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There are many reasons to choose a sugar-free diet. You may simply want to slim your waistline. Or you may be living with an underlying disorder, like diabetes, that necessitates a careful diet. The bottom line is that eating less sugar is better for you. According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, healthy eating may lower your risk of some diseases. These include heart disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and even some cancers. The American Heart Association recommends limiting added sugar to 6 teaspoons for women, and 9 teaspoons for men, per day.

Cutting sugar is not always as easy as it sounds. Without treats and comfort foods, you may feel like you’re depriving yourself. And it may seem like only a teaspoon in your coffee, but these small amounts add up. The good news is that there are more substitutes than ever. And many bloggers are sharing their techniques and advice for low-sugar or sugar-free lifestyles. Their tools, articles, and personal stories may motivate you to make a change. Perhaps following their advice will help you satisfying your cravings without sugar.

Check out our top picks for the best sugar-free living blogs of the year.

Sugar-Free Mom by Brenda Bennett is dedicated to helping you quit processed sugar. Bennett sought a sugar-free diet to lose weight and eliminate PMS symptoms. She started blogging about her journey toward natural sugar and substitutes in 2011. Bennett proves that sugar-free desserts don’t have to take hours to prepare (1-Minute Sugar Free Chocolate Mug Cake). Many of her recipes are also low in carbohydrates and sensitive to allergies. In addition to recipes, Bennett shares her tips on quashing cravings and staying the sugar-free course.

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Jess Stier has a background in nutrition, a sweet tooth, and a passion for healthy eating. With those traits, she brings you a blog dedicated to delicious, healthy treats. This self-described sugar junkie gives you tons of recipes to help satisfy your cravings. She offers alternative recipes for traditional baked goods, like peanut butter fudge brownies. She also teaches you how to make your own candy, including sugar-free gummy bears. Her desserts are pretty and playful. If you like to eat with your eyes first, her food photography may get your mouth watering. The one-serving recipes embrace the practical side, eliminating the temptation of a whole cake.

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Lisa MarcAurele has been following a low-carbohydrate lifestyle since 2001. It’s helped her manage her weight after her thyroid was irradiated to treat Graves disease. Restricting sugar and carbs helped her lose 25 pounds, and she’s kept it off. Her site is chock-full of recipes, like bacon-wrapped chicken tenders and spinach artichoke stuffed Portobello. For a fee, she offers low-carb keto meal plans and access to community support. As a bonus, MarcAurele gives away a free eBook with low-carb tips.

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Aarn Farmer started blogging to document losing weight and becoming healthier by cutting sugar. Farmer offers recipes for every meal, including condiments. He also gives helpful tools like guides for sugar-free choices at restaurants and grocery stores. He even brings you special editions of his guides, like the sugar-free ice cream run-down. If you’re unsure how to start, he suggests reading his philosophy on weight loss. Check out his creative cauliflower pizza crust and breadsticks.

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Anjali Shah cooks up healthy “husband-approved” recipes for the whole family. Shah, a board-certified health coach, promises her tasty meals will satisfy even a junk food addict. Shah provides kid-friendly recipes for things like healthier burgers and desserts. She offers guides on what to get from restaurants and grocery stores. She also sprinkles in some parenting tips and personal stories. Her meal plans for the week and fall detox can help you get started and stay on track.

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Ricki Heller boasts that, “a healthy lifestyle can be sweet.” Heller follows an anti-Candida lifestyle. That means that she eats to minimize excess Candida yeast in the body. Heller’s cut most sugary, yeasty, and moldy foods from her diet. She provides tons of recipes, as well as helpful substitution guides. Heller also offers fee-based dietary support through her Sweet Life Health Club, special programs, and one-to-one coaching.

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London Health Mum stumbled onto the benefits of a sugar-free lifestyle. She began testing dietary changes in hopes of healing her “baby brain,” IBS, and other issues. After cutting sugar, she began to feel better. She posts on everything from diet to health to fitness and sugar-free parenting. Read about her journey and learn tips to help you achieve your sugar-free goals. Check out her sugar-free snacking post to help satisfy cravings between meals.

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Ditch the Carbs boasts that it’s the No. 1 recipe site in Australia and New Zealand. The pharmacist and mom of three behind the blog ditched her carbs and sugar to stop yo-yo dieting. Begin by reading why and how to go carb-free, as well as recipes. She also provides tips and tricks for getting kids to eat a low-carb diet. Look to her top 10 lists for the best tools and snacks. Check out the site’s special section for discounts or free items. A bonus: She offers a closed support group via Facebook.

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Alexandra Curtis is a registered dietitian. Having grown up with a sensitivity to sugar, she cut it out completely. She encourages her readers to try a 21-day sugar-free challenge. While there are no upcoming group challenges, why not challenge yourself? Maybe you’ll find motivation from her explanations of how healthy ingredients can benefit you. She also proves that sugar-free food doesn’t have to be bland. Indulge away on this flourless, butterless, sugarless chocolate cake. In addition to her recipes, she also posts crafting and dog-treat ideas.

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