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Many bed pillows look pretty similar. But anyone who’s ever woken up with a stiff neck knows that, despite appearances, they’re definitely not all built the same.

There are many pillow types to plop your head on: memory foam, gel, bamboo, latex, gel… and the list keeps growing!

Down alternative bed pillows remain a popular choice — you can find them firm, fluffy, or medium-firm for the somewhere-in-between sleepers.

Down alternative pillows also make a good pick for those with allergies (they’re hypoallergenic), and they’re also low maintenance (cleaning is a breeze). Plus, medium-firm pillows give a nice balance of support and coziness.

The Beautyrest Black Down Alternative Pillow is a medium-firm pillow that’s filled with a plush-down alternative. It’s a popular pick, selling out quickly online, especially since it seems the company has discontinued this exact pillow for now.

The brand offers newer bed pillows too, although they’re not medium-firm down alternatives, and they come at higher price points.

  • Beautyrest Absolute Rest Pillow: Made with hot sleepers in mind, this thick but cooling pillow is made of memory foam clusters that the brand says contour to your head and neck. It also has a machine washable cover.
  • Beautyrest Absolute Relaxation Pillow: This pillow is made from ventilated memory foam, which means it also focuses on temperature control for a cool sleep. Like the other pillow, it comes with a machine-washable cover too.
  • Beautyrest by Nate Berkus Down Pillow: This is a limited-edition down and feather pillow by the brand and designer Nate Berkus. It’s medium-firm and machine washable, made with what the brand describes as an eco-friendly fabric.

If you’re a down alternative fan, keep reading to learn more about the Beautyrest Black pillow and to decide if it deserves a space on your bed.


  • Comfortable. Some reviewers compare this pillow to sleeping on a cloud.
  • Hypoallergenic. This down-alternative pillow may be a good choice for those with allergies.
  • Machine washable. You can throw it in the washer if you need to, although it’s generally best to use pillowcases and wash those instead.
  • Breathable. The pillow’s cover is made from 400-thread count breathable cotton and moisture-wicking Tencel lyocell, offering airflow to prevent night sweats.
  • Supportive. The fill is thick, with contouring designed to keep your head and neck well-supported.
  • Durable. The 2-inch gusset around the pillow’s perimeter helps it maintain its original shape.
  • Reasonably priced. The Beautyrest Black Pillow is typically sold in a two-pack at an affordable price point.
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  • Accessibility. Amazon seems to be one of the few places to find this pillow lately, and they seem to sell out quickly.
  • Clumps and bumps. Some reviewers say their pillow fill clumps over time, especially after putting it in the dryer.
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Generally sold in two-packs, you can snag this pillow on Amazon.

As mentioned earlier, the Beautyrest Black Pillow can be a bit tough to track down these days. If you see it in stock, you might want to act quickly.

The price range is around $49 to $69 for a pack of two.

The majority of Amazon reviewers say they’re obsessed with this medium-firm, down-alternative pillow.

Many reviewers stumble across this pillow while on vacation and end up buying several for their homes — and they even recommend them to friends.

Overall, reviewers seem pleased with the level of support offered for their head and neck and are floored by the comfort and durability, especially the pillow’s ability to stay in shape as they sleep.

There are some disappointed reviewers too, of course.

One reviewer writes that, while she is a “flat sleeper,” her husband is a stomach sleeper and a “pillow scruncher” — and, well, his pillow didn’t last longer than 4 months.

Plus, there are some who mention that their pillow’s fill clump over time.

To prevent this, it might be a good idea to either let your pillows air dry after washing or use pillowcases and wash those instead.

In fact, while the company says the pillows are machine washable, they don’t specify if these pillows can be put in the dryer at all.

If you throw them in the dryer and want to avoid clumping, try putting them on tumble dry with low heat and toss a couple of tennis balls in the dryer alongside the pillow.

Either way, you may eventually have to roll up your sleeves and fluff these pillows to get the clumps out after washing.

Product NamePriceFirmnessFillWho is it for?
Beautyrest Black Pillow$49 to $69 for a pack of twomedium-firmdown alternativeback sleepers, sleepers with allergies
Saatva Down Alternative Pillow$115 for oneplush, softmemory fiber clustersback or side sleepers
Original Casper Pillow$65 for onefluffy with a firm touchpolyester microfiber (down alternative)combo sleeper, side or back sleepers
The Pillow Bar Standard Size Pillow$99-$235customizable down or down alternative side, back, or front sleepers (customizable)

Determining if this pillow is a good fit for you comes down to your sleep style and preferences.

You might like the pillow if:

  • You have allergies. Hypoallergenic pillows may help lower exposure to allergens.
  • You sleep hot. The moisture-wicking material can help keep hot sleepers cool and comfy throughout the night.
  • You sleep on your back. Back sleepers need a combo of cushion and support — nothing too high or too low. This medium-firm pillow provides a balance of support and comfort. Plus, down alternative can be fluffed in various positions to better support the head.
  • You’re looking for an inexpensive pillow. This pick is a good value, giving you two pillows at a relatively fair price point.

On the other hand, you might dislike this pillow if:

  • You like extra firm pillows. This pick clocks in at a medium-firm level.
  • You sleep on your side. This pillow features a 2-inch gusset that rests too low for most side sleepers, who tend to need higher loft levels to support their head and neck and to keep weight off their shoulders.

Can you wash the Beautyrest Black Pillow?

Yes, the pillow is listed as machine washable, although the company does not provide specific instructions.

Users note that the pillow is prone to clumping, so you may want to consider letting it air dry after washing or putting it in the dryer (tumble dry with low heat) with a couple of tennis balls.

Who sells Beautyrest Black Pillow?

Right now, this pillow is only available on Amazon or resell sites like eBay or Poshmark.

What other pillows does Beautyrest sell?

The brand sells Beautyrest Absolute Rest Pillow and Beautyrest Absolute Relaxation Pillow — cooling memory foam bed pillows.

The brand also offers a limited edition pillow called Beautyrest by Nate Berkus Down Pillow, a medium-firm down bed pillow.

The Beautyrest Black Down Alternative Pillow is a medium-firm bed pillow that gets lots of buzz for its comfort and durability, although it can be hard to find.

This pillow may be a good choice for those with allergies, those who sleep hot, and those who tend to sleep on their backs.

Breanna Mona is a writer based in Cleveland, OH. She holds a master’s degree in media and journalism and writes about health, lifestyle, and entertainment.