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For people living with celiac disease or living a gluten-free (GF) lifestyle for other reasons, cooking at home can be overwhelming. What’s safe to use and what isn’t? How can you still make delicious food without sacrificing flavor and blowing through your weekly grocery budget?

Luckily, you’re not the first or only one to ask these questions. There are amazing men and women who’ve traveled down a similar road and enjoy sharing their experiences and advice with others. When it comes to GF food and cooking, these experts explore important topics. They offer tips on shopping GF, blending flours, finding safe food while traveling, and making eating out less complicated.

From home cooks and professional chefs to authors and even high school students, let these inspirational bloggers help you take the guesswork out of GF cooking and baking. Grab your oven mitts and measuring cups and get ready to create all of your favorite meals — sans gluten. Here are our top picks for the best gluten-free cooking blogs of the year.

Gluten-Free Fun creator Erin Smith has played an active role in the GF community for decades. She received a celiac disease diagnosis in the early ’80s. Today she shares her journey of living gluten-free before it became well-known and GF products lined grocery shelves. Smith created Gluten-Free Fun in 2007. She shares recipes, lifestyle tips, and educational resources. It’s chock-full of unique perspectives and food product reviews as well.

In addition to running Gluten-Free Fun, Smith also spearheads two other celiac-related initiatives. The first involves being the lead organizer of a well-known NYC Celiac Meetup group with almost 2,000 members. The second is GlutenFreeGlobetrotter.com, a website that inspires people with celiac to travel. It offers tips on how to take the fear out of eating GF around the world.

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Elaine Monarch created the renowned Celiac Disease Foundation in 1990. Their mission is to improve the lives of people living with non-celiac wheat sensitivity and celiac disease. Since then, the nonprofit has made tremendous progress. They hosted the first serology workshop, which led to the celiac disease blood test used today. The nonprofit advocates for GF labeling laws and disability benefits. They also host and fund a wide variety of GF expos.

Visitors to the website can find educational information about celiac disease in addition to conference and expo dates, materials on how to live GF, and ways to partner with the organization to help spread awareness.

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One look at the Gluten Dude and you’ll immediately realize you have a wealth of GF information on your hands. Gluten Dude’s real name seems to be a mystery around the internet. He’s been providing informative, raw, and often funny advice and knowledge to the GF community since 2007. The blog offers resources, a newbie area, and a valuable hot topics section. It’s loaded with humor, love stories, traveling, interviews, and more.

An extra treat on this website is the forum. It has a section where visitors can connect with other GF foodies in their area, explore baking and recipe tips, and find restaurant reviews.

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Alice Bast created Beyond Celiac in 2003. Her mission is to spread awareness, bring forth advocacy, and take action to help people living with celiac disease. Bast had severe health issues due to undiagnosed celiac. They resulted in a stillbirth, multiple miscarriages, and eventually delivering a boy that only weighed 3 pounds. A passion was fueled within Bast to prevent this from happening to others.

Beyond Celiac hosts research summits and provides an abundance of information to men and women living with celiac disease. They’ve also educated almost 600 medical professionals through their free continuing medical education program. Look for their recipe of the week or check out the insightful Answers from a Dietician section. There’s also an area of the site with the latest celiac-related news and events happening near you.

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Ellen Allard is also known as the Gluten Free Diva. She received a celiac disease diagnosis in 2005 at the age of 50. On her blog she shares how it literally took her two seconds to embrace GF living. She finally had an answer as to why she was a skinny kid with everlasting bloat and stomach issues. Since then, she’s embraced her new way of life. She took her love for creating GF foods and sharing her knowledge with others a step further by becoming a certified holistic health coach.

Allard’s writing is funny and educational. You’ll feel like you’re enjoying coffee with an old friend as you read through her site. Be sure to try her vegan creamy cashew and vegetable korma or her raw fig tart.

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The medical team and staff at MassGeneral Hospital for Children understand that when one member of the family is dealing with a life-changing condition it affects everyone in the family. They created a specific center that focuses solely on diagnosis, treatment, long-term support, and research for children with celiac disease.

Visitors can find out more about their state-of-the-art treatments led by Dr. Alessio Fasano, resources, educational materials, physicians on staff, and more on their website.

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With a long-time love for Disney and a long-awaited celiac disease diagnosis, Erica Dermer created Celiac and the Beast. She chronicles her life with the disease on her blog. It’s full of GF food product reviews, upcoming GF events and expos, giveaways, and Dermer’s book, named after the site.

She’s sure to make visitors laugh with her opinionated reviews and posts. She also provides accurate and honest accounts of the products she tries. Dermer is also a popular speaker at numerous GF and blogging events. Check out her calendar to meet up with her in person.

