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Everyone has that friend — the one who’s always coming from somewhere and has plans to head elsewhere soon. You may not be able to keep up with them, but these gift ideas sure can.

Give a healthy dose of pampering, encouragement, and coffee to the traveler, #girlboss, or mover and shaker in your life so they don’t miss a step.

These wireless headphones are designed to stay put no matter where your friend is going. Sweaty workout at the gym? Sure. Conference calls while on the go? No problem. The battery will last through all day use, and integrated microphone and controls make hands-free a reality. They come with three sizes of ear bullets for a customized fit straight out of the box.

Cost: $49.99 on

Unleash your recipient from the constant search for an outlet. This power bank has two USB ports that can be used to simultaneously give life back to rapidly depleting electronics. They’ll never have to sit on the floor in front of the only outlet in the whole terminal or have their phone die in the middle of navigation again.

Cost: $44.99 on

Everyone knows that deep sleep is vital for good health and that you can’t slay all day without it. But that doesn’t make actually getting it any easier. These vegetarian tablets have natural melatonin and vitamin B-6 to help soothe worries and encourage deep sleep. Kiss jet lag and sleepless nights goodbye.

Cost: $10 on

Other than a gentle massage or a long soak, it’s hard to beat the relaxation a steaming cup of chamomile tea brings. Not only may it help improve sleep, some report this tea to soothe upset stomachs as well as anxiety and depression. Grab a box of these fair trade, organic tea bags for your friend to slip easily into any carry-on or briefcase, to fend off travel bugs or relax far from home.

Cost: $7.49 on

This little bag keeps all of the important stuff at hand and easy to find. Pockets for credit cards and bills mean you can pay without digging around. The size is designed to hold up to an iPhone 8 Plus, and a headphone cord opening makes it easy to dance down the street with everything safely stowed away.

Cost: $118 on

Airplanes can be a cesspool of infection and general uncleanliness. Help your friend skip the heebie-jeebies and the teeny tiny blankets with this cozy travel set. The merino wool breathes easily and battles the aggressive air conditioning like a champ. Slip on the eye mask to block out the cabin lights or sleep peacefully post-arrival.

Cost: $169 on

Offload the nagging projects to a personal assistant. From travel planning to opposition research to painstaking data analysis, Ask Sunday’s team of assistants are ready to clear the to-do list and keep everything running smoothly.

Cost: $119+ on

No one has time to go to the dry cleaners or hand wash their best pair of pants. This handheld steamer removes creases in a flash and removes odors so that power suit is ready to go all out again tomorrow.

Cost: $79.99 on

What could your recipient do with an extra hour or two? Help them scratch something off their endless list with this gift certificate for house cleaning. Not only will it give them a break from the daily grind of house cleaning, but it also frees up their schedule for more activities.

Cost: $100+ on

Give their side hustle a boost with the popular Passion Planner. It’s nearly impossible to not feel fired up and ready to take on the world with this notebook in your pocket. The planner covers a whole year of motivation, focus, and prompts to achieve any goal.

Cost: $20+ on

The well-loved S’well just got even better. The new Traveler has a wide mouth for easily sipping lattes or stirring up that vitamin C tablet. Triple-walled insulation keeps drinks piping hot or icy cold without adding extra bulk.

Cost: $30+ on

Still don’t know what to get? How about a little something to kickstart a healthy habit or amazing products that’ll help manage anxiety and soothe stress?