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OOFOS is a recovery shoe brand that’s well-known by runners looking for a comfortable option to slide their feet into after a long run.

Athletes primarily know the brand for its sandals. However, OOFOS has expanded its offerings over the past few years to include everyday shoes, clogs, slippers, and boots.

Regardless of style, each shoe features the brand’s signature OOFoam technology, which is designed to be comfortable, support your recovery, and keep you injury-free.

As a runner, I’ve been wearing OOFOS sandals as my post-run recovery shoes for years, and I’ve been fortunate enough to form a relationship with the brand.

As a result, I’ve tested several models of OOFOS shoes, giving me first-hand insights into the shoes’ comfort, fit, and effectiveness.

This article provides a comprehensive review of OOFOS recovery shoes, and why I wholeheartedly recommend the brand.


  • very comfortable
  • great for running recovery
  • pair well with a variety of outfits
  • available in multiple styles and colors


  • expensive
  • don’t always fit true to size
  • no narrow, wide, or extra-wide sizes offered
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We use “men’s” and “women’s” in this article to align with how products are sold on retail sites, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick to one or the other. Choose the product with the fit, style, and features that work best for you.

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OOFOS is a brand of recovery footwear loved by many people — especially those who are active and athletic.

The brand’s OOFoam technology allows the shoes to absorb more impact than traditional foam footwear materials, while also providing an optimal blend of cushion and stability.

In fact, a 2018 University of Virginia School of Medicine Speed Clinic found that, thanks to this technology, OOFOS shoes absorbed 37% more impact than traditional foam footwear materials, providing an optimal combination of cushion and stability (1).

OOFOS patented footbed also protects and supports your arches, which, when paired with the OOFoam technology, was shown to reduce energy exertion in the ankles by up to 47%, compared to competitor products (1).

The shoes are known for being durable, though you may have to replace them more frequently depending on how often you wear them.

Are OOFOS good for your feet?

If you’ve had a long day on your feet, or a particularly intense workout, the company’s website states that changing into a pair of recovery shoes can help decrease muscle fatigue, tightness, pain, and soreness (1).

These potential benefits are thanks to the brand’s OOFoam technology, which helps protect joints, especially around your feet and ankles.

As a seasoned marathon runner, I’m prone to mild plantar fasciitis. I’ve been told by podiatrists and physical therapists that it’s not only important to wear supportive footwear when I’m out and about, but also when I’m home.

Walking around barefoot was something I was definitely guilty of as a work-from-home freelance writer. I now make a point to rock my OOFOS at home and credit the shoes as a major reason why I’ve been able to avoid plantar fasciitis flare-ups.

I first discovered OOFOS sandals while perusing my local Fleet Feet running store, which I stop into on a regular basis for marathon training items, like energy gels.

I’d seen advertisements for the shoes in fitness magazines before, and I decided to try a pair of the OOriginal Sandals to see if they lived up to the hype.

The sandals quickly became my go-to recovery shoe after a long run, especially during the summer, when my feet are beat-up and swollen due to Houston’s heat and humidity.

The sandals also come in several color and pattern options, making them a great go-to for quick errands or even casual get-togethers in warmer months.

While OOFOS shoes are definitely a splurge for casual footwear, in my opinion, they’re well worth the investment for keeping my feet happy and healthy.

Since buying and reviewing my first pair, I’ve been lucky enough to test several OOFOS shoe models sent to me by the company, and honestly I haven’t found a pair that I dislike.

OOFOS offers a wide range of shoe options, including sandals, boots, clogs, and slippers.

The majority of styles are offered in both men’s and women’s sizes. However, the brand unfortunately doesn’t offer narrow, wide, or extra-wide sizes.

Here’s a closer look at OOFOS current product lineup.

OOFOS recovery sandals

OOFOS is best-known for its recovery sandals.

The company offers two main types of sandals: slides and thongs. Both types are available in a variety of styles, though the classic OOahh Sport Slides and OOriginal (thong) Sandal are the most popular.

While they’re both equally supportive when it comes to movement and recovery, I personally prefer the thong sandals for aesthetic reasons. They look cuter with casual wear, in my opinion.

Plus, I find that they feel more secure and less slippery on my feet, especially if I’ve been sweating.

An advantage of the Sport Slides, however, is that you can wear them with socks, which is a plus if it’s cold outside, or if your feet are looking a little less than presentable.

Both the slides and thong sandals come in a variety of color options, from classic solid hues to metallic tones and fun patterns, like leopard print.

OOFOS recovery shoes

OOFOS Recovery Shoes are the shoes I’d been looking for all my life and didn’t realize it until the brand sent me a pair of the OOmg Low Shoe.

Available in black, white, gray, or navy, it’s a great shoe to pair with a casual jeans and t-shirt outfit or with athleisure.

In fact, depending on your workplace dress code, the OOmg Low Shoe may even be appropriate as work attire, as it’s a far better alternative to high heels or unsupportive ballet flats.

OOFOS recently added the OOcoozie Low Shoe, a more casual recovery shoe that’s intended for lounging or running quick errands. It’s warm and fuzzy style has made it one of my go-tos on cold winter days.

