7 Vegan Halloween Treats and Eats!

Medically reviewed by Peggy Pletcher, MS, RD, LD, CDE on October 6, 2016Written by Anna Schaefer on October 6, 2016
7 Vegan Treats & Eats

When you choose to become vegan, or when vegan life chooses you, you’re faced with unique challenges. Whether it’s going out for dinner or cooking at home, finding foods that suit your dietary restrictions can take time and serious effort.

There are about 1 million people in the United States who follow a strictly vegan lifestyle, according to some estimates. And that number is growing. Thanks to the internet and social media in particular, vegans are coming together to share their experiences, recipes, and views. Fortunately, this means that finding good vegan foods, including for traditional holidays, is getting easier. Here are seven treats for Halloween.

Black widow spider cupcakes

black widow cupcake

Creepy treats are a must for any Halloween party. Whether you’re sending these to school or baking them up for your own little ghouls, these long-legged cupcakes from Fork and Beans are sure to be a hit. They use all vegan and gluten-free ingredients, but you don’t have to tell anyone. They’re so yummy, nonvegans won’t know the difference.

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Graveyard chocolate mousse pots

These little desserts are raw, vegan, and totally creepy. If you’re a fan of chocolate, you’ll love these cute cups from Wallflower Kitchen. An added bonus: Every component of these could stand alone, like the little “tombstones” which are actually lemon poppy seed cookies!

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Carrot ginger quinoa pepper jacks

Carrot Ginger Quinoa Pepper Jacks

Need a ghoulish main dish for Halloween night? Serve these cute little stuffed peppers from Spa Bettie before your trick-or-treaters head out to make the neighbors shriek. They’re innovative while also easy to make, which isn’t always an easy task.

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Spooky black bean hummus

Not all Halloween treats have to be sweet. This hummus from Fat Free Vegan would be great to serve with chips or fresh veggies at a party. It only takes about 10 minutes to put together and uses healthful ingredients like soy yogurt and tahini.

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Sweet pumpkin buns

Sweet Pumpkin Buns

These sweet pumpkin buns from Lands and Flavors are adorable and classy at the same time, and feature the fall flavors of pumpkin and cinnamon. We love the idea of serving these alongside a hearty autumn stew, or alone with jam and tea.

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Severed fingers

If you can get past the appearance of these scary cookies from Maple Spice, you might be surprised at the flavor! These are great for a party or scaring some trick-or-treaters.

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Mummy cookies

These mummy cookies from Sarah Bakes are both gluten-free and vegan, perfect for kids (and adults) with special diets. And unlike many other gluten-free, vegan foods, these are far from dull. They start with Sarah’s recipe for sugar cookies and are frosted with a white frosting made with vanilla and coconut milk.

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