Vegans and vegetarians are some of the best friends you can have. Their lifestyle choices don’t just produce change for our planet. They also often stand as great, loving friends. For that, they deserve unconditional kudos and recognition — meaning the greatest gifts a friend can get!

Of course, getting a gift for a vegan friend when you’re not one yourself can prove to be a challenge. But good news: We’ve done the hard work for you! Read this plant-powered list for the perfect gifts to get for your friend.

Selfless skin care: Vegan Cuts beauty box

Even the most seasoned of vegans have a hard time finding beauty and skin care products that align with their beliefs. Fortunately, there’s Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. This beauty box delivers four to seven carefully curated, luxurious — and most importantly — cruelty-free products each month. And, with Vegan Cuts, you know you’re receiving top-notch products. The devoted team at Vegan Cuts test every single product before they recommend them. Give your BFF the gift of cruelty-free at-home pampering and the knowledge that they’re doing Mother Nature and her critters good. (Plus, you can cancel anytime.)

Cost: Starts at $18.50 per month on 

Ethical eats: Vegan Sweet Treats gift basket

Make snacking a bit easier this season and gift your vegan BFF the ultimate cure for their sweet tooth. The Vegan Sweet Treats gift basket comes with a glorious variety of six delectable snacks: non-GMO and sugar-free candy, fair-trade Mexican chocolate, biodegradable gum, paleo chocolate bars, gelatin-free fruit gummies, and cookies free of nuts, gluten, and soy. And of course, each treat is exquisitely delicious in its own right. In fact, they’re so good, even non-vegan friends won’t know the difference.

Cost: $65 on

Apparel for the animal lover: ‘Compassion Is Invincible’ hoodie

In many ways, you could say vegans wear their (very big) hearts on their sleeve. So why not complement their compassion with a slogan sweatshirt? Herbivore Clothing’s “Compassion Is Invincible” hoodie is super cute and cozy, ethically-made, and 100 percent cruelty-free.

Cost: $55 on

Cookies, cupcakes, and crepes: ‘The Joy of Vegan Baking’ cookbook

Let them eat cake — and bake it, too — with vegan guru Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s must-have cookbook of the season: “The Joy of Vegan Baking.” This comprehensive cookbook contains 150 diverse recipes for all your favorite desserts, from brittles and puddings to cheesecake and sorbet. And it gets better: All 150 recipes are free of eggs, dairy, saturated fat, cholesterol, and lactose. No matter your friend’s level of baking experience, they’ll adore whipping up these delectable desserts. Maybe they’ll start baking for you, too!

Cost: $16.99 on

Footwear without the carbon footprint: Vegan Chic boots

These trendy boots are made for walking proud and tall on your beliefs. Not only are they adorable, they also support a wonderful cause. Vegan Chic’s products are 100 percent vegan, PETA approved, and the result of cruelty-free and humane sourcing and working conditions. Plus, the company owners truly practice what they preach. They’re both passionate animal lovers who dedicate their spare time to rescuing and housing feral cats. This gift is kind of like getting your BFF a two-for-one deal — they’ll look super cute while supporting a beautiful cause!

Cost: $70 to $300 on

Say (vegan) cheese: Miyoko’s double cream chive cheese

Most vegans claim that quitting cheese is the hardest part of going vegan. Lucky for them (and anyone who’s dairy-free), Miyoko’s Kitchen is here to answer your cheese lover’s prayers. Behold: double cream chive cheese. This “cheese” tastes like real cheese, and it’s free of cholesterol, lactose, egg, gluten, and soy. It’s also organic without GMOs. Pair it with wine and crackers, put it on a sandwich, or eat it by itself. It doesn’t matter, because this “cheese” is amazing, no matter how you slice it.

Cost: $9.99 on

Plant-powered publishing: VegNews Magazine subscription

VegNews Magazine is an absolute must-read for the avid vegan, or really, anyone. It’s pretty universally loved by many. Not only is it acclaimed as “the premier vegan lifestyle magazine,” but the mag has also been named Chicago Tribune’s 18th best lifestyle magazine and one of the best lifestyle magazines in the United States for three years in a row. And for good reason! VegNews truly has it all. It provides insightful, resourceful, and versatile information on all things vegan, including news, recipes, and even vegetarian city guides. It’s also printed on recycled paper.

Cost: $20 for one year on

Highlighter for humanity: Let It Glow set

This one is for all vegan makeup lovers out there! Thrive Causemetics’ gorgeous set includes bronzer, lip gloss, and an eye palette. The ingredients are 100 percent cruelty-free and without parabens, sulfates, and toxins. The real gem is how much of a win-win this gift is: Whoever uses this palette will sculpt and enhance facial features to (even more) perfection while supporting women around the world. For every product purchased, Thrive Causemetics donates another to empower people experiencing cancer or overcoming domestic abuse. Your friend won’t only look beautiful, they’ll feel it too, knowing that they’re supporting a wonderful cause at the same time.

Cost: $87 on

Cruelty-free eye candy: Troublemaker mascara and eye pencil duo

If your best friend loves lashes and dramatic eyeliner, then Urban Decay’s iconic duo is for them. Their waterproof 24/7 eye pencil in shade Zero and their ultra-volumizing Troublemaker mascara are cult classics in the beauty world. The fact that they’re vegan-friendly is seriously a win. Both items are full-sized and come in a super cute metallic makeup bag to tote them around in. The best part has got to be the price, though. Purchasing these products together is 46 percent off the full price!

Cost: $28 on

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