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Having a calm, organized home may seem like a pipe dream, especially if you have limited square footage or a shared space with kids and pets. But having a stress-free space to come home to — or work from — is essential for your mental health.

Turning chaos into calm might just be easier than you think with the help of these 12 products. Read on for some simple upgrades to soothe your senses and make every room a little more welcoming.

In our quest to help you “calmify” your home, we looked for products that address multiple senses. After all, if your space looks, smells, feels, and sounds calm, your mood may be more likely to follow suit.

We also made sure to pick products that fit most budgets and most living spaces. (We’d probably all love to install a nice, relaxing sauna in our homes — but where to put it?)

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $50
  • $$ = $50–$100
  • $$$ = over $100

Best soothing sounds

Hatch Restore

  • Price: $$$

The Hatch Restore is an alarm clock, light, sound machine, and guided meditation tool all in one. You can take advantage of the white noise to help lull you to sleep, and you can use the guided meditations in the app anytime you need a quick reset.

When you’re ready for bed, try the “winding down” and reading light settings. There’s even a sunrise alarm clock feature. Reviewers love that it wakes them up gently instead of with harsh beeping.

Best soothing scent diffuser

Aroma Outfitters Essential Oil Diffuser

  • Price: $

Many people enjoy diffusing essential oils in their homes for a pleasant smell that encourages relaxation.

While there are lots of diffusers to choose from, this one is unique in that it adds visual interest. In addition to the large water tank which allows for several levels of diffusing, the LED lights create a spa-like atmosphere.

The diffuser has an automatic shut-off, so you can use it as you drift off to sleep.

According to reviewers, the company has excellent customer service and many have purchased additional diffusers for gifts.

Best soothing lighting

Himalayan Secrets Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • Price: $$

This lamp is made of 100 percent pure Himalayan pink crystal rock salt. While there are lots of claims about the benefits of salt lamps, there isn’t really any research to back them up. Still, they emit a pretty, calming amber glow reminiscent of a campfire.

Reviewers say that, since using these lamps, they feel more energetic and peaceful, and that their sleep has improved.

It’s best to keep the lamp out of reach of pets who may be tempted to lick it. Too much salt in their diet can lead to salt toxicity.

Best organizer for stress-free food storage

The Home Edit by iDesign Divided Freezer Bin

  • Price: $–$$$

Perhaps one of the most frustrating kitchen moments is rifling through a freezer drawer full of chilly packages, searching for that frozen item you just know must still be there.

With these freezer bins, freezer rummaging is a stress of the past. Each clear, stackable bin comes with a removable divider to help sort your frozen food items. The open handles make moving the bins much easier.

The material is durable enough to be used in a deep freezer, as well.

Best way to add a little greenery

Greendigs Rosemary Plant

  • Price: $

Some research suggests that having plants in your home may help reduce stress. Still, caring for them can sometimes add stress for those who lack a green thumb.

This rosemary plant, however, is extremely hardy and difficult to kill. It will thrive indoors while providing a relaxing scent. You can also clip it to add seasoning to your food.

If you have pets, you don’t need to worry, since rosemary isn’t toxic to them.

This plant arrives from Greendigs in a ceramic pot along with plant food, so you can begin your plant relationship right.

Best natural calm inducer

Harney & Sons Chamomile Tea

  • Price: $

A caffeine-free cuppa at the end of a workday or before bed is soothing to the senses.

This 100 percent Egyptian Chamomile from tea makers Harney & Sons is a great option, since chamomile is commonly used to unwind before bed.

The bright yellow tea has notes of apple and flowers, and it can be enjoyed alone or with a touch of honey.

Best time-saving work companion

Ember Mug

  • Price: $$$

If you work from home, you’re probably familiar with the whole “taking multiple trips to the microwave to heat up your coffee” thing. It doesn’t make for a very productive workday, and getting up constantly can disrupt any sense of calm.

If that sounds like you, the Ember Mug might be just what you need. It keeps your coffee hot for about an hour and a half.

The Ember mug is easy to hand wash, and the recharging coaster makes it ready for the next day’s coffee to stay hot, too.

Best soothing scent

Public Goods Lavender & Vanilla Scented Candle

  • Price: $

There’s something about candles that just makes everything better: the flickering flame, the way the wax pools as it melts, and, of course, the mood-boosting scent.

This handpoured, soy candle is made in the United States, and the blend of lavender, vanilla, eucalyptus, and coconut fragrance oils is soothing without being overwhelming.

This candle might be a great way to create some peace while sitting on your laptop all day.

Best budget bathroom upgrade

Monsuri Bamboo Bath Caddy

  • Price: $$

While it might not be in your budget to redo your entire bathroom, a bath caddy can elevate your bathing experience.

This caddy is adjustable to fit over most tubs, and it includes individual compartments and supports for your phone, a book, and even your laptop.

Reviewers say the tray is well-constructed. The neoprene grips help keep your electronics from slipping into the water.

Best aromatherapy product

Fresh Eucalyptus Shower Bundle

  • Price: $

There’s some evidence that smelling eucalyptus can help induce a sense of calm. Hanging eucalyptus in your shower is a great option, since the steam helps release the natural oils from the plant.

This seller on Etsy offers California-grown eucalyptus bundles in a variety of sizes. Reviewers say they smell great and look beautiful.

Best storage labels

QR Smart Labels

  • Price: $

Storage areas can get confusing. Boxes and bins blend together, and, when you’re in a hurry to find that one platter you need or the book you want to lend out, you can find yourself rummaging through several boxes.

With these labels, you can use your smartphone to keep a log of what’s in each box or bin. Just scan with your phone to pull up your inventory list, and you won’t need to dig through all of your boxes to find what you need.

Organization and easier access can help reduce stress.

Best drawer organizers

Like-It Modular Drawer Organizers

  • Price: $

These organizers come in different sizes and shapes, so you can use them for almost any size drawer or item. Organized drawers means no more hunting for what you need (or making a mess by pulling things out while you search for the correct item).

The included clips keep the organizers from shifting around in your drawer. You can also use the included labels, so you know what’s in each organizer at a glance.

In addition to the products above, consider these additional tips to help make your home a calmer, more stress-free oasis:

  • Clean out the clutter. When your living space is cluttered, it’s more difficult to relax. Spend some time recycling old mail, putting away appliances you hardly use, and sorting any remaining items. After that initial decluttering, take a moment each evening to tidy up.
  • Simplify your space. Especially in smaller homes, each possession needs a purpose. Take inventory and sell or donate those items you rarely use to make space for those you do.
  • Sort your closets. If you have stacks of clothing you haven’t worn in some time, sort through them and sell or donate the pieces you no longer love or that no longer fit. You’ll make it easier to find the pieces you wear, simplifying a stressful morning routine.

Investing in your living space can make it a calmer, more relaxing environment that you enjoy it more. Try one of these organizational or relaxing products to increase your peace.