Pilates instructor Kira Lamb wants to help you nurture yourself and live fully.

Pilates enabled Kira to sustain a highly physical dance & aerial arts career into her forties. Even after retiring from performing, she continues to practice Pilates regularly because it keeps her highly mobile, full of energy, and injury-free.

Since 2002, she has been building Pilates and massage therapy programs throughout the world and has worked to help clients build physical and emotional strength through her practice.

We are thrilled that Lamb has partnered with Healthline as one of the first featured instructors in Fit It In, an original video series of 22-minute workouts to help you fit fitness into your everyday life.

Grab your lightest dumbbells (or even two cans of soup) for this strength-focused Pilates workout, suitable for all levels.

New to Pilates? Look no further to start your practice. Kira Lamb’s intro to Pilates will give you the core foundation to build stronger and longer.

Focusing on balance, strength, mobility, and proprioception, this 22-minute Pilates class is the perfect low-impact workout for older adults.

The postpartum body has unique needs — not just any core workout will do. This diastasis-friendly Pilates workout is safe to try once your doctor say’s it’s ok to resume exercise.

For more 22-minute workouts, check out Fit It In on Healthline.com, and subscribe to Healthline on YouTube.