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No matter what kind of sex you’re having, sex toys are here to enhance your pleasure. For anal play alone, there are dozens of varieties of sex toys and accessories!

That’s where we come in. We’ll take you through all the fun things you can put in and around your backdoor.

Butt plugs are used for a variety of things and can be enjoyed by anyone of any gender. Most commonly, they’re used to provide a feeling of fullness or to safely stretch the anus.

Plugs feature a tapered shape and — because the anus doesn’t have a natural stop sign like the vagina does with the cervix — should always have a flared base.

They come in different materials, like medical-grade silicone, glass, and stainless steel, often with cool designs or charms on the end that remain on the outside of the body.

Sex writer and educator Gabrielle Kassel swears by the nJoy Pure, a simple, delicately curved stainless steel plug.

“Stainless steel plugs can be a perfect way to incorporate temperature play into your booty exploration,” she says.

Plugs also come in vibrating and nonvibrating options.

If, for example, you want to feel like you’re getting your bum licked, you might try a rimming plug, like the b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2. Not only does it vibrate, but it also features rotating beads to stimulate the inside of the anus.

Plugs can also be weighted, like the b-Vibe Snug Plug. Weighted plugs usually contain small stainless steel balls that subtlety shift around inside the plug to increase the overall feeling of fullness.

My personal favorite starter plug is the Shimmy from Unbound. It features a flared base and a hook for easy removal. The size and shape are excellent for beginners.

For folks with penises, there are also plugs that come with cock and ball ring attachments for extra fun!

Anal beads consist of several balls or spheres connected together, each typically increasing in size.

People are mainly drawn to anal beads because of their shape.

“Both inserting and removing anal beads will provide arousal to the sensitive nerve endings of the sphincter muscle,” says therapist and sexologist Malika O’Neill, LPC.

Pro tip: Gently pulling out your beads during climax can intensify orgasm!

Anal beads are usually made in the same materials and offer many of the same features as butt plugs, but beads have one thing that plugs don’t: flexibility.

On the stiffer end of things, there are the b-Vibe Triplet Anal Beads. They’re made of silicone, vibrate, and can be remote controlled for easy play.

Fun Factory offers something a little more bendy, with their aptly named Bendy Beads.

There are many glass and stainless steel options for anal beads, too.

Similarly to plugs — and most anal toys in this article — beads must have a flared or hooked base to keep them from getting lost or stuck inside your bum.

Dildos can be used as is during solo or partnered play, or worn with a harness to perform penetrative anal play on a partner.

Although most dildos can be used for anal penetration — so long as they have a flared base or are long enough to not need one — some are made specifically for anal stimulation.

Like plugs, dildos can be used simply to provide a feeling of fullness. The LuzArte Luna, for example, is molded in the shape of the anal canal to do just that.

And if you have a prostate, or P-spot, you can get a dildo shaped specifically for P-spot stimulation. (More on this below.)

Tantus makes a popular midrange P-spot toy, but for something on the smaller, cheaper end, try the Avant D14 by Blush Novelties.

Double-ended dildos and strapless strap-ons, like this one from Fun Factory, can also be used for anal play.

Got yourself a magic wand already, or a similar wand vibrator compatible with wand attachments? Try an insertable attachment for anal pleasure.

Le Wand offers several insertable wand attachments, including one for prostate stimulation, for both their full size and petite wands.

If you love the intensity of the wand vibrations, this is a great butt play option, especially if you aren’t ready to invest in a vibrating anal toy.

The prostate, which is a walnut-size gland located about 2 inches up the anal canal in people with penises, is a major pleasure point.

When stimulated, it can intensify penile orgasms and potentially induce prostate orgasms.

Butt plugs, dildos, wand attachments, you name it: If it can go in your butt, then there are probably variations for folks with prostates that are shaped to provide prostate stimulation specifically.

If you’re on the market for a beginner-friendly prostate plug, the Aneros Helix Syn (nonvibrating) and Vice 2 (vibrating) are top rated.


