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Right now, there are thousands of people sharing treatment tips, news, and personal stories in all of our Facebook communities. Each community offers its members the opportunity to connect with people who truly understand. Whether you’re living with a chronic condition or just looking to live your healthiest life, there’s a Healthline community for you. Check them out below.

We keep our main Facebook community up to date with what’s going on at This includes everything from health news and home remedies to body detoxes and body positivity. Our Healthline community is a great place to meet other people who care about their health.

Our MS community offers support to those living with MS, along with their friends and family members. Share your story, encourage others, and stay up to date on new MS research. With our trustworthy answers, we’ll help you navigate your way.

Mental health challenges can be difficult to tackle. But whether you’re experiencing a mental health condition such as anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder — or know someone who is — support can be found in many places. In our mental health community, take part in conversations about mental health, read tips from experts in the field, and connect with others who can understand what you’re going through. And always remember, you’re not alone.

More than 100 million U.S. adults are currently living with diabetes or prediabetes. Our diabetes community can connect you with the many people living with and affected by this condition. Learn how to live better with diabetes by getting the latest research, delicious diabetes-friendly recipes, and tips to stay fit.

Whether you’ve received a diagnosis of anaphylaxis or are the parent of a child with anaphylaxis, our anaphylaxis community is a great source of support for those with severe allergies. Receive up-to-date news and research, share your story, and find support and tips from this great community.

People from all walks of life live with HIV, and the research is constantly evolving. Our HIV community is a space to ask the tough questions, stay in the know about new research, and offer support to one another. Together, we can bring awareness to what it’s really like to live with HIV and share our stories.

OA is the most common chronic joint condition, and this lively OA community is dedicated to those living with it. Members regularly post questions for other members and provide advice and support. Here you can find information on the latest treatments, receive medically-reviewed tips, and know that you’re supported in your health journey.

Our RA community is a place where people living with RA can go to better understand their symptoms, learn more about treatment options, and connect with others experiencing the condition. Share your experiences with a community of fighters and ask questions to those you know will understand.

Living with a chronic inflammatory bowel disease can be difficult — and about 3 million U.S. adults live with one. Our Crohn’s disease community focuses on supporting those affected by Crohn’s disease. Get news and tips about this condition, share your questions and stories with the community, and support your fellow #chronie.

Our hepatitis C community is dedicated to sharing the latest news, treatments, and research surrounding hepatitis C. Read advice from doctors and specialists and see how recent advancements have transformed this disease. Best of all, connect with others who share your experiences.

In our COPD community, we provide an opportunity for those living with COPD to connect with each other in a large network of people who get it. Join conversations about lifestyle tips, share your story, and receive expert-curated news to better understand this condition.

With more than 20,000 members, our hypothyroidism community aims to support those living with an underactive thyroid. Discuss your condition in a safe space, read trusted up-to-date research, and help newly diagnosed individuals receive the support we all deserve.

Living with psoriasis gets a little easier when you’re surrounded by encouragement, support, and people who just get it. That’s why our psoriasis community is so important. We aim to connect and empower people living with psoriasis to share their stories, exchange tips and treatment advice, and share your #Pselfie.

Eczema is estimated to affect about 30 percent of the U.S. population. Whether it’s you or your child, our eczema community helps you find the support you need. Find the best ways to treat flare-ups, share tips and natural remedies, and find solace in knowing you’ve got a community that cares.

Our breast cancer community is dedicated to people living with breast cancer, as well as their families and friends. Exchange empowering stories, join conversations surrounding new research and treatments, and connect with people who are also living with — and fighting — this disease.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult living with ADHD or a parent of a child with ADHD — our ADHD community offers support to anyone affected by this condition. Keep a finger on the pulse of ADHD news, find out how to best manage your symptoms, and read personal stories that you can relate to.