An apple a day keeps the… you probably know the rest. As well as being tasty and crunchy, apples are great for your body. They’re a good source of fiber, full of antioxidants, and have more than their share of vitamin C for a noncitrus fruit.

While apple pie is a classic way to enjoy this fruit, particularly during autumn, there are plenty of other ways to luxuriate in apple harvest season. We think these recipes take apples to the next level.

Pay close attention to whether your recipe calls for a particular apple type. From granny smith to red delicious, there are over 100 varieties of apple grown in the United States alone, and you might be surprised by how much they differ.

Apple cake with crumb topping

What’s better than a dessert that can double as breakfast? This apple cake has all the flavors of a traditional coffee cake. Serve it after dinner and then warm it back up the next morning for breakfast. Pham Fatale suggests tart apples for this recipe. Get the recipe!

Apple butter bars

You need apple butter to bring this delicious dessert from She Simmers together, but the time is well spent when you have these bars sending a delicious smell through your home. Get the recipe!

Apple challah bread

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When you think of fruit breads, you likely think of quick breads like banana and zucchini — dense and delicious. But this recipe from A Spicy Perspective manages to create a soft, pillowy bread dough to hold up spiced apples. This would be a great treat to serve at a family brunch. Get the recipe!

Cinnamon apple macaroons

You don’t need to drop major cash at an expensive bakery to take a gastronomic trip to Paris. If you love baking and are up for a challenge, this recipe is rewarding in a multitude of ways — the most important of which is the result. Get the recipe!

Apple steel-cut oatmeal

If you’ve never experienced the nutty texture and flavor of steel-cut oats, this recipe would make a great introduction. Steel-cut oats require more time and effort than instant oatmeal, to be sure, but it’s worth the effort. My Baking Addiction suggests serving these oats in hollowed-out apples, an idea we love. Get the recipe!

Apple and pomegranate salsa

We couldn’t do an apple recipe roundup and not include at least one new savory dish. This salsa from Abundant Harvest Kitchen combines apples and pomegranates in a salsa that’s perfect for snacking on during the football game. Serve this with traditional yellow corn tortilla chips. Get the recipe!

Five-ingredient apple turnovers

Homemade turnovers have never been so simple. This recipe from Blue Apron uses just five ingredients to create turnovers that look and taste like they took hours to assemble. Get the recipe!

Mini puff pastry apple rose recipe

When your guests see these dainty apple roses, they’ll think you’re a baking maven. You don’t have to tell them how simple they are. These delicious little roses would go great with vanilla ice cream after dinner or a cup of hot coffee on a cold fall morning. Get the recipe!

Magic apple plum cobbler

Smitten Kitchen says this cobbler combines summer and autumn by using the flavors of plum and apple. It’d be great served after a pork roast with fall root vegetables. With all those delectable smells wafting through your home, you may never want to venture out into the crisp, fall air. Get the recipe!

Apple pie oatmeal cookies

We said there would be no apple pie in this round-up, but we didn’t say there wouldn’t be apple pie cookies! Apples, cinnamon, and oats — the perfect combination for autumn cookies. These would be good served with hot tea or thrown into your kid’s school lunch for a special treat. Get the recipe!