Hooks, while they can be a lot of fun, aren’t for the faint of heart.

They’re usually made of stainless steel and feature a sphere or ball shape at the tip of the insertable end.

They aren’t necessarily designed to be comfortable as is, but rather to make the wearer adapt their movement and position in an attempt to wear it comfortably or promote pleasure.

The noninserted end usually has a loop, like this one, for someone else to hold and direct the wearer. If you’re into BDSM at all, this should definitely be on your radar!

Tunnel plugs

Picture a typical butt plug but with a hollowed out middle. That’s a tunnel plug.

Some people like to wear them for aesthetics, while others prefer to wear them during anal penetration.

Tunnel plugs keep the anus stretched, which may make penetration more accessible for folks who don’t enjoy the sensation of continual stretching and contracting.

LovePlugs offers a variety of tunnel plugs, like this one.

Tail plugs

Tail plugs are a fun variety of anal plugs for folks who want to experiment with a little bit of anthropomorphic fun.

If the animal has a tail, there’s probably a tail plug replica to be had. Some of the more popular realistic options include fox, cat, and bunny tails.

Although these plugs are often available in silicone, a glass or stainless steel option may be best — unless you don’t mind if the hair sticks to the silicone and hitches a ride inside your bum.

Starter kits and training kits

New to strap-on anal sex or pegging? Starter kits are a perfect option.

Strap-on starter kits, like the Tantus Bend Over Beginner and the Sportsheets Anal Explorer, come with one or two small-ish, usually plain and smooth, silicone dildos and a compatible harness.

Training kits, like this one from b-Vibe, are for folks interested in anal training. Anal training involves using butt plugs of gradually increasing size to prepare your anus for comfortable penetration.

Training kits often come with a lube shooter (for dispensing lube into the anal canal) and a basic douche, like this one from b-Vibe.


When it comes to anal play, lube is a nonnegotiable part of the equation. That’s because, unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t self-lubricate.

If you’re playing with silicone toys or latex condoms, use a thick aloe- or water-based lube, like Sliquid Sassy or Tush Cush.

If there are no condoms involved, you can use an oil-based lube. Cult favorite The Butters Lube is a thick, luscious solution perfect for those who like to explore the backdoor with toys and fingers.

A note, though: If you’re prone to acne on your butt or worried about staining your sheets, skip oil-based lubes. (Oil-based lubes can trap bacteria and may lead to breakouts or infections.)

Arousal oils

If you’re new to anal play, you might be interested in trying a CBD arousal oil like the Foria Awaken or Quim Smooth Operator. Both are lauded for their muscle-relaxing and blood-circulating properties.

It’s important to note that although CBD arousal oils are often labeled as “lube,” they shouldn’t be used in place of regular lube. Be sure to use these with your usual lube option.

Enemas and wipes

If you want to prepare downstairs and clean things out with a little douching, doing so is safe as long as you use a water or saline enema solution and don’t douche too often.

You can grab a single-use fleet enema at any drugstore, or you can purchase a simple douche at most sex shops, like this one from Lovehoney.

If you’d rather opt for something speedier, a thorough clean with a baby wipe or an intimate wipe, like these wipes from Royal, should suffice!


Yup, you read that right: Feel-good pills for your bum!

Anal CBD suppositories, like the ones from Mello and Foria, are another way to rev things up for your rear end.

Suppositories are inserted deep inside the anal canal, where the CBD dissolves and is absorbed by the body.

When it comes to toying around in your tush, there’s something for every body. Just remember to use plenty of lube, go at your own pace, and relax!

And if you want more tips, check out our articles on anal masturbation and anal orgasms.

Jamie J. LeClaire (they/them) is a sexuality educator, pleasure coach, freelance writer, and consultant. Jamie’s work focuses on the intersections of sexual health and pleasure, dating and relationships, queer and transgender/nonbinary identity, and body politics. You can follow them on Instagram and Twitter.