If your friend splits their time between work and working out on a yoga mat, we’ve got you covered. These gifts are all the tools any person needs for their practice and yoga success. Send one (or two) of the goods to the yogi you know as a perfect way of saying “Namaste!” for the friendship.

Yoga everywhere: EkhartYoga's Yin Quickies collection


Give the gift of time and calm with EkhartYoga’s Yin Quickies : Practice yoga every day to help establish good habits for more energy, healthier digestion, and opening up your body. Classes range from 15 minutes to an hour, focusing on a variety of skills and strengths, where you’ll be celebrating your body. Cost: Free for the first two weeks for Healthline users with promo code HEALTHLINEGIFT on: EkhartYoga

Cost: Free for the first two weeks for Healthline users with promo code HEALTHLINEGIFT.

Perfect padding: Priti mat


The newest yoga mat from Priti is ultra-modern and chic. Made from natural, sustainably harvested tree rubber, this nontoxic and nonslip mat provides the perfect padding for all bodies, so even novice yogis can move with expertise. The reversible surface ensures comfort during Downward-Facing Dog and back poses.

Cost: $78 on priticollection.com

Hold on: eQua yoga towel

To keep one’s hot yoga game strong during class, this absorbent wet-grip yoga towel from Manduka is a must. Whether the yogi in your life practices Bikram or Vinyasa, they’ll appreciate the towel’s soft, smooth texture. The best part is that this towel’s microfiber fabric is even better at staying steadfast when a bit slick. Tell your friends to sweat on.

Cost: $52 on manduka.com

Breathe into it: Halfmoon bolster

For colorful personalities and vibrant spirits, this fun bolster will amp up their yoga practice. Expert yogis will agree that a bolster is an essential piece for spinal stretch support and comfort in restorative postures. It also facilitates deeper breathing for even more powerful results.

Cost: $80 on shophalfmoon.com

Get a grip: Gaiam yoga socks

Life can be a balancing act, especially during yoga practice. These ultra-comfy, nonslip yoga socks are here to help keep yogis steady throughout day. Perfect for the those who are always on the road, Gaiam’s grippy yoga socks are like a to-go yoga mat that fit around your feet. Choose between beautiful colors like fern, pink, or gray.

Cost: $9.98 on gaiam.com

The yoga bro: Yoga Joes

Branded as “yoga for dudes,” these Yoga Joes army figurines are a fun and funky stocking stuffer for the strong but silent yogi in your life. These tchotchkes have perfect posture and are great conversation starters: They show off all the best yoga poses, from Crow to Child’s Pose. They also come in more colors than your classic army green. Get it for the hardcore yogi you know who can master the #downwardfacingbattledog.

Cost: $25 on brogamats.com

The health nut: Urthbox subscription

Satisfy health cravings with these monthly “surprise” boxes. Filled to the brim with non-GMO, organic, and natural products, this box provides pure fuel. You can choose from a handful of sizes, depending on the type of snacker you’re gifting. They’ll discover all kinds of new, healthy products right in their own home. If you’re lucky, they might share some coconut nibs or bean chips.

Cost: Between $19.99-49.99 per month on urthbox.com

Float on: Pause Float Studio

Gift a unique session of tranquility at Los Angeles’ Pause Float Studio. One hour in a sensory-deprived, soundproof flotation tank can help your busiest friends and loved ones unplug. For the uninitiated, Pause does an excellent job of educating new clients about the science of floating. Said to release muscle and spinal tensions, these tanks help get all the kinks out. They’ll allow your yogi to experience peak relaxation.

Cost: Starting at $69 on pauseflatstudio.com

The experienced yogi: Yogascapes

A retreat just about yoga is the dream — gift it with Yogascapes! Introduce your friend to world-renowned yoga teachers, deluxe resorts, top-notch chefs who cook mindfully, and other wellness perks through this one-stop shop. Pick from one of the best yoga retreats around the world. Will your loved one find themselves transforming on the beaches of Baja? Will they sweat out their stress in Costa Rica? These trips are so exciting, we won’t blame you if you decide to grab a couples package to escape together!

Cost: Varies depending on retreat on yogascapes.com

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Haven’t found something that fits for your friend? Take a look at our gift guide for health nuts.