Your girl knows how to rock that plaid mini like no one else you know, whether Manhattan elite or hipster undercover. Her dreams sparkle just as bright as her teeth in every selfie. And as you squint under her brightness, you’re probably wondering how you’ll ever get this glam girl a gift she doesn’t have… Well, check our list.

Fresh faced and fine: NatureFace all natural anti-aging moisturizer

anti aging mosturizer

Visiting her bathroom can sometimes feel overwhelming with her collection of immortality creams, but her beauty routine is no joke. Help her simplify her morning routine with a natural moisturizer that will have every bouncer asking, “ID please.” Made with all-natural ingredients that aren’t tested on animals, NatureFace is made with organic, paraben, and GMO-free ingredients — only the best for the best.

Cost: $23.24 on 

Hand me my handbag: Kate Spade Wedding Belles Glitterbug Sima

If she has a closet full of “going out to special occasion dresses,” she’s going to need accessories she can mix and match with. Keep her style in check with the glittering, rose gold Kate Spade crossbody bag. With a detachable snake chain and cocktail party lining, it’ll hold just the essentials… but when she never pays for drinks, who needs a credit card anyway?

Cost: $198 at

Beast mode: Burberry Beauty Box

She’s a beast in the office, finishing up presentations and captivating everyone’s attention with her innovative ideas. So make sure she’s got a signature look to match. This limited edition beauty set features a mythical creature design and includes four eye-catching, silky hues. The red and smoky grey-blues pack a powerful punch that demands universal respect like every mythical beast — and your glam gal.

Cost: $68 on

For the long haul: Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color

By the time you meet her for drinks, you know she’s already clocked in 10 hours at the office. Or maybe she’s your morning run buddy who always manages to look fabulous without ever really breaking into a sweat. Whatever the case, you know this chick runs long hours. Keep her looking top-of-the-line glamorous, whether it’s for 6 am spin or 8 pm cocktails, in this lightweight matte lip color that doesn’t dry out. Let her paint the town lilac, electra pink, or magenta for full, all-day coverage.

Cost: $5 on

Lucite love: Case-Mate Karat iPhone case

She has the bling on her fingers, no doubt — but is her iPhone decked out the way it should be? Get the lovely, eye-catching Case-Mate Karat case for the iPhone 7s, which shines bright like a diamond thanks to the 24K gold flakes that are encased in clear resin. Inspired by 1950s Lucite handbags, this case is anti-scratch and shock absorbing. And, just like your girlfriend, it’s got a lifetime warranty — so grab a matching one for yourself so everyone knows you’re BFFs for life.

Cost: $50 on

Custom creations: Chiffon evening dress

Upgrade those fraying BFF bracelets for a custom princess scoop neck dress, like this tailor-made, A-line beauty for those upcoming holiday parties. This chiffon dress can be customized to each individual’s measurements, and JJ’s House offers nearly three-dozen colors to choose from — from lilac to silver — ensuring your girl will look fabulous.

Cost: $89.99 on

All that glitters: Gold hydrating black charcoal mask

You both love a girl’s night in: chick flicks, gossip mags, a massive bowl of popcorn, and trying a new beauty product to rejuvenate your skin. Well, this Timeless Truth Luxurious charcoal mask is no joke. Formulated with organic algae extract and vitamin E, this 20-minute mask boosts hydration and regenerates healthy cells so you’re refreshed before finishing the opening credits of “Love Actually.” Don’t forget to moisturize and seal in the ingredients as you gals glam-up for a spa night in.

Cost: $2.99 on

Beauty at the ballet: Moscow Ballet’s The Nutcracker

Your group of girls are cultured, no doubt. And we’re not just talking about ordering martinis with a twist at your favorite watering hole. This holiday, set out to the local ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker. The music, the tights, the Mouse King, and the Sugar Plum Fairy will never get old. See when the legendary Moscow Ballet is visiting your state and catch a show this December.

Cost: $28-$144+ on

Craving arm candy: Cate & Chloe jewelry VIP box

Surprise her with a jewelry subscription box from Cate & Chloe, a favorite of Good Morning America and Vanity Fair. The boxincludes up to three pieces of jewelry each month, plus an extra free gift. December’s special is a Spongelle Snowflake Body Buffer! Pick a plan — from month-to-month or six-month prepay options — or go for gold and give her the full VIP box so she can deck herself out as she pleases. The hand-selected jewelry’s both elegant and every day, so she can go from the cubicle to the club without missing a beat.

Cost: $19.99-$204 on

Didn’t find something that suits her? Take a look at our gift guide for the domestic goddess or feminista in your life.