If you’re trying to eliminate gluten from your diet, breakfast can be one of the most challenging meals to navigate. You may find yourself staring longingly at waffles at brunch or coveting the blueberry muffins on display at your local coffee shop. Not to fear, breakfast as you knew it isn’t lost forever. These 25 recipes range from classic morning goods to colorful and trendy breakfast bowls, and best of all, they’re all gluten-free.

A gluten-free diet doesn’t mean that traditional flour-based meals are off limits. You just have to make them using a gluten-free flour alternative, such as almond flour, buckwheat, or a pre-packaged gluten-free flour blend.

1. Banana Oat Pancakes

Pancakes are a breakfast favorite. You don’t have to feel left out if you’re on a gluten-free diet. This gluten-free version is just as good as any regular “from scratch” recipe.

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2. 10-Minute Mango Pancakes

This pancake batter is loaded with fruit and it only takes 10 minutes to prepare. Banana, mango, and blueberry make up three of the seven ingredients in this delicious recipe.

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3. Mochi Waffles and Tempeh Bacon

Mochi is a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine. It is made from sweet rice, is easy to digest, and is low in fat and calories. You can purchase it in brick form. Look for it in your grocery store’s ethnic food section.

A vegan take on bacon and waffles, this simple recipe makes it possible to still enjoy that sweet and savory breakfast we all know and love.

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4. Provencal Chickpea Crepes

Don’t let the word “crepe” scare you. This traditional recipe for “socca” from the south of France is naturally gluten-free, as it uses chickpea flour. The recipe also doesn’t require any special skills. Just spoon the batter into a tart or cake pan and throw it in the oven. You’ll want this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Swap out the cumin for cinnamon if you want to make a sweet crepe instead of a savory one.

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5. 7-Ingredient Vegan Waffles

This seven-ingredient recipe only takes 30 minutes to prepare. It’s simple, easy, and healthy. Try whipping up a double batch and freezing the leftovers. Then during the week, pop one in the toaster for a waffle on the go.

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Breakfast bowls are a great way to mix lots of flavors and nutrients into one meal.

6. Sweet Potato and Poblano Hash

Start your day with this filling, flavorful hash. The peppers add a bit of kick, and the ham and egg, which are both optional depending on your dietary constraints, bring a generous dose of protein.

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7. Stewed Breakfast Apples

This is a great, hearty meal that’s perfect for a chilly morning. Pair the stewed apples and blueberries with a handful of your favorite granola for a fibrous and nutrient-rich breakfast.

This is also a great make-ahead breakfast. Make it over the weekend and then store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to five days.

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8. Zen Quinoa Bowl

Super grain quinoa serves as the base for this nourishing savory breakfast bowl. The protein will keep you going until lunch, and all the veggies will help you start your day on a healthy note. Feel free to substitute tofu for the eggs to make it vegan.

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9. Breakfast Burrito Bowl with Sweet Potato Noodles

Give your spiralizer a twirl. Spiralized sweet potato goes Mexican with salsa and avocado. A runny egg to top it off adds protein and you have a well-rounded, nutrition-packed meal!

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10. Coconut Cashew Chia Pudding with Strawberries

Chia seeds provide an incredible amount of fiber and strawberries are little bombs of vitamins A and C. Put them together and you’ve got a nutritious breakfast that could double as dessert. This recipe is not only gluten-free, but also dairy-free.

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11. Acai Berry Bowl

“Ice cream” for breakfast? This delicious treat is chock-full of the Brazilian superfood acai, and couldn’t be more satisfying. Think of it as a smoothie you eat with a spoon. Substitute the milk with Greek yogurt for extra creamy protein.

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Eggs are an easy, versatile, gluten-free breakfast option. They are packed with protein and make a great base for vegetables.

12. Easy Spinach Artichoke Quiche Cups

Looking for gluten-free on the go? These crustless mini quiches are simple to make, cheesy, and perfect to freeze for a healthy grab-and-go breakfast.

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13. Potato and Broccolini Frittata

Frittatas are a great way to elevate your eggs. Broccolini, similar in flavor to broccoli, adds fiber and vitamins C and A to this easy-to-make dish.

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14. Breakfast Casserole

This hearty, full-flavored egg casserole will keep you full until lunch. This casserole doubles as a make-ahead recipe. Just freeze it until you’re ready to eat, then reheat covered in foil in the oven.

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15. Eggs Baked in Tomato Sauce

This one-skillet shakshuka is great for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or even dinner. Add vegetables of your choice to customize this meal for your tastes.

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16. Polenta Skillet Eggs with Chorizo

Creamy polenta with chorizo makes a beautiful and hearty breakfast. Add some hot sauce or cayenne pepper for some metabolism-boosting capsaicin!

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Like with pancakes and waffles, baked goods can be part of a gluten-free diet, so long as you use the right ingredients.

17. Biscuits and Gravy

Light, flaky, and gluten-free biscuits topped with rich sausage gravy make up this classic farmhouse breakfast.

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18. Rhubarb Muffins

Rhubarb is in season in the spring and early summer. Its tart flavors pair well with sweet ingredients. You may have seen this ruby beauty at the farmer’s market and wondered what to do with it. Make a batch of these gluten-free muffins and you will win the favor of brunch guests and co-workers alike.

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19. Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

Coconut flour replaces white flour to make these breakfast-appropriate muffins gluten-free (and paleo). With the delicious pairing of lemon and poppy seed, you may just want a second, or a third, one of these bite-sized mini muffins.

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20. Vegan Breakfast Cookies

Cookies for breakfast? Why not? You can call these healthy cookies “energy bars” if it makes you feel better. They’re delicious and high in fiber. To make these cookies gluten-free, make sure to sub out the wheat flour for a gluten-free all-purpose flour blend.

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21. Cinnamon Quinoa Bake

This recipes uses egg to bind protein-rich quinoa (instead of bread) into a tasty French toast-esque breakfast. Maple syrup is optional.

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22. Tomato Tart

A flaky crust made with gluten-free flour provides a beautiful base to show off summer’s best tomatoes. Add some fruit on the side for a well-rounded meal.

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Smoothies are the perfect breakfast when you’re in a hurry. Just add your ingredients to a blender, then pour your smoothie into a to-go cup and you’re ready.

23. Sweet Potato Peach Smoothie

Sweet potatoes are a great addition to any smoothie. With a hefty dose of vitamin A and fiber, this smoothie will give you a sweet and nutritious start to your day.

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24. Glowing Green Smoothie (GGS)

Many celebrities swear by the GGS, a refreshing blend of greens and fruit. This recipe helps keep your blood sugar at an even keel all morning.

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25. Peach Smoothie/Green Pineapple Smoothie/Raspberry Cocoa Smoothie

These three recipes for great breakfast smoothies pack enough protein, antioxidants, enzymes, and other nutrients to fuel you until lunchtime.

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Going gluten-free doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the same routine of yogurt and fruit for breakfast. Whether you’re craving something savory or sweet for breakfast, we’ve got you covered.