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Remember the days when car sex was more of a no-choice situation for lack of a better place to bang? You might’ve longed for comfier — and more private — digs then, but car sex isn’t all bad.

Recapturing some of that horny teen spirit as an adult with a little more wisdom and our super-hot tips can actually make for a goood time.

As a grown person with Responsibilities and Sh*t To Lose, you might be wondering: Is car sex illegal?

Although it can be, it isn’t always, says criminal defense attorney Ambrosio Rodriguez, owner and founding partner of The Rodriguez Law Group in Los Angeles, California.

“What laws might be broken in the process ultimately depends on what state you’re in,” says Rodriguez.

In California, for instance, getting sexy in a sedan — or whatever car you drive — could potentially get you arrested for lewd conduct and/or indecent exposure.

“Under Penal Code Section 647(a) PC, it’s illegal to engage in sexual acts [intentionally touching someone else’s genitals or privates] in public or [in a place that can be viewed by the public],” explains Rodriguez.

In this scenario, “you’d have to be in the act and in view of another person,” he says. “This means that having sex in your car parked in your own driveway could be against the law if passersby could see.”

“You could also face charges for indecent exposure under California Penal Code Section 314(1) if you intended to ‘put on a show,’ meaning that you wanted to annoy or offend other people by exposing your naked body or genitals,” adds Rodriguez.

Before we tell you how to indulge in some sex trippin’, we need to talk safety. It should go without saying that distracted driving is capital-D Dangerous and NOT recommended. Yes, that goes for a semi-discreet lap beej, too.

If you’re going to engage in any type of sex in, on, or around a car, said car should be parked, turned off, and away from traffic or humans who haven’t consented to being a part of your road vehicle rendezvous.

And if you drive stick, make sure the emergency brake is fully engaged before your romp to avoid rolling away.

Driving your car to get it on is no excuse to skimp on protection. If there’s any chance you’ll get busy in the car or any place else, take barrier protection with you.

If penetration of any kind is on the agenda, pack some lube, too, like the handy and discreet Überlube Good-to-go Travel Lube, which is available for purchase online.

Lube can help reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) by preventing friction-induced skin irritation and ripped condoms.

Think convenience and coverage, and stick with clothing pieces that are easy to lift or get in and out of quickly.

Tips for dressing for the occasion:

  • Anything open on the bottom — like a skirt, dress, or a long shirt — provides easy access and can tent your biz from anyone passing by.
  • Avoid clothing with zippers or other potentially ouchy adornments that can catch on hair or skin when canoodling in cozy quarters.
  • Say no to rompers and jumpers and yes, yes, oh yes, to bodysuits with crotch snaps!
  • Stretchy shorts can be pulled down or to the side without digging in.

Whether you’re in a MINI Cooper or a minivan, these car-friendly sex positions work for all kinds of sex — and you don’t need to be a contortionist to master them.

Passenger on top

You have seats, so why not make use of them with this vehicle version of what’s commonly known as the ‘cowgirl’.

Just straddle your partner’s lap while facing them and enjoy the ride. For P-in-V or P-in-A sex, the partner with the penis or strap-on is seated. If enjoying a good ol’ dry hump, seating arrangements come down to preference.

Tip: A thigh-strap on with a Velcro closure, like this one sold by Lovegasm, is easy to put on and yank off if you need to GTFO quick.

Reverse passenger on top

Yep, you guessed it! This is the car version of the ‘reverse cowgirl’ position.

It works just like the OG rider on top position, except the partner on top faces the other direction. FYI, this is a good one for front seat fun because you don’t need the extra space for your knees. You’re welcome.

Backseat bow-wow

This take on doggy style lets you take full advantage of that roomy backseat.

The receiving partner gets on all fours across the backseat while the giver kneels or crouches behind for anal or vaginal penetration, fingering or fisting, or oral or rimming.

Lean lap n’ lick

Oral sex in a car is easy peasy because all you’ve gotta do is lean over to your partner’s lap for some licking, lapping, kissing, or sucking. Yum.

The open door

The open door should be reserved for isolated spots away from prying eyes, for obvious reasons.

Open the door and lie on the front seat, either on back or front, with your legs outside of the car. Depending on the action you’re after, you can spread ‘em wide or raise them up giving your partner access to all your hot spots for any type of play.


Here’s another one that’s for truly secluded spaces only.

The hood of a car provides an open space with a nice angle that’s perfect for lying on, sitting on, standing against, or bending over for penetrative sex, oral, or anything else.

If you’re not worried about a couple of dings, the hood makes for a hard, but oh so sexy, makeshift bed if you want to romance things up with some missionary under the stars.

Car sex doesn’t have to be about seedy lots after dark — unless that’s your jam. The beauty of sex trippin’ is that you get to take your pleasure on the road. That said, you need to be mindful of the risk when having sex in public, and some places are definitely riskier than others.

Here are the best places for car sex starting with the least risky to the riskiest.

Lower risk

  • Your garage or driveway. As far as car sex goes, this is super low risk. Not only are you on your own property, but you know the ins and outs (ha!) of your hood and the people living there so you can gauge the best time to get busy.
  • A secluded or dead-end road. The best part of a road trip is getting lost on winding country roads where fields and cows are more prevalent than humans. As long as you can park safely out of the way of any vehicles that might come around, a secluded dead-end road is a great place to get busy.
  • Parking lot after hours. Think: malls, industrial areas, and parks which are usually quiet between sundown and sunrise.

Medium risk

  • Top-level of a parking garage. People are lazy and tend to stick to the lower levels, leaving the top level of lots wide open. Bonus: You get the best views from the top, so pick a lot that overlooks the city lights or majestic trees.
  • The beach. What’s hotter than a seaside sex sesh? Find a secluded lot at a lesser-known beach, and hang a towel up over the windows. If anyone happens to come around, they’ll likely think you’re just changing or taking a snooze.

Higher risk

  • Drive-in movie. Most folks will be too busy watching the movie or chatting with friends to notice what you’re up to. Plus, making out at the drive-in is expected so no one will bat an eye if you appear to be getting hot and heavy — as long as you keep your nips and nubs out of view.
  • The airport. Airports are chock full of scenic and exciting places to park and bang, but security is tight which makes this extra risky. Try quiet corners of the parking garage and check out the many airport service roads that are quiet on weekends and after dark. There’s nothing like the thrill of doing it as planes roar by.

If you’re ready to indulge your wanderlust with some car sex, these tips can help you make the most of the experience:

  • A little prep goes a long way, so schedule your sexy ride so you have time to gather props, pick the right clothes, and find a prime spot.
  • Remember, mutual masturbation is H-O-T and often less likely to get you caught than other acts.
  • Bullet vibes, like Early to Bed’s Sweet Bullets, are compact, inconspicuous, and easy to use during any type of tight-space play.
  • Roll the windows down a crack to prevent the obvious someone’s-having-sex-in-there steaming.

Adrienne Santos-Longhurst is a Canada-based freelance writer and author who has written extensively on all things health and lifestyle for more than a decade. When she’s not holed-up in her writing shed researching an article or off interviewing health professionals, she can be found frolicking around her beach town with husband and dogs in tow or splashing about the lake trying to master the stand-up paddle board.