Got a friend who’s always crafting and putting things together? Are they the one person you know who loves the idea of putting together an Ikea desk?

For the friend who’s secretly a Pinterest aficionado, getting a gift that suits their taste is easier said than done. Thankfully, we’re tapped into that DIY attitude and know exactly what they want to take their skills to the next level. Here’s a list of gifts that’ll tingle any DIY soul.

Ultimate DIY subscription: Grow and Make kit

Grow and Make kit

A true DIY guy or gal has several projects going on, all while looking for the next thing they can make. For these DIYers, gift them a subscription (or two) to Grow and Make’s monthly service. They’ll never have to choose! Each month, this service sends a new kit or sampler. Grow something new, make a new soap — half the joy is the surprise of not knowing what’s coming.

Cost: $29.95 on

Light their DIY fire: Candle making kit

Keep that DIY fire burning with this candle making kit. If your DIY giftee is new to candle making, soy candles are a great way to start. With step-by-step instructions, no experience is necessary. With this kit, they’ll be lighting their home with their newly made, scented soy candles before they know it.

Cost: $59.92 on

Sweet inscriptions: E-Z Deco icing pen kit

We’re not self-serving our sweet tooth by suggesting this sweet pen. There comes a time when every baker — especially someone who treats baking like therapy — needs to take their frosting game up a notch. And that’s where this icing pen comes in. It makes decorating baked confections as easy as drawing.  

Cost: $10.50 on

Accessory queen: Pom-pom maker 

Pom-poms aren’t just for cheerleaders. They’re for DIYers, too! With these pom-pom makers, the DIYer in your life will be able to add a little flair to mittens, scarves, or whatever their heart desires. The sky’s the limit to pom-pom accessorizing. These kits also come with project sheets that include step-by-step instructions for decorating kids’ Halloween costumes.

Cost: $7 to $11.50 on

Make a friend: Crochet kit

If you haven’t heard by now, knitting and crocheting are hip. With brand-new ways to make these age-old crafts interesting, they’re also therapeutic and fulfilling as crafts. Gift this crochet kit, which coaches the creator how to make their very own Betty the Bird. This sweet blue bird is surely going to bring peace wherever it goes.

Cost: $20.19 on

Shape of your heart: Soap molds

Homemade skin care and body butter are all the rage these days. For the love in your life who makes soap, a soap mold could be the perfect gift. After all, from fantastic shapes to colors, beautiful soaps all start with a mold. Get one in their favorite shape. Bars of soap make for great gifts you can create yourself, too — if you can manage to part with your favorite creations.

Cost: $5 to $8 on

Natural connections: Redwood wrap bracelet kit

Purchasing a bracelet can cost as much as making one sometimes. But if the person you’re thinking of loves to make their own keepsakes, then this gorgeous, richly colored bracelet is the ideal gift. The color combination easily matches any outfit, and will soon be the wrap bracelet of their dreams. You’ll definitely see this bracelet on your friend or loved one over and over again.

Cost: $34.99 on

Smooth skin: Lotion making kit

While you could buy some lotion for the expensive boutique down the street, it’s so much more fun to make your own. This shea butter skin lotion kit gives your friend everything they need to make skin soft. With jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E as the base, they won’t have to worry if it “actually works.” Science says they do!

The hardest part here is picking the fragrance they’ll love. Fortunately, even if you ask them about their favorite scent, there’s no way they’ll guess what your gift is!

Cost: $55.10 on

Craft staple: Glitter

This material is the end-all, be-all of crafts. No DIY kit is complete without this 24-pack of glitter. If you know someone getting into the magical groove of making their own gifts, cards, and patterns, they’re going to need a little glitter. With a little magenta here, a little turquoise there, they’ll make their projects shine — while thinking of you, too.

Cost: $29.99 on

Create your own smells: Dr. Axe’s certified organic essential oils starter kit

This essential oil starter kit by Dr. Axe is a true gem. It contains USDA organic, 100 percent essential oils to use for destressing, relaxation, pain relief, and more. Whether the DIY pro you know is into household cleaning or at-home remedies, this kit covers the basic scents for health and wealth.

Cost: $97.00on

Is the person you’re thinking of more the beginner type who’s just dipping into DIY? If so, get them a book that’ll teach them how to immerse themselves into a new habit. Check out our favorite gluten-free cookbooks, healthy eating books, and guides to changing habits.