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Allergic Living was founded by Gwen Smith in 2005 after her own struggle with food allergies. It’s become a leading magazine for the allergy, asthma, and celiac communities. Both the print magazine and website have an abundance of tips and advice, breaking news related to allergies, an Ask the Allergist section, recipes, resources, and more.

For anyone living with celiac disease, be sure to stop by the Celiac Expert section filled with educational articles from registered dieticians. Plus, try your hand at their classic creamy macaroni salad or triple chocolate cherry pie recipe.

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Michelle Palin is the creator behind My Gluten-Free Kitchen. She became a baking aficionado after falling in love with the art during a cooking class in the seventh grade. With an appreciation for anything sweet or in cookie and cupcake form, receiving a celiac disease diagnosis in 2010 completely changed her approach to baking. Today she shares delicious GF recipes with fans, like her chewy fudgy GF brownies and maple doughnuts. Her goal is to help others still enjoy cooking and eating all of their favorite foods— minus the gluten.

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Paula Gardner set out to accomplish two goals when creating Celiac Corner: inform as many people as possible about celiac disease and assist men and women transitioning to a GF lifestyle. Visitors to this educational and supportive site can find a welcome section for anyone who recently received a celiac disease diagnosis, an abundance of resources, and recipes from dozens of GF cooks. Test your GF muscle in the kitchen by baking a loaf of chocolate zucchini breakfast bread or vanilla cream cheese and raspberry chia crepes.

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Sheena Strain received a celiac disease diagnosis in 2010. She not only had to learn about GF cooking, but also how to prepare food for both her and her son, who received a diagnosis just months later. And so Noshtastic was birthed. The site is filled with stunning photography and mouthwatering recipes, like paleo crepes with strawberries and her gluten-free chicken and dumplings.

Visitors can also keep up with Strain’s food travel journeys as well. They’ve taken her from London to Scotland to Mississippi and more.

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Elana Amsterdam gave up grains in 2001. She’s become a pioneer of sorts in the world of paleo and grain-free baking and cooking. Today she’s the founder of Elana’s Pantry and also author of the New York Times best-seller “Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry.” Her beautiful website contains an abundance of information on special diets, types of flour-alternatives, recipes, and cookbook options. If you’re in the mood to cook, check out her salmon wasabi burgers and muesli scones.

Visitors can also learn about Amsterdam’s journey with multiple sclerosis in a separate section dedicated to the disease. She shares the natural alternatives she uses and steps to take when someone receives a diagnosis.

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When Heather Crosby experienced health issues related to her diet she knew it was time to make a drastic lifestyle change. She started YumUniverse in 2010. Crosby began her journey one step at a time, creating one new recipe a week. This eventually grew into numerous recipes each week of her favorite comfort foods made with healthier ingredients, fermented foods, and more.

She took her desire to make better food choices one step further. Crosby completed a plant-based certification from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation. Today she’s the author of two popular cookbooks, “YumUniverse” and “Pantry to Plate.” Stop by the site to try her fermented golden beets and creamy chickpea and wild rice soup.

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In 2001, after many years of IBS symptoms and autoimmune issues, Karina Allrich learned she carried multiple genes associated with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. She gave up gluten then and there. Allrich was amazed that her stomach issues began to slightly improve within two days of not consuming gluten.

During a year-long journey of healing the damage gluten had done to her gastrointestinal system, Allrich began getting creative in the kitchen. On her Gluten-Free Goddess website, she provides insight into how to go GF, how to substitute ingredients when baking or cooking without gluten, and hundreds of unique recipes. Readers can also visit a section of her favorite recipes. It includes gems like her pumpkin bread and vegetarian shepherd’s pie.

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Gluten-Free Girl is a collaboration between husband-wife duo Shauna and Daniel Ahern. Shauna is the writer, photographer, and baker. Daniel is the chef and recipe developer. Together they treat fans to an incredible assortment of GF recipes. They also help people with celiac disease focus on the “yes” — all of the things they can enjoy and relish in foodwise, rather than focus on the deprivation that can come with an autoimmune disease. Stop by the site and try their pistachio salmon with edamame mash or gluten-free rhubarb muffins. You can also purchase one of the many Gluten-Free Girl books or browse around the New to GF resource section.

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Art of Gluten-Free Baking creator Jeanne Sauvage has tackled GF baking since 2000 when her daughter’s birth triggered her gluten intolerance. Sauvage also deals with a life-threatening allergy to wheat and reacts to oats (yes, even the GF kind!), so the ingredients in her food are of utmost importance. She enjoys undertaking difficult baking challenges like puff pastry but also develops recipes that are for bakers of any level to enjoy. When she isn’t blogging, Sauvage teaches GF baking in numerous locations throughout Seattle.

