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Illustration by Alexis Lira

The wheelbarrow position allows for rear entry, or “back door,” penetrative sex.

In this position, the giving partner stands while holding the receiving partner’s legs.

The receiving partner is usually on the floor, using their hands to balance in a plank-like position.

As you might have guessed, this move gets its name from the wheelbarrow-like shape the two partners create.

The person with their hands on the ground looks like the wheelbarrow, while the person standing looks like they’re pushing the, ahem, contraption.

We’re not going to lie — it takes a little finessing to get the right angle.

And for the receiving partner, it takes a lot of abdominal strength, arm strength, and willpower.

It may be tempting to sink into the floor once your partner gets going, but that’s the fastest way to bring your pleasure to a hard stop.

If you’re a fan of rear-entry positioning and you’re already pretty comfortable with other forms, you may find that this move is easier than it looks.

Like other forms of rear-entry penetration, this position is popular as a technique for penile-vaginal sex.

If your partner doesn’t have a penis, you can still give this a go with a dildo or other wand toy.

You can even switch up the entry point, allowing either partner to experiment with deep anal penetration.

With this variation, the receiving partner can enjoy intense G spot or prostate stimulation — potentially triggering a full-body orgasm unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

This versatile move is all about those hard-to-reach erogenous zones.

If you find it difficult to orgasm from vaginal penetration alone, which is normal by the way, the wheelbarrow may introduce you to a couple of pleasure points that provide a much-needed boost.

Due in part to its deep penetration, this move offers better access to the elusive G spot.

Although the G spot is only about 3 inches from vaginal opening, missionary and other front-facing positions often lack the elevation and angle needed to really dive in.

It also brings the A spot into view. Officially known as the anterior frontal cortex, the A spot sits closer to the cervix.

When massaged just so, it’s been known to elicit a powerful vaginal ejaculation.

On the flip side, the position may also offer access to anal — specifically prostate, in some cases — orgasms.

To get in position, the giving partner should remain standing with their legs slightly parted and knees slightly bent.

The receiving partner should then bend over and place their hands on the ground, bed, or a prop as if in a plank.

You may find it helpful to start on all fours and move through a pushup to get into position.

The giving partner can then lift the receiving partner’s legs and gently guide them to each side of their waist.

There are a couple of options here.

The standing partner can hold onto the bottom partner’s legs — usually mid-thigh — or move their grip to the bottom partner’s waist.

From here, the bottom partner can completely wrap their legs around the giving partner’s waist for more grip — or leave their legs long to introduce a new angle.

The latter is more advanced, so you may have to work up to this.

This variation works best when the bottom partner is able to wrap their legs completely around the standing partner instead of leaving them long.

Once you’re in alignment, the giving partner can slowly enter the receiving partner and begin thrusting.

This position might feel a little awkward at first, so it’s important to get as comfortable as possible before penetration begins.

When it comes to potential lightheadedness, it’s always better to be proactive than reactive.

Shift positions every so often so that the bottom partner can lift their head above their heart and allow their circulation to return to normal.

If the bottom partner’s arms are quick to tire, they can lean on their forearms for more support. Keep a pillow or blanket handy for added cushioning.

Depending on how you’re positioned, the standing partner can rest their lower back against a countertop or lean against a wall for added support.

Absolutely not! Depending on what you’re in the mood for, one or both partners can be seated.

Though less strenuous — it’s sometimes referred to as the “lazy wheelbarrow” — this variation requires a bit more teamwork to keep things moving.

Instead of standing, the top partner can sit on the edge of the bed or chair.

The receiving partner has more options here. They can take advantage of the lower height and rest more comfortably on their forearms while planking, or find a seated position of their own.

The lower the receiving partner’s hips, the more coordination is needed to thrust back and forth.

Keep in mind that this penetration may not be as deep as in the standard variation, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you may want to alternate between sitting and standing.

In either approach, the receiving partner’s legs should still drape on either side of the giving partner.

If you or your partner are used to lying down, this Kama Sutra position is the perfect one for you: plough position.

This wheelbarrow variation takes the same concept to the bed.

The receiving partner will lie stomach down and extend their legs behind them, dangling off the bed.

The giving partner will stand between the bottom partner’s legs and lift them into position. Unlike the standard wheelbarrow position, this variation gives you a similar angle and the same deep penetration without the exhaustion or discomfort that comes from thrusting in a plank.

Of course! There’s always room to explore other erogenous zones — and get more of a workout in the process.

If you want to add clitoral stimulation into the mix, you can slide a hand down below or guide a vibrating toy to just the right spot.

But if relying on one arm to support your overall position sounds daunting, take a moment to reexamine your strengths.

Wrapping your legs around your partner or gripping tighter with your inner thighs can free up one of the standing partner’s hands so that they can do the deed for you.

They can also experiment with hair tugging, spanking, and other erotic touch.

You may want to check out other positions that focus on G-spot stimulation. A few of our favorites:

Closed missionary position

This variation of the classic missionary position might not offer the deepest penetration, but it definitely provides more friction for the G spot.

In contrast to standard missionary, the bottom partner closes their legs. The person on top can then straddle the bottom partner’s legs and enter, allowing for a tight squeeze.


Who knew cuddling could be this hot? Big spoon, meet little spoon. Literally.

Both the rear entry and tighter squeeze allow for more G-spot stimulation and deeper penetration — plus more control over the speed.

Wheelbarrow isn’t the easiest sex position to nail down, so you may want to save this one for a partner you’re already comfortable with.

But no matter who you’re with, leave room to laugh at your inevitable meet-cute with the floor. We’ve all been there, so dust your knees off and shimmy back into position to try again.

It may take a few tries to find the angle that works best for you and your partner — or to realize that today just isn’t the day and try something else.