11 Healthy Cherry Dessert Recipes

Written by Anna Schaefer on June 11, 2015
cherry recipe

It’s just about cherry season, so now is a great time to get some practice with these delicious cherry recipes. While frozen cherries will work in a pinch, and a few recipes use dried cherries, there’s nothing like the flavor of in-season fruits.

While most of our favorite recipes are healthy, remember: You can always cut the sugar by using stevia, or substituting something natural like unsweetened applesauce. Or you can simply cut your portion sizes to keep the sweet treats on your dessert menu in balance.

1. Fig and Cherry Paleo Bites

If you’re eating paleo, you shun added sugar. That means dessert is usually a pretty low-carb affair. With dark chocolate chips for antioxidants, and ingredients like hazelnuts, cinnamon, and coconut, these “bites” are sure to win over the whole family.

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2. Sour Cream, Cherry, and Tequila Ice Pops

These popsicles aren’t for the kids — the tequila makes this a grown-up dessert! Serve them at a cookout or pool party.

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3. Almond and Hempseed Cookies with Sour Cherries

These cookies use agave syrup in place of cane sugar, and get additional sweetness from the cherries and raisins. When you need a sweet treat made with real fruit, these are a great go-to option.

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4. Cherry Limeade Fruit Dip

A great addition to fruit salad or even as a spread on graham crackers, this dip is a tart, cool treat. The best part is the crushed sweet cherries that line the bowl.

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5. Mason Jar Cherry Pies

Need a splurge? These little cherry pies are a great way to indulge. The small jars make for small portions — perfect if you’re trying to keep dessert to a healthy portion.

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Bing Cherry Sorbet

6. Bing Cherry Sorbet

This sorbet is to fresh fruit what ice cream is to fresh cream. The cool treat is a perfect healthy option for when the kids come in from a day sweating in the summer sun.

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7. Cherry Coconut Porridge

This porridge could work for breakfast or as a warm, after-dinner treat. Aside from cherries, it includes chia seeds and raw cacao to up the nutritional ante.

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8. Cherry Frozen Yogurt

Yes, it’s loaded with sugar, but you can easily cut the sugar content or substitute another sweetener if you’re looking for a frozen treat that’s friendly to your waistline.

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9. Cherry Almond Torte

Unlike some super-sweet cobblers, this torte has a tart filling with limited sugar. It’s written to serve 10, so you can easily feed a good-sized dinner party with this unique dessert.

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10. Raspberry and White Cherry Yogurt Pops

Cherries are great for cold summer treats and these yogurt pops are a perfect example. Use Greek yogurt to up the protein in these.

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11. Cherry Fool Desert

It looks like a simple yogurt, but it’s far more exciting than that. With honey, ginger, and almond extract, this cherry dessert is definitely more than meets the eye.

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