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Whether you’re looking to grow your home gym or only want to buy one piece of exercise equipment, a pullup bar is a worthwhile investment.

Ideal for pullups and bodyweight exercises, a pullup bar helps build upper body strength, improve grip strength, and boost overall fitness.

However, with so many options available, choosing the right pullup bar can be challenging.

To save you time, we’ve assembled a list of the best pullup bars on the market. Our selections were made using the following criteria:

  • Materials. All of the products on this list are made from durable, high quality materials.
  • Safety. We looked for products that are designed to keep you safe and secure during your workout.
  • Cost. We included options at a range of price points to accommodate a variety of budgets.
  • Customer reviews. All of the pullup bars on this list have mostly positive customer reviews.

Here are the 11 best pullup bars of 2021.

Best overall

Garren Fitness Maximiza Pullup Bar

Price: $$

Made of chrome steel, this pullup bar from Garren Fitness fits into most standard doorframes using screw-in brackets.

In addition to keeping you secure during your workout, its multiple door-mounting kits allow you to move the bar to different areas or heights.

Other notable features include comfortable handgrips, a compact design, and 2 heavy door mounts that support up to 300 pounds (136 kg).

What’s more, Garren Fitness offers a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase.

Best affordable

Mind Reader Pullup Bar

Price: $

This pullup bar from Mind Reader is an affordable option that’s easy to install.

Free of screws or hardware, you simply twist the adjustable bar until it fits snuggly in your doorframe.

The bar’s lightweight design easily collapses for convenient storage or travel, and its eight grip positions allow for several pullup variations.

While it’s a good option for basic pullups and chinups, the Mind Reader Pullup Bar is less versatile than others on this list and only supports up to 175 pounds (79 kg).

Best doorway mount

Iron Age Pullup Bar

Price: $

Featuring patented smart hook technology, Iron Age’s pullup bar simply hooks onto your doorframe — no power drill or hardware required.

It also features protective padding and a compact foldable design, making it easy to store.

This bar supports up to 400 pounds (182 kg) and is highly rated for its stability and durability.

Best wall mount

Yes4All Wall-Mount Chinup Bar

Price: $

Made of heavy gauge steel, this sturdy pullup bar offers three grip positions to accommodate a variety of upper body exercises.

It also features padded handles for comfort during your workout, and it can be used with additional accessories from Yes4All, such as assisted ab straps and a pulley system.

This pullup bar supports up to 300 pounds (136 kg) and comes with all the hardware that’s needed for installation. However, several customers recommend using stainless steel lag bolts instead to make the bar more secure.

Best ceiling mount

Ultimate Body Press Ceiling-Mount Pullup Bar

Price: $$

By mounting it to the ceiling, this pullup bar from Ultimate Body Press gives you plenty of space for exercises that require a large range of motion.

The bar features padded grips for comfort and multiple grip positions to target a wider variety of muscle groups.

Installed with a power drill and offering a weight capacity of 300 pounds (136 kg), this bar is a sturdy and safe option.

Just keep in mind that ceiling-mounted pullup bars can place strain on your ceiling, which can be especially problematic in older houses.

Best freestanding

RELIFE Rebuild Your Life Power Tower

Price: $$$

The RELIFE Rebuild Your Life Power Tower is a great alternative if you don’t want to mount a bar to your wall, ceiling, or doorframe.

This standalone tower includes nine adjustable height options and is designed for comfort, stability, and durability.

In addition to a pullup bar, it comes equipped with a dip station for exercises such as pushups, abdominal raises, and tricep dips.

While it’s more versatile than a traditional pullup bar, the Power Tower takes up more space and is more difficult to assemble than other options on this list.

The Power Tower supports up to 330 pounds (149 kg) and comes with a 1-year frame warranty and a lifetime warranty on parts.

Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station

Price: $$$

With over 4,000 five-star ratings, the Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station is another great freestanding option.

The tower is equipped with an adjustable pullup bar, padded dip station, and tilted armrests to prevent your elbows from slipping off.

It’s also designed with safety in mind, as the base includes eight support points with antislip covers to increase stability.

The tower supports up to 400 pounds (181 kg) and comes with a 1-year frame warranty and a 90-day warranty on parts.

Best versatile

Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pullup Bar

Price: $$

This pullup bar from Ultimate Body Press is perfect if you’re looking for a versatile option that doesn’t take up too much space.

In addition to being easy to install, it can be moved to the floor for exercises such as situps, pushups, and dips.

It’s also designed to allow for a wider range of motion and features three grip positions for targeting different muscle groups.

The bar is made from durable, heavy steel and can support up to 300 pounds (136 kg).

Iron Gym+

Price: $

The Iron Gym+ is an affordable option that’s easily installed in your doorway without the use of a power drill.

As it’s designed for a full body workout, this bar features three grip positions to engage different arm muscles. Plus, it can be moved to the floor to work your abs and chest.

Despite its low price point, the Iron Gym+ is a sturdy and reliable option that can support up to 300 pounds (136 kg).

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Elite

Price: $$

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Elite stands out for its curved ergonomic handles, which offer three grip options for wide, close, and hammer-grip pullups.

The handles are padded for added comfort, and the bar can be easily moved from your doorway to the floor for exercises like situps, pushups, and tricep dips.

The Multi-Gym Elite supports up to 300 pounds (136 kg) and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Best heavy duty

Yes4All Heavy Duty Wall-Mounted Pullup Bar

Price: $$

This heavy duty pullup bar features a solid steel frame to ensure safety and stability.

As it provides 30 inches (76 cm) of wall clearance, this bar gives you plenty of room to perform exercises that require a large range of motion, such as ring dips and kipping pullups.

For even more workout options, this bar can be used with accessories from Yes4All, such as ab straps, gym rings, and resistance bands.

The bar supports up to 500 pounds (226 kg) and can be mounted vertically or horizontally using a power drill.

While a pullup bar is a simple piece of exercise equipment, there are many details to consider, including:

  • The type of pullup bar. Do you want a bar that mounts to your wall or simply hooks into your doorframe? There are also freestanding models to consider.
  • Intended use. Are you looking for a simple bar for pullups and chinups, or do you need a full body solution?
  • Size and weight capacity. It’s important to choose a bar that fits into your allotted space and is strong enough to support your weight.
  • Cost. Pullup bars are available at a variety of price points, so you’ll want to consider your budget carefully.
  • Installation. If you plan on installing the pullup bar on your own, make sure you have the skills, tools, and materials necessary to do it properly and safely.
  • Read customer reviews. Use the search option to find customer reviews that highlight your specific requirements or features.

Pullup bars are a must-have for any home gym, as they offer an effective upper body workout without taking up too much space.

We recommend using this guide to help you find a pullup bar that’s safe, durable, and best suits your fitness needs.