After rounds of pushups, planks, and ab workouts, treat yourself to a relaxing back massage via foam roller.

Not only will the roller knead those tight upper back muscles, but you’ll be getting a good quad and glutes stretch as your legs do the real work.

This will also get your muscles ready for tomorrow’s workout.

Duration: Do it from 30 seconds to 1 minute

  1. Lie on your back, placing
    the foam roller underneath your shoulder blades.
  2. Prop yourself up with your
    feet, raising your knees so your glutes are off the floor.
  3. Start rolling your way
    down. Focus and hold on the tight knots for at least 10 seconds.

Tomorrow: Pretend you’re Superman.

Kelly Aiglon is a lifestyle journalist and brand strategist with a special focus on health, beauty, and wellness. When she’s not crafting a story, she can usually be found at the dance studio teaching Les Mills BODYJAM or SH’BAM. She and her family live outside of Chicago, and you can find her on Instagram.