Chalking up a stomachache to gas or bloating is common, but there can be a lot more to what’s happening in your gut.

There’s more and more evidence that your gut bacteria and the health of your gut lining affect your mind, mood, and body in ways from minor (energy and skin) to major (chronic inflammation and disease).

Learning about your digestive system — and how to care for it — is the first step to maintaining a healthy gut.

If you’re looking for some guidance and encouragement, these bloggers are leading the way by providing information and advice. We’re featuring them for their active and ongoing intention to educate, inspire, and empower people to improve their gut health.

A Balanced Belly

This lifestyle blog is focused on gut health and gluten-free nutrition advice. Jenna is a qualified nutritional therapist and the rational voice behind the blog, which serves as a one-stop shop for just about everything gut-related. In addition to her professional experience, Jenna has managed Crohn’s disease since 2012, and offers her perspective and advice for others living with IBD and similar digestive conditions.

Gut Microbiota for Health

A public information service from the European Society of Neurogastroenterology and Motility — but don’t let the academic sounding name scare you away. The blog is very user-friendly and dedicated to sharing current news and information relating to gut health. Filled with infographics, videos, and other resources, its mission is to help readers learn how digestive health affects the rest of the body in posts that are informative and comprehensive.

Nutritious Life

Keri Glassman is showing people wellness strategies and offering healthy living advice based on a science-based, whole-person approach. Information covers the eight pillars of a nutritious life, which extend beyond food and diet to include sleep, stress, relationships, hydration, nurturing, and conscious living.

Garden of Life Lifestyle Blog

Garden of Life is a maker of supplements, but they’re also out to provide solid health information. Their blog covers all aspects of healthy living, from nutrition and recipes to wellness and family. Recent posts include new insights on CBD and osteoporosis, the difference between food allergies and food sensitivities, and suggestions on how to eat to treat the top five nutritional deficiencies.

Future Health Blog

For those who want a natural and holistic approach to gut health, Dr. Will Cole offers just that. He looks beyond standard care to identify the physiological, biochemical, and hormonal causes of many diseases. On his blog, readers will find a mix of information geared to natural healthcare, including healthy recipes — with an emphasis on plant-based — and superfood spotlights, allergy-friendly restaurant guides, nootropics and other trending health stories, and much more.

A Gutsy Girl

The “Gutsy Girl” behind the blog is Sarah Kay Hoffman, a journalist and devotee to researching gut health. Her blog includes spotlights on diets for gut health, as well as recommended foods, recipes, and supplements. She also highlights stories of fellow Gutsy Girls and offers a special section devoted to kids, which can help parents find advice and products to help when their little ones struggle with stomach issues.

The Gut Health Doctor

The Gut Health Doctor is the brainchild of clinical dietitian, researcher, and nutritionist Dr. Megan Rossi. Her blog brings the work of her London-based Gut Health Clinic to you, with posts on research surrounding the gut and how a person’s lifestyle affects their overall health. She also includes a 10-question gut health assessment that provides you with a place to start or a health check-in for gut health devotees.

The Plant Fed Gut

When Dr. Will Bulsiewicz (call him Dr. Will B) started looking at gut health research and experimenting with plant-based approaches to nutrition, his practice mission (and blog) were formed. His blog has an upbeat and witty approach to health and dispelling gut health myths (don’t miss the post on gas and what it tells you about your health). From fermented foods to sexual health when you struggle with gut issues, this blog covers a wide spectrum of gut-related concerns.

Ann Shippy MD

After an autoimmune disorder nearly sidelined her medical career, Dr. Ann Shippy devoted herself to functional medicine. In addition to flavorful recipes, Dr. Shippy’s blog covers research on sources of everyday toxicity, including plastics and cleaning products. Her posts provide easy-to-follow (and understand) steps to changing toxin exposures that can help you to feel better and follow her motto of “Every Life Well.”

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