It’s worth noting that the OOcoozie Low Shoe is only available in women’s sizes.

OOFOS recovery clogs

The OOFOS recovery clog is the one category of OOFOS shoes that I haven’t tried yet.

While I’m sure they’re comfortable, the style just doesn’t appeal to me.

However, they’re a good option if you prefer the convenience of a slip-on shoe.

As with OOFOS recovery sandals, the clogs come in a variety of colors, and they’re available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

OOFOS recovery boots

OOFOS also has two puffy, water-resistant boot options to round out the product line, including the OOmg Boot and the OOmg Bootie, both of which I’ve worn for over a year.

Both boots are great cold-weather options, with the only major difference being that one is ankle-height and the other hits mid-calf.

Still, I find that I prefer the boot, as it reminds me of a more grown-up alternative to the ultra-comfy UGG boots I wore in college and during my early 20s.

Just like UGGs, you can easily tuck your joggers or jeans into the OOmg Boot to stay warm and dry.

While I don’t get too many chances to wear it out in Houston, the OOmg Boot has become a must-have when visiting family and friends in the northern United States, or when traveling to the mountains for a ski trip.

One thing to note is the OOmg Boot is only available in women’s sizes.

The price of OOFOS recovery shoes start at $59.95, though the exact cost varies by model and style.

Here are the prices for each category:

  • Recovery sandals: $59.95–$84.95
  • Recovery shoes: $119.95–$139.95
  • Recovery clogs: $79.95–$89.95
  • Recovery boots: $179.96–$199.95

Purchases made on the OOFOS website include free standard shipping.

What is the refund policy?

OOFOS offers free returns and exchanges on all orders purchased through the OOFOS website.

The shoes must be in their original condition (i.e. clean and not worn down) to qualify for a refund. Refunds typically take 20 business days.


Shoes purchased from the company’s website or an authorized OOFOS dealer are covered under a 6-month warranty.

If you believe your product is damaged or defective, and it’s not the result of normal wear and tear, you can fill out the Warranty Return Form on the OOFOS website and email it, along with photos of your shoes showing the product and problem areas, to the email provided on the company’s website.

Your shoes will be replaced in the same style and color if available, or with a shoe equal in price.

In my experience, OOFOS do not fit true to size.

However, I admittedly have unique feet that are wide, with second toes that are longer than my big toes and a bunion on my right foot.

I normally wear a U.S. women’s size 9.5 in both running and everyday shoes. However, OOFOS sandals only come in full sizes and size 9 fits me just fine.

Yet, for close-toed shoes, I’ve found I need to size up to a women’s size 10.

Figuring out the right size to buy may seem like a hassle, but as OOFOS are sold at many running and sporting goods stores, you can likely try them on in person before purchasing.

Or, since the company offers free refunds, you can also purchase a pair online and send the shoes back for a different size if needed.

OOFOS are not cheap. However, as a fairly competitive recreational runner, injury prevention is a top priority to me — and that involves wearing the right footwear on and off the pavement.

As they offer a combination of style, comfort, and support, I’d say OOFOS shoes are well worth the investment, especially if you’re an athlete.

While OOFOS are one of the most popular brand of recovery shoes, they’re far from the only option.

Two of the most popular brands offering recovery shoes are SKECHERS and HOKA. Here’s a quick look at how the brands compare.

Size rangemen’s: 3–16
women’s: 5–16
• half-sizes not available for sandals
men’s: 7–14
women’s: 5–11
men’s: 7–14
women’s: 5–11
Types of recovery shoes offered• slide and thong sandals
• everyday shoes
• clogs
• boots
• slippers
slide and thong sandals• slide and thong sandals
• rubber hiking shoes
Price (MSRP)$69.95–$199.99$55–$80$50–$100
Special techOOFoam technology allows shoes to absorb more impact and provide cushioning and stabilityHyper Burst foam provides lightweight cushioning and durabilitygroove placement provides added comfort and traction

I’ve had the opportunity to try SKECHERS’s slide sandals, which are super comfortable thanks to the brand’s foam technology and cushioning. They’re also more affordable than OOFOS sandals.

However, I found SKECHERS’s sandals a bit too slippery, especially if you’ve been sweating or swimming.

While I’ve never tried HOKA’s recovery shoes, I can speak to the durability and comfort of the company’s running shoes.

I’ve never been disappointed with a pair of HOKAs, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the brand’s recovery sandals and hiking shoes are just as good.

The groove placement on HOKA recovery sandals in particular suggests that they’ll provide the traction that the SKECHERS are lacking.

Ultimately, though, my heart lies with the more pillowy OOFOS, which, in my opinion, are well worth the splurge.

While I’ve been fortunate enough to try many OOFOS products for free, I would (and do) still buy replacement pairs with my own money.

Yes, they’re pricey, but it’s important to me that my feet stay comfortable and injury-free when I switch out of my running shoes.

Plus, while they’re not cheap, OOFOS recovery shoes are still less expensive than many designer sandals and high heels. OOFOS are also way more comfortable and functional, and they still pair well with any casual outfit. I call that a win-win.