In the mood for something sweet? Try her cardamom coffee cake or jam-filled shortbread cookies.

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Danielle LeBlanc started Poor and Gluten Free to chronicle her and her husband’s journey of living on a budget and trying to create healthy and delicious GF recipes. In addition to living with gluten intolerance, LeBlanc also shares her experience with oral allergy syndrome. She’s allergic to most fresh vegetables, fruits, and nuts. In addition to her yummy recipes like lemon lavender bread and crab apple jelly, visitors will also find DIY tutorials, product reviews, and links to her books.

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Verywell visitors will find a comprehensive website filled with health information on just about every wellness topic written by doctors, nutritionists, trainers, and more. The site’s celiac disease section is overflowing with information on topics from symptoms and diet to dining out and how to cope. There are even sections that explore best cooking practices when making GF items and a glossary of related words that can help people who’ve just received a diagnosis.

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BeFreeForMe offers anyone with gluten intolerance, celiac disease, or allergies a place to find coupons and samples that can make preparing and eating food for their diet easier. The site was created by Kathleen Reale, a celiac disease thriver. She realized that living GF took time, money, and preparation. After seeing her grocery bill continue to increase, she envisioned a savings community as a way to combine her passion for spreading celiac and allergy awareness with her expertise in promotions. Visit the site to sign up for GF product samples, coupons, newsletters and more.

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If you’re seeking a wealth of GF knowledge and recipes — plus a serious lesson in food preservation — stop by Angela’s Kitchen. The site was founded by Angela Litzinger, who loves to create gluten and diary-free meals for herself and her family. Check out her recipes for corn dog muffins or mac and cashew cheese. As a master food preservationist, Litzinger also provides fans with a thorough education in preserving just about anything from onions and Kimchi to jams and sauces.

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Visitors to Celiac Chicks will find an adorable and informative home where Kelly Courson shares her 14-year celiac journey. Courson has a love for providing information on what has and hasn’t worked for her after receiving a diagnosis. She offers product reviews, videos, restaurant info, recipes, and more to fans. Stop by to watch one of her expert interview videos or find a new favorite recipe, like her orange chocolate torte.

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Jenny Manseau made drastic changes in her lifestyle and the food she ate after receiving a celiac disease diagnosis in 2008. Today she’s a Johnson and Wales trained chef who’s on track to becoming a registered dietician. She’s also the creator of Creative Cooking Gluten Free. In addition to recipes and ways to eat healthy when creating GF dishes, Manseau also explores the beauty side of GF with reviews of body, skin, and face products and companies. Peruse the site’s list of GF restaurants and bake shops throughout the United States. You can also scroll through her comprehensive pantry.

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Visitors to Allyson Kramer will find a colorful, recipe-filled site full of plant-based GF goodies. Kramer is a recipe developer, artist, and food photographer. She’s known in the food community for her recipes and cookbooks with awards to prove it. Check out her vegan peppermint hot cocoa cupcakes, curried pumpkin and sweet potato soup, or pumpkin maple pancakes.

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Teen blogger and recipe developer Sema Dibooglu has lived with celiac disease for most of her life. It’s made her a self-acclaimed expert label reader and menu inspector. Her site Eat Without Gluten contains a variety of mouthwatering recipes like her cauliflower pizza and Norwegian crisp bread. As a student, many of Dibooglu’s recipes are healthy, quick, and easy to prepare. Visitors can also find a variety of tips on traveling when GF, surviving holiday events, and which products are her top picks at local grocers.

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Born into a family of California farmers and incredible cooks, it isn’t any wonder that KC Cornwell wound up in the food industry. Her focus on food changed, however, after being diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions and food intolerances in 2009. Today she shares recipes, articles, and shopping tips to help others live a flavor-filled GF life on her site. Satisfy your sweet tooth craving with Cornwell’s cranberry coffee cake muffins or raspberry mascarpone tart with pistachios. Or, if you’re planning on opening a GF market or restaurant, visit Cornwell’s GF consulting area in order to avoid common pitfalls.

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Treat yourself to hundreds of incredible GF recipes created by GingerLemonGirl founder and author Carrie Forbes. The site is a mishmash of Forbes’ life, books, and journey as a graduate student and GF cook. She offers newbies a terrific breakdown of navigating the GF life with shopping guides, travel tips, and how to determine which GF flour to use in baking. Once you’ve mastered the art of GF dough, try her cheddar garlic biscuits or cinnamon raisin tea bread.

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Marisa Zeppieri is a health and food journalist, chef, author, and founder of LupusChick.com and LupusChick 501c3. She resides in New York with her husband and rescued rat terrier. Find her on Facebook and follow her on Instagram @LupusChickOfficial.