredible mattress, but it sleeps hot. Maybe your mattress is old, but you’re not yet ready to buy a new one. Or maybe your bed is simply too firm and could use a little extra comfort. If any of this sounds like you, you may want to look into a mattress topper.

There are many choices available, including memory foam toppers. These add an extra layer of softness that could be particularly beneficial. A 2020 study found that a soft mattress topper helps with spinal alignment, lowers body pressure, and offers better temperature control.

The ComforPedic Loft from Beautyrest Mattress Topper is one option worth considering. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about this mattress topper, from its pros and cons to whether it’s right for you.

There are different prices based on the size of your mattress topper and where you buy it. We’ve included a pricing guide to give you an idea of what the non-sale prices are at Target.

Twin XL$103.99
King $162.99
California King$162.99

The ComforPedic Loft from Beautyrest Mattress Topper is made from gel memory foam. Compared with other gel memory foam toppers, it’s fairly priced.

Design and sizing

The topper is 3 inches thick and has a molded eggcrate design. This helps with ventilation, allowing for more airflow than solid foam. Side sleepers and back sleepers may find that the design and shape can help relieve pressure.

It’s CertiPUR-US certified and made in the United States. It comes in many mattress sizes, from twin XL to California king.

Customer feedback

At Target, positive reviews suggest that the topper is soft, reduces pain, regulates temperature, and doesn’t have a major off-gassing smell.

However, negative reviews say that the topper isn’t as durable as expected. Some people find that it degrades over time.

The Amazon reviews are similar. Customers say they slept cooler when they used the topper and that it was soft enough for their needs.

However, some say it didn’t keep them as cool as they thought it would. So, whether the topper will keep you cool probably depends on your individual needs and whether you tend to run hot at night.

Using the topper

To use this topper, you’ll lay it on your mattress with the eggcrate side up, then cover the topper and the mattress with a fitted sheet.

As with many memory foam toppers, you may want to allow it to air out and take shape before use.

Buy the ComforPedic Loft from Beautyrest Mattress Topper online.

You can buy the ComforPedic Loft from Beautyrest Mattress Topper at:

This topper is great for people who need to refresh a mattress that’s old or too firm. It’s designed to contour the body with just a few inches of memory foam, making it a good choice for those with hip or back pain.

People trying to reduce night sweats may also find this mattress topper to be a good choice for regulating their temperature.

The Beautyrest mattress topper is an affordable memory foam topper available in many different sizes. Its eggcrate design and gel foam material make it a cooling alternative to traditional memory foam toppers.

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