For more comfortable sex, give one of these pillows, cushions, or benches a try.

Have you ever found yourself looking to explore new sex positions but aren’t quite sure how to achieve them? Or maybe you really want to have longer, sustained sex, but can’t seem to get through it without back pain.

Whatever your reasoning, sex pillows are truly the unsung heroes of the sex toy world. For more than just deeper penetration — though we’ll definitely cover that later! — a sex pillow may be just the key to unlock a whole new world of pleasure.

If deeper penetration is the name of your game, then you’ll want to stick with the tried-and-true classic, the Ramp by Liberator. The original sex ramp, this pillow looks almost like something from your middle school gym class, but way better.

Bend your legs over the larger edge of the pillow and lie back so the middle of your back is situated on the skinner edge. This allows for a new, deeper angle as well as more leverage for thrusting as your feet can remain on the bed or ground without exerting any additional energy.

The details

  • Price: $185
  • Best position: Rodeo
  • How to clean: Remove cover and machine wash

One of the newest pillows on the market, Pillo by Dame is soft to the touch but firm enough to provide good support. This pillow is great for the Reverse Plow position. Have the penetrator (penis, dildo, or fingers) stand on the edge of the bed while the person being penetrated lies face up on the edge with the Pillo under their lower back. This will allow for excellent back support as well as easier access to the G-spot.

Play around with the placement of the pillow to find your ideal spot, both in terms of support and pleasure. The Pillo can also be used during sitting-up sex (either in Lotus position or on a chair) to further support the person on the bottom.

An extra perk of the Pillo is its removable and washable cover for an easy clean up, no matter how messy you get.

The details

  • Price: $95
  • Best position: Reverse Plow
  • How to clean: Remove cover and machine wash

Can’t decide what kind of pillow fits your exact needs? Try the Liberator ramp and wedge combo. Mix and match the two different-shaped pieces to find the angles that work perfectly for your body.

This one is especially great for the Legs-on-Shoulders position. Place the bigger part of the pillow under your shoulders and use the bottom wedge to help hold your legs up as you lay them over your partner’s shoulders. This will allow for new levels of pleasure while helping prevent back strain during sex.

The details

  • Price: From $192
  • Best position: Legs-on-Shoulders
  • How to clean: Remove cover and machine wash

Sometimes you want a nice luxurious sex pillow that fits beautifully on the bed and is a true investment piece. Other times you want something a bit more functional. The EMPHY Inflatable Magic Sex Pillow is the latter. This small, convenient, and travel-friendly sex pillow is a collapsible wedge that can fit perfectly in a travel bag. What’s more, it can double as extra back support, perfect for long-haul flights. It’s also priced at $9.98, so it won’t break the bank.

The details

  • Price: $9.98
  • Best position: High Hips
  • How to clean: Spot clean

Love doggy style, but don’t love holding yourself on all fours for extended periods of time? You’re in luck: The Evercharm Half Moon is literally made for penetrative sex from behind.

Lay the pillow on a flat surface and drape you or your partner’s body over it, giving you the perfect angle for G-spot or prostate stimulation. If the angle isn’t quite right, stick a normal pillow underneath the Half Moon for some extra leverage.

Title: The details

  1. Price: $18
  2. Best position: Doggy style
  3. How to clean: Spot clean

Perfect for solo play, the Humphrey pillow by Liberator is all about helping you sustain hard-to-hold positions for as long as possible. With a holder for your vibrator, dildo, or anal toy, the Humphrey holds your device in position while you move around it.

Better yet, this pillow is large enough to squeeze or hump for added sensation. The Humphrey can also be used to keep an anal vibrator in place during partnered sex for double penetration.

The details

  • Price: $139
  • Best position: Hard-to-hold solo-play positions
  • How to clean: Machine washable

If you want to take your sex life to the next level, Liberator’s Obeir spanking bench may be for you. A large pillow-ottoman hybrid, this spanking bench comes with built-in bondage tools. Cuff you or your partner’s hands, feet, or both while exploring all-new positions.

And once you’re done, remove the cuffs and hide your spanking bench in plain sight by turning it into a charming, velvety ottoman.

The details

  • Price: From $185
  • Best position: Handcuff play
  • How to clean: Remove cover and machine wash

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