Have a domestic goddess on your list? You know the one. Her parties are always the best. Her house is always immaculate. And that famous cassoulet she effortlessly makes? Of course, she also looks incredible while doing all of it, too.

Whether it’s your sister, brother-in-law, BFF, mom, or dad, here’s a gift guide for the domestic goddess in your life.

Honestly convenient necessities: Honest Essentials Bundle

Domestic Goddess

What’s better than natural cleaning, home, and beauty essentials? Convenient ones. Combine quality and buy your domestic goddess the Essentials Bundle from The Honest Company. Each month, five products get shipped straight to your door for 35 percent off. There’s over 65 products to choose from — from baby wipes and bubble bath to multivitamins. But don’t worry, you’re not just gifting laundry detergent. They’ll be able to pick the products themselves and there’s plenty of add-on luxuries, too. (Hello, lavender vanilla aromatic candles and creamy demi-matte lipstick.)

Cost: $35.95 per month on honest.com

Rise and shine: Cold brew coffee maker

Domestic Goddess

If you have someone on your list who would never dare start their day without their morning cup, this is for them. The OXO cold brew coffee maker allows you to brew bold, smooth coffee concentrate — for both hot or cold drinks. This no-heat brew method results in a less acidic, sweeter pot of java that stays fresher for longer. Bonus: it brews tea, too!

Cost: $49.99 on oxo.com

Pottery to swoon over: Malachite Canister Collection

Malachite glazed pottery has been around for thousands of years, but this drop-dead gorgeous collection from Frontgate needs a modern home. With marbled emerald green hues, touches of gold, sleek lines and curves, and stunning sheen, this collection makes a wonderful gift even as a singular piece. Canister or vase, this gift is one any domestic goddess could worship.

Cost: $69.50-$439 on frontgate.com

Chores without breaking a sweat (or a nail): DEEBOT N79

When it comes to gifts, sometimes we want something we desire, and sometimes we want something that we need. The DEEBOT N79 robotic vacuum can be both. This smart little robot is compact, convenient, and incredibly high-tech. Thanks to a V-shaped brush, DEEBOT picks up even more dirt and dust while smart collision sensors and soft cushion-bumpers protect your furniture. And thanks to an app, you can schedule your cleanings and monitor the vac from anywhere. The DEEBOT even returns to its charging station when the battery is low, automatically.

Cost: $199.96 on amazon.com

The modern charcuterie board: Monduff cheese boards

If your domestic goddess loves to host, this unique cheese board from The Citizenry is the perfect gift. Crafted by hand in Ireland, the Monduff cheese boards are available in two sizes, both of which are fair trade. Featuring rich Irish sycamore and walnut woods, these boards have a creative and modern design that’s sure to make them stand out on any table.

Cost: $145-$165 on the-citizenry.com

Handcrafted accents: Sun Swirl basket

Know a domestic goddess who particularly appreciates handcrafted goods? These banana stalk and raffia weaved baskets aren’t only beautiful, but also ethically-sourced and fair trade as well. Available through Ten Thousand Villages, these vibrant baskets are hand-weaved in Uganda.

Cost: $29.99 on tenthousandvillages.com

Black and white beauties: Chabi ceramic bowl

Did you know you could give a stunning gift while also supporting an amazing cause? These Chabi ceramic bowls from Raven + Lily are hand-thrown and hand-painted by Marrakesh artists. No two bowls are exactly alike, so you can be sure you’re giving a one-of-a-kind gift. Even better, a portion of the sales from these Moroccan bowls support Project Soar, an after-school program designed to empower the young girls in Morocco and help them thrive.

Cost: $14 on ravenandlily.com

Blast from the past: Bake Shop turquoise metal bread box

Know a domestic goddess with a fondness for some retro flare? This charming turquoise blue bread box fits the bill. Add some vintage appeal to any kitchen’s countertops while providing a functional place to keep bread and pastries from going stale. Available from Retro Planet, a must-visit website for plenty of vintage-inspired goodies and gifts.

Cost: $44.99 on retroplanet.com

Cook’s best friend: Le Creuset round deep Dutch oven

From inspiring Martha Stewart’s to your everyday cook, any kitchen can benefit from a Le Creuset piece — a multipurpose, quality Dutch oven especially. From making soups to slow-braising meats, this cast iron beauty will be a part of your kitchen for years. Dishwasher safe and both stovetop and oven suited, the Le Creuset Dutch oven comes in a variety of vibrant, stunning colors.

Cost: $300 on lecreuset.com

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