We’re ending this on an easy note by building strong shoulders. For us, this is about confidently shrugging your way through difficulties and letting go of stress. We could all use a little strength and support in brushing off inconsequential burdens.

Duration: 20 reps, repeat 3 times

  1. Stand tall, lifting your chin.
  2. Lift both shoulders to your ears, making sure
    you’re activating your back muscles and not your neck. This is purely an
    isolation move to show those deltoids and rotator cuffs some love.

Extra credit: Hold weights, leaving your arms by your side, as you shrug.

If you haven’t started from the beginning with us, we’ve been working on focusing on quality and form of popular workout moves so you can go to the gym confident in your abilities.

And if the gym still isn’t your jam, that’s OK. We’ve taken these 25 moves and built out samples routines for you to try at home — just go back to the starting page.

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