Chances are you have a health nut in your life. If you know someone who can’t live without lifting, is your go-to source for the latest supplement, or knows how to blend a mean smoothie, anticipating their needs may be harder than usual. We’ve got your back.

Here’s a list of health-conscious products, from cooking devices to the best in blenders, that every wellness lover needs. Show the health-obsessed person in your life you care with one (or more) of the following gift ideas.

The upside of bone broths? They’re a nutrient-rich soup filled with amino acids, collagen, and protein. The downside is that a homemade version could take hours to boil. That’s where Kettle & Fire’s organic version comes in. Not only does it check all the health boxes (gluten-free, non-GMO, organic, soy-free, diary-free), it’s also done all 20-plus hours of the simmering work for you.

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One of the benefits of eating and living healthier is radiant skin. Hum Nutrition’s 21-day cleanse aims to support one’s goal of leveling up their health gains with a blend of superfoods. One pill contains the best of the botanical world, from chlorella algae to milk thistle and beetroot. Don’t forget to take a before-and-after photo!

Cost: $42 on

Vitamix blenders are the holy grail of blenders for the health-obsessed. These blenders are better than the average one. They’re high-powered machines known for their durability and ability to blend at multiple speeds. A healthy kitchen is nothing without this gem of a machine. It’s the key to whipping up homemade soups, dips, nut butters, raw juices, and smoothies — all common components of a health-focused person’s diet.

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Good health begins with a good gut. Nothing helps like a good cup of kombucha. On top of introducing live, bacterial cultures, this fermented tea has plenty of vitamins and antioxidants, too. It also has lower calories per serving than traditional soft drinks, but with a similar fizzy feel. Gift this kombucha starter kit to someone who enjoys learning how to make their own health food (and save money while they’re at it!).

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The freshest way to get herbs is harvesting ones you grew yourself. The power to grow one’s own basil, cilantro, rosemary, chives, and parsley is easy to harness with this chalk pot kit. It contains pots, trays, herb packets, and soil. This is also an excellent gift for someone who loves working on crafts. They can decorate the pots with their own special messages. Maybe something like “Taste of love” for when cooking a meal for you.

Cost: $25 on

Give the gift of never-ending neck and shoulder massages with this massager. It’s ideal for weightlifters or cardio buffs who experience tight muscles after their workouts. But the key element is the built-in heat to relax tired and tense muscles. Saving money on massages — plus instant relief — equals a health nut’s dream come true.

Cost: $39.99 on

With the tagline of “Cook healthy food fast,” the Instant Pot can be a dream cooking tool. Pressure cookers can be used for everyday meal preparation like making rice or meals that usually take hours to cook. The Instant Pot is a fast way to make foods like soups, chili, oatmeal, and even yogurt. Because pressure cooking technology maximizes retained nutrients, the health nut in your life will be getting the most out of their food choices.

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Clean air is a gift. The Dyson air purifier quietly and efficiently works to remove allergens, toxins, and gases from the air. This includes everything from mold, pet dander, nitrogen dioxide, and formaldehyde. Dyson’s special filters and sleek design mean the purifying filter can trap super small particles. Some of the purifiers can also double as a fan to cool down after a pulse-pounding workout.

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High-quality breathing is a must for a health nut’s exercise routine. When noses are stopped up from the inevitable cold or seasonal allergies, a NeilMed neti pot can come to the rescue. These special devices are used to help clear mucus and debris from the nasal passages. They’re heaven sent in a pot, especially for your friend or loved one who doesn’t want a few sniffles getting in the way of their day.

Cost: Starting at $14.99 on

Healthy, sustainable foods are often the center of a health nut’s diet. So why not give them the gift of locally sourced foods? Purchase a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box. It’s a region-specific package filled with goodies from participating farmers. Depending on the location and season, the goods may include anything from fruit, veggies, eggs, cheeses, flowers, or meats. It’s the perfect way to discover new foods and support your local farmers.

Cost: Prices vary per area; purchase at

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