Gourmet coffee drinks are indulgent and delicious, but they can contain as many calories as a full meal and as much sugar as a big dessert. Some contain up to double your daily sugar allowance.

But you don’t necessarily have to completely avoid these caffeinated treats if you’re health-conscious. Making gourmet coffee drinks at home isn’t just possible — it’s better for both your budget and your body!

We’ve compiled some of the beast healthy coffee drinks from around the Web so you can become your own healthy barista.

Healthy Mocha Frappuccino

Image source: The Lemon Bowl

According to The Lemon Bowl, a typical Mocha Frappuccino has close to 300 calories, and that’s without the whipped topping. This version has just 70, and flavors to rival the high-sugar variety. If you want to make it even leaner, substitute almond milk for the suggested half and half.

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Cinnamon coconut latte

For flavors that will kick your morning into high gear, look no further than this coffee recipe from the Real Food Dietitians. Sugar-free and vegan, it makes good use of coconut oil, which may help with cholesterol and is packed with antioxidants.

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Toasted coconut latte

Image source: love me, feed me

If you’re looking for a caffeine-free delight, look no further than this latte from Love Me, Feed Me. Made with no coffee and topped with shavings of toasted coconut, this drink is good for the whole family.

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Skinny vanilla iced coffee

Vanilla lattes are a classic gourmet coffee drink, and while they’re often packed with sugar and fat, they don’t have to be. This DIY skinny latte comes from iFOODReal, and is easy enough that you can make and store it ahead of time.

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Clean & skinny gingerbread latte

Gingerbread flavors conjure feelings of holiday warmth, and this drink is no different. It uses fresh, ground ginger and vanilla stevia to create a gourmet drink packed with flavor. Amy’s Healthy Baking whips this one up, and suggests it warm or iced.

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Indian masala chai

Chai is another coffeehouse staple. This traditional masala chai recipe from My Heart Beets uses black tea and traditional masala spices like cardamom, fennel, and cloves. There are instructions for how to boost the flavor with cinnamon or ginger, too!

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Low-fat mocha iced coffee frappe

This delicious cold coffee drink from Sugar-Free Mom is dairy-free and has no added sugar — the sweetness comes from liquid chocolate stevia. This might be best to drink when the kids are in school, or you’ll wind up sharing your indulgent shake!

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