Do you have someone on your list who really appreciates honing in their inner Zen? Maybe they’re a dedicated yogi, a habitual essential oils user, or a connoisseur of the latest in health and wellness. Or maybe you’ve just overheard them saying how they’re looking for new ways to find stress relief. Surprise and delight them with a gift from our list. We’ve narrowed down the best of the best for the most spiritual one in your life.

Get your om on: Samaya 2-Piece Kasuma meditation cushion

meditation cushion

Sure, we know all the amazing benefits of meditation — from reducing stress to improving sleep to easing pain. But it should also be comfortable! Help your friend elevate it with this 2-piece Samaya cushion set. With a round cushion for proper spine alignment and a plush flat cushion for knee support, this set is pure comfort. Really, with dried aromatic lavender inside the cushion filling, it’s hard not to relax when using this set. Plus, the vibrant floral pattern is stunning and removable for easy care.

Cost: $209 on

Detox in style: Panchakarma spa treatment

If you haven’t heard of Panchakarma, just think of it as the ultimate experience when it comes to cleanses. Panchakarma aims to detox both the mind and the body, and one of the best places to get it is at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. Treat your spiritual one to this healing, rejuvenating spa experience. Ayurvedic offers both a one-day option and a more intensive five-day treatment program. Both of these options provide consultations, personalized plans, and the Panchakarma works (Swedana toxin removal, Abhyanga oil massage, and Udhulana herbal skin treatment, to name a few).

Cost: $408 for a One-Day Panchakarma and $2650 for a Five-Day Treatment on

Buzz-worthy cleanse: HUM Cleanse to the Rescue

If Panchakarma sounds a bit too intense, you can still give the gift a detox with HUM’s 21-day cleanse. HUM believes that “beauty starts from within,” and we couldn’t agree more. The cleanse is packed with detoxifying herbs and supplements. Think: nutrient-rich beetroot, skin-cleansing red clover, and detoxifying dandelion root. Cleanse to the Rescue supports radiant skin, healthy digestion, and a flatter tummy to boot. You (or your gift recipient) should talk to a doctor before embarking on any cleanse, as these regimens may have risks, particularly to people with certain medical conditions.

Cost: $42 on

Go with the flow: Gaia subscription

Got a yogi or two on your list? Gaia offers “conscious media” on-the-go, from yoga videos to original programs. Over 300,000 minutes of it, to be exact. Yogis of all levels will benefit from their incredible yoga videos. They have just about every style there is, from Hatha to kids yoga. And that’s not all — there’s tons of ad-free content to explore, from videos on holistic living and meditation to films and documentaries.

Cost: $9.95 per month or $95.40 per year on

(Re)treat yourself: Meditation Retreat

Who can’t use a little more peace, quiet, and relaxation? No one. highlights the best of meditation retreats, with options for everyone. Choose from retreats in Upstate New York, Mexico, Colorado, Wisconsin, Nova Scotia, and more. Take the Shambhala Mountain Center in Colorado, for example. Starting at $109 a night, you can take a self-guided meditation retreat. Prefer more direction? The center offers many guided packages, such as January’s two-night Retreat and Renewal. The price for this retreat (starting at $318) includes lodging, healthy meals, guided meditation, hikes, yoga, and more.

Cost: Prices vary, see for further info

Cleanse in a kit: Kitchari Kit

This cleanse is a bit different, and it’s for people who can’t go without food. Based on the traditional cleansing food of Ayurveda, kitchari is a dish made from mung beans, basmati rice, spices, and ghee. It’s nourishing, easy to digest, and typically part of a cleanse. And this convenient 7-day kit contains everything you need to make it at home — right down to the spice blend and the organic ghee.

Cost: $41.99 on

An enlightening journey: Autobiography of a Yogi

Not just a book, but more of a journey, Autobiography of a Yogi is the perfect gift for your spiritual friend. Paramhansa Yogananda’s book explores spirituality, religion, miracles, and, of course, yoga. It’s available in 19 different languages and has sold over a million copies worldwide. And it certainly deserves a place on anyone’s bookshelf.

Cost: Free to read online, and $17.05 for a paperback copy

Oily and proud: Indian Sandalwood essential oil

Hopped aboard the essential oil train yet? From helping with allergies to easing pain, essential oils are thought by many to have a host of benefits. Fans of woodsy, sweet sandalwood claim it has several of these benefits, including helping keep skin healthy, reducing the appearance of scars, and enhancing your mood. It’s one of the most popular oils used in meditation practices, so it might be perfect paired with that meditation cushion we talked about above. (Hint, hint.)

Cost: $82.33 on

Fashion with function: Tibet Healing Bracelet

We all love receiving jewelry as gifts, and this Tibet Healing Bracelet may just be the ticket for your spiritual one. This gorgeous unisex bracelet comes in three colors: black, white, or red. (Of course, you could also buy the set of all three.) They are made from Yak bone (from animals that have died of natural causes), coral, turquoise, and metal.

Cost: $39.95 on

If you didn’t find something perfect for the spiritual one on your list, consider making them DIY spa products with avocado or olive oil, gifting a hot stone massage, or checking out our favorite holistic health blogs for further inspiration.