You know the type — they’re the ones that can have a full conversation with eggplant emojis, or the ones you turn to for advice during a sexual rut. They’re also the ones who you may be wondering: “What can I give them that they already haven’t tried?”

But don’t fret, because for every sensual adventurer, there’s probably a peak they haven’t reached and essentials they need to make the journey. Here’s what to get to surprise the sex expert you know.

This book is so much better than “Sex for Dummies.” “Sex That Works” teaches you how to bring back the intimacy in your life, no matter what stage your relationship may be in. Strgar writes and shows how it’s all about bringing the confidence back into your sex life. This is a must-read for people who want to reignite a spark that may have gone missing.

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Heighten your senses with this powerful, all natural gel. Meant for the clitoris, this gel can be used during intercourse, foreplay, and with sex toys. Say hello to intense sex — in a good way! Reviews online are also raving about the effects, from “whoa, it works as advertised” to “you’ll never go back.”

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The vanilla buttercream scent is sure to heighten your bedroom experience. This delicious smelling paint goes anywhere on the body, although we recommend keeping it off your genitals to avoid infections. It even comes with a brush for anyone with an inner Picasso.

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When the candles are out, the word food is really just another word for foreplay. If your friend has talked about sweetening up their bedroom routine, send them a gift of sweet chocolate dipped strawberries. Shari’s Berries individually dips each of these pieces of fruit, then swizzles them for a little extra love.

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Egyptian thread sheets are a thing of the past. It’s time to jump onboard with these 100 percent synthetic fiber threads, taken from bamboo, that makes in-bed experiences next level. Bamboo has natural antibacterial qualities, making it perfect for people with sensitive skin or allergies. You’ll be hard pressed to get out of bed when it feels like you’re inside a soft cloud, as if any of us needed another reason to never leave the bedroom.

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As all of us know, getting into the mood is all about ambiance. This candle, a blend of lavender, rosewood, and patchouli, will cast a love spell on anyone in the room, transferring them into a world of seduction. So let’s turn up the heat and be ready for a night of excitement!

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Even for the sex positive, Ola, by m!nna, is meant to be a tease. This vibrator works based on how one squeezes it, meaning a partner or a solo player can engage in spontaneous play. It’s “Smart Memory” can also record and replay any vibration pattern, allowing the user to relive their favorite experience. The only thing better than sex is consistent sex, and the answer to finding that just might be in Ola.

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It only makes sense to be putting natural ingredients into one’s body, so why should lube be any different? Made from seven botanical ingredients, Hathor Lubricant is a smooth gel that’s slippery but not sticky, long-lasting but paraben-free, natural but fragrance-free… the list of benefits could really go on and on (just like the sex).

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According to Dr. Axe, this delicate blend of clary sage, ylang ylang, thyme, and geranium rose can help with balancing estrogens. But for sexy times, it works like this: Add a few drops into a diffuser and let the delicate blend fill the room. The scents should help one de-stress and let go, even on the most frustrating of